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As the NHS celebrates 60 Years (Founded 8th July 1948) MRSA reigns undefeated. Watch our MRSA rock video and listen to our MRSA song, you can even download it for FREE!

For all the extra funding for cleaning, infection control nurses and hand gels, the best defense against MRSA is to prevent it entering the hospital in the first place it has been ‘discovered’ after 60 years of the NHS.

Some types of anti bacterial wipes used by hospital staff to clean surfaces could be helping to spread bacteria researchers say 60 years after the founding of the NHS. The Welsh School of Pharmacy found that MRSA survived on the wipe and contaminated everything it touched.

Recent drops in the number of MRSA infections seem to have stalled the latest NHS figures show whilst 60th anniversary celebrations on July 8th take place. Poor leadership in the NHS is to blame for the problems with MRSA according to the Minister in charge of reviewing health care 60 years after the founding fathers dreamt up the NHS.

A litany of errors in an NHS Trusts poor handling of MRSA resulted in 90 deaths, a watchdogs report has found on the 60th anniversary of the NHS. Data from 171 NHS Trusts in England and Wales – over 90% 0f the total showed there had been an extra 26,000 on top of the 176,450 cases of MRSA reported during the 60th anniversary of the NHS.

Would the founding fathers of the NHS even understand why the superbug MRSA has taken hold 60 years after it was born, July 8th 1948 MRSA cases are falling too slowly to meet Government targets 60 years after the NHS was founded.

The number of deaths linked to the hospital bug MRSA have risen nearly a quarter, statistics show 60 years after the NHS was founded on July 8th 1948.

MRSA was mentioned on 2 out of mostly all 1000 death certificates in England and Wales the statistics showed on the 60th birthday of the NHS.

If you asked anybody in 1948 the yr the NHS was founded what MRSA was you would be met with blank stares.

Redvers Downs has put pen to paper and has written a song named MRSA to mark this occasion. Take a minute to listen to this lyrical rock genius and watch the 3D animated character come to life in the video. You can review the song and add you MRSA comments to our rock music forum.
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