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We’re all tired of hearing about the writers’ strike so let’s move on to other more amusing things. On Friday, November 9, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo got married to her fianc, Chris Ivery at a ceremony in Lower Manhattan ‘s City Hall. The actress’ father, Joseph Pompeo also confirmed the news about the wedding, telling People magazine that he is “very happy for her,” and that “she just did not need a big thing.”

Ellen Pompeo’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Allen described the ceremony as wonderful and small and intimate.” Moreover, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor Patti Harris were the only witnesses at the ceremony. Pompeo wore an Yves St. Laurent dress she pulled out of her closet while Harris did the picture taking with a digital camera. The 38-year-old record producer, Chris Ivery and Bloomberg have mutual friends and have both hailed from Massachusetts . Moreover, Pompeo also grew up in Massachussetts.

Shortly after the nuptials, the couple were seen at Sunday night’s Kicks game at Madison Square Garden . Pompeo then went back to Hollywood to continue filming the last available episode of her hit television series, Grey’s Anatomy.

Back in 2003, Pompeo and Ivery first met at a grocery store. Six months later, they started dating and got engaged in November of this year.

Ivery proposed to Pompeo on her 37th birthday, an Allen said that she “was surprised and thrilled.” Ivery gave her an engagement ring that held a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond in a platinum setting from jewelry designer Tacori.

Pompeo stuck to her word, as she previously told People magazine that there will not be any big gathering or celebration for her wedding.

Meanwhile, Pompeo’s medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy has not been doing well as it recently cut short its production due to the writers strike. Fans mustn’t worry about Seth Green’s appearance on the show, though, as his two episodes have been already filmed and will soon be on air. However, Dawson ‘s Creek star Joshua Jackson’s appearance has been delayed indefinitely.