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Best Music Producer

Want to be a top music producer making your own royalty free music? Want to create royalty free music for documentary purposes, or web sounds and sound effects on a video or multimedia project? Want to showcase your talent by making your own downloadable sounds for others to appreciate? For whichever purpose you intend, you can be a top music producer in three simple steps.

Step 1: Hone the musician in you.

Start by honing your ears. Listen to tons of music, play your instruments and expand your knowledge in music. Once you get the hang of it, start recording your sounds and mixing music with the use of portable recording tools. Spend time experhymenting and playing around with a variety of music and sounds.

Step 2: Set-up your own home studio.

As a producer, you need to equip yourself with tools you need to record and make your music. You will need to invest in some hardware and download a few software.

For your hardware needs, start with a midi keyboard. Today, keyboards are conveniently equipped with a workstation with built-in sequencer featuring a varied range of sounds and instruments. You will also need a computer or a laptop with specifications that meet your software requirements. You will also need two professional monitors; look into Yamaha and Genelec brands, as they are most popular for music production. Also, make sure you invest in a pair of good headphones, like that from AKG or Sennheiser.

You will need a sequencer software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, and FL Studio, among many others. Although released by various software companies, they generally work the same. You can check out online reviews to help you choose the right software for your needs. Once you have a software in place, check out sound libraries such as They showcase downloadable music, sounds, royalty free music loops (Apple loops, Acid loops, and so on), and music clips of all genre and lengths that you can use to make your own music. Make sure you take advantage of free samples and sample packs (such as sample packs for FL studio, etc.) featured in the website. Note the importance of sound libraries – they are the best kept secret of all top chart producer! Ideally, you should choose sound libraries that feature the best sample packs that suit your needs.

Step 3: Keep yourself educated and updated.

Now that you have all the tools necessary to produce your own music, your next task is to keep yourself educated about music production. Read books, articles, and tutorials; network with DJ’s and other music professionals; check out social network sites and page related to music production. Make sure that you are updated with the goings on in the music industry, and in the tools you use. Check out updates in your favorite sound library (such as, and in your software of choice.

Simply follow these three steps, and you are on your way to being your own top music producer.

Beat Music Maker

So many phones in the current mobile phone market are remarkably similar. They have similar functions and features, but generally it’s their visual appeal that makes the difference. However, the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ is a phone with a unique selling point, its offers its user the ability to imprint their own musical tastes onto music tracks, hence its name.

This phone offers real time editing of music. This in itself is unrivalled in any other phone of this ilk. It’s a unique feature which has endeared it to many. The Beat DJ application and DISC interface provides the ability to add a voice and special sound effects to tracks, which means that the tracks then take on a new identity and become personalised. Tracks can be recorded and played back whenever desired. The phone offers SRS Virtual Surround Sound 5.1 as well as built in stereo speakers that are powered by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower amplifier. This provides a sound quality that is second to none.

The phone has a 2.8 inch AMOLED touch screen which accurately displays 16 million colours. The resolution is 240 x 400 pixels and gives a vibrant, clear and crisp image on its capacitive display screen. The phone provides an accelerometer function to auto rotate images to their correct aspect, for optimum viewing.

The phones internal memory is 50MB but by utilising the microSD slot, this can be expanded to 16 GB, which is large enough for anyone’s music collection. GPRS, EDGE, Blue tooth and microUSB provide connectivity as well as the HSDPA internet connection for web browsing on the move. A 3.15 mega pixel camera is provided with auto focus, LED flash, Geo tagging and face and smile detection. Video is offered at VGA quality at 15 frames per second as well, as an alternative to photos. Satellite navigation is provided with the GPS element of this phone which also has A-GPS support.

The Samsung Beat DJ is a comprehensive package of functionality, but it offers a twist. The real time editing options on this phone set it apart from many of its competitors and it is this element that this phone is becoming renowned for. In fact it appears that many phone manufacturers could learn a valuable lesson from this phone, in that, at a time when many phones are very similar, the phones that stand out are often the ones that have a unique function or feature. This may well be the way that future generations of phones are supplied.

Producing Music

The closing large purchase you will have to make is a midi controller. This is basically a keyboard that has no constructed in speakers and no constructed in synthesizer like your regular keyboard synthesizer workstations. It really is just a bed of keys with some knobs and sliders. Simply because they are just controllers and not real synthesizers, they will price you considerably less. You can get a good 1 for a few hundred dollars as opposed to getting a synth keyboard for $2000. You will hook this up to your pc via the midi interface and be able to play notes by way of your software synthesizers found in your DAW (electronic audio workstation.) Last but not minimum, get by yourself some cables. Most very likely all you need is a midi cable or two so you can hook up the controller to your interface.

four. DAW. You will need to acquire a digital audio workstation, generally computer software you use to document and produce your tunes. There are fairly a few alternatives out there, the most popular for electronic music being Logic (for Apple only), Ableton, Explanation and Fruity Loops. Yet again, there is a lot discussion in excess of which DAW is very best, but the ultimate mixdowns and songs all seem the same. The DAWs differ in functionality and features that is all. I would say most individuals use Logic and Ableton so if that makes you truly feel much better, get a single of individuals.

That’s it! After you’ve got these four items, you are pretty considerably prepared to rock. Items you cannot purchase that you are going to need incorporate persistence, persistence and encounter. Have enjoyable!

1. A good computer. To get commenced, you’ll need to have a fairly strong computer. Songs creating software will take up quite a little bit of memory and audio clips also get up fairly a bit of room. By today’s requirements, you ought to almost certainly get one thing with at minimum an Intel Core i5 processor or an i7 if you can afford it. The most current Mac will function just as properly. There is a whole debate on Mac vs . Computer but honestly, PCs have worked just fantastic for me and they are much more inexpensive. Both personal computers have the identical components virtually and it really is the system that differs. Macs do have troubles too. You will also need to make sure you have a sizeable difficult travel. Mine has 600 GB of disk place.

2. Audio interface. This is essentially a soundcard with many inputs and jacks for you to report audio. They connect to your pc employing a USB or Firewire interface. A decent one will value you about $one hundred fifty which you can get from Musicians Pal or Guitar Heart. They must appear regular with midi inputs and outputs which are essential, and also some line inputs so you can document live instrumentation, vocals and so on. Just Google audio interface and you’ll get a complete bunch to pick from.
dub step equipment
three. Midi Controller. The ultimate big buy you will have to make is a midi controller. This is basically a keyboard that has no created in speakers and no developed in synthesizer like your typical keyboard synthesizer workstations.

Music Mix Maker Online

In the mixing phase of Music production, there are large varieties of Hardware that you can utilize. This Hardware mostly falls into either effect or processors. A Processor is a Hardware that takes the wonderful signal and manipulates it totally, entirely changing the original track or signal. For this Music production the most basic things to understand is that how to utilize a compressor during the process of mixing. Actually a compressor is an essential tool to provide dynamic and enthusiastic performance. It automatically sets the level of an Instrument, sound, vocal or even the whole mix. You can accomplish the same results by utilizing a technique named Gain riding, but utilizing a Compressor makes the difficult work easy. Generally a Compressor is a Processor to determine the dynamics of a Musical public presentation. It is utilized to create a more clear and consistent sound.

Threshold is that point from where the Compressor begins recognizing the amplitude of signal. When the amplitude climbs up above a certain level, it will begin to act in a way specified by the release time, attack time and ratio settings. There are two ways according to which the threshold works. It can advance the signal up into the threshold level or it can be propelled down into the Signal.

The Attack Time ensures the amount of time it takes the Compressor to reverse down the signal after it goes across the threshold. The attack time require to be adopted just right. It can as well set up vocals if its set to fast by doing the ‘t” and ‘s’ sets the sounds to disappear. The exactly opposite can happen if the time of attack is set to slow. It will amplify the’t’ and’s’ sounds since it will pass through decompressed just because of the long attack time.The side chain effect is mainly utilized if your bass is incompatible with your kick drum sound or might be you wish to get a rendering effect on your synthesizer or pad sound. Side chaining is as well known as the Ducking effect, a best example of this would be Radio, mark that whenever the DJ begins talking with the music automatically the level of the Music drops and when he stops talking to the level of the Music the level goes up again, that is the actual side chaining.

A Compressor is a motorized volume control that deforms the loud parts of a Music signal down, when the VCA see’s the point larger than a definite level that was adjust by the user. This makes you capable to bring the wonderful volume of the song up and in return, the more diffuse sounds get louder.

The procedure of Music mixing differ in several ways, but the real procedure for mixing sounds and beats remains almost the same for each and every program. To start with, you require loading the files you often mix into distinct locations. You can adjust the volume according to your wish to any level you like.

Online Recording Studio

If you need to get the right sound on your CD, it will take more that just having the right equipment to set up your own recording studio. In order to make certain everything is in the right area, you must consider the ways in which you space your things out as well as how you can work with then while in your recording studio.

First, you must consider, is the amount of room required for setting up a recording studio, in order for everyone included to be comfortable while working. Depending on the number of people and size of instruments will help you determine just how much room each requires to feel comfortable while recording in your studio. Always choose bigger when given the choice, since the footage of the room will not change the sounds of anything.

Second of all, will be the dividing area between the playing and the engineering of your CD. In the past, this has proved helpful for mixing and monitoring sounds, although others are playing. More typically than not, you will find there is one room that is divides into two. One area sections off to accommodate the soundboard as well as mixing and mastering for those whoever are performing. This will create a soundproof area that is better for your recordings.

The best set up of an engineering area is having everything in easy reach. This allows you to change the sounds quickly while they are ongoing. Having all your software and instruments such as the mixing board in an arms reach, ensures efficient, consistency when recording all influential instrumentations and vocals, this is essential for reaching your goal.

The musicians area calls for particulars in construction, such as the very best is having a wood floor. However if you must have carpeting, make sure it is very thin. These types of flooring do not absorb sound. To keep the sound compact, lower ceilings are most beneficial. When you’ve wood flooring or no carpet at all, place an area rug on the floor of the musicians area. You might also consider buffering your ceiling as well. Doing so helps to keep the sound from bouncing around.

Another good sound deadener is to place foam on certain sides of the walls. Where you place them will depend upon, the size, shape and build of the room. However, sound might be too deadening, if you are not careful, making it harder to find the right mix while recording.

You should also keep vocals in mind while planning your musicians area, as this is another part of your recording studio. You will need a separate area for microphones, when planning to record vocals to your CDs. This will also depend on the size of the room. Voice boxes are good for trapping all the sound. This might be a room as simple as a closet, for those at home recorder with a tight budget. Closets are able to keep the sound in the right area.

Recording studios will vary according to your needs, the type of instrumentation you use as well as the number of individuals you plan to record and the way you work.

The most efficient recording studio set up, begins with planning the most sensible way to organize your equipment, according to you needs.

Having your own recording studio will allow you to produce professional CDs. This is an essential factor for creating the right mixes and sounds, no matter your playing capabilities, your needs or your budget. It will be easy to create just the right sounds, if you take the time to plan your recording studio. Having the right equipment and dividing your space correctly provides you with many more capabilities, although recording.

Create Own Music

Music making is found to be a good pastime for the music lovers. In fact, when it comes to music composing, on account of availability of different sophisticated software, many things are possible for creating different kinds of beats using the software to a great extent.

When a person wants to have his own music maker program in his computer, things have been made much easier nowadays compared to the earlier days. The different kinds of beats and sounds emanated from guitars, violins, drums, key boards and many vital instruments are available in the software and it is the ingenuity of the composer to try different kinds of trial and error methods so that he is able to create his own beats and it can be seen that many people are found to be using such kinds of beats while working on their computers for some other purposes.

Taking into consideration the abovementioned facilities, it can be well construed that anybody can become a music maker and such things are made easier and friendlier nowadays to a great extent and there is no doubt in respect of such versions.

Of course, in order to train young boys and girls in music related programs and workshops, such kinds of software are found to be more useful and when it comes to learning such kinds of tricks, it has been found that age is not at all a consideration and anybody who has the inquisitiveness to learn music can at any point of time come forward in learning the music as easily as possible.

In fact, by using the music sequencer software available from reputed dealers and websites anybody can create any type of beats and there is no need to approach any music training institute for the purpose of learning music and a small kid aged eight to ten years can comfortably create using the music making software and the beats can be heard through high quality stereo systems.

There are plenty of opportunities in becoming a successful music maker using the software and earning reasonable money is also possible by creating the best beats and selling them online through various music sites like Youtube and many more.

The software is available for a very cheap price ranging from $ 30 to $50 depending upon the features available and in order to install the software, anybody simply needs one personal computer having some free space, good quality speakers and an imaginative and creative mindset.

Music making is found to be a good pastime for the music lovers. In fact, when it comes to music composing, on account of availability of different sophisticated software, many things are possible for creating different kinds of beats using the software to a great extent.

When a person wants to have his own music maker program in his computer, things have been made much easier nowadays compared to the earlier days. The different kinds of beats and sounds emanated from guitars, violins, drums, key boards and many vital instruments are available in the software and it is the ingenuity of the composer to try different kinds of trial and error methods so that he is able to create his own beats and it can be seen that many people are found to be using such kinds of beats while working on their computers for some other purposes.

Taking into consideration the abovementioned facilities, it can be well construed that anybody can become a music maker and such things are made easier and friendlier nowadays to a great extent and there is no doubt in respect of such versions.

Of course, in order to train young boys and girls in music related programs and workshops, such kinds of software are found to be more useful and when it comes to learning such kinds of tricks, it has been found that age is not at all a consideration and anybody who has the inquisitiveness to learn music can at any point of time come forward in learning the music as easily as possible.

In fact, by using the music sequencer software available from reputed dealers and websites anybody can create any type of beats and there is no need to approach any music training institute for the purpose of learning music and a small kid aged eight to ten years can comfortably create using the music making software and the beats can be heard through high quality stereo systems.

There are plenty of opportunities in becoming a successful music maker using the software and earning reasonable money is also possible by creating the best beats and selling them online through various music sites like Youtube and many more.

The software is available for a very cheap price ranging from $ 30 to $50 depending upon the features available and in order to install the software, anybody simply needs one personal computer having some free space, good quality speakers and an imaginative and creative mindset.

Music Making

MP3 music downloads is an excellent choice for getting the latest songs quickly and without the hassles of traveling to the music store. There are many locations right on the web that can provide you with the best of the best for much less. There are several locations that do offer a wide range of choice when it comes to mp3 music downloads. Some offer more than others or they offer a better quality product. It will take a little looking to find the most affordable choice that is also the one that has what you would like to download.

Once you find the right location for your mp3 music downloads, you can easily and quickly (it seems almost instantly) download them to your PC, your notebook, or you can check out mp3 music downloads as well. There are specific services that are available to provide you with the ability to get great quality songs on your mp3 player or pc. If you choose mp3 music downloads, you can find the right location to download from on the web to your player, take the music with you wherever you decide to go and, if you like them; you can even burn them to CD.

No matter if you choose mp3 music downloads or find a few great songs to download to your PC, there are many services that are providing this ability to you. If you are skilled, you can even find a few free mp3 music downloads. Of course, to get the best products available, you may want to go with a paid service. It also pays for you to take your time in checking out a few of the services for their fees and their membership details. With so much competition out there, you are sure to find a great deal being offered to new members.

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Music Recording

Singers like J-Lo, Justin Timberlake and the fantastic Beyonce have gained worldwide fame and acclaim because of their musical talent. But how were they able to showcase these talents? Well, millions have heard of them and appreciated their songs because these were recorded effectively by professionals. Would you like to be one of these professionals and have the opportunity to work with the stars? Then enroll in a music recording course, and this opportunity may just be yours.

Music Recording courses – how do they work?

Music recording courses provide professionals with the required level of expertise in the complex domain of Music recording. Typically, these courses are provided in classroom training mode, but a lot of online sources have come up offering music recording courses to candidates.

How does a Music Recording Course differ from other courses?

A Music Recording Course is different from other courses because it requires a high degree of interaction, as opposed to courses that can be learned via book-learning. To learn music recording, you should first learn the techniques associated with it plus the technicality of the music itself. Also, in a Music Recording Course, you should be open to start from the basics and learn your way to the more complicated subjects.

What are the different courses offered under the umbrella of Music Recording courses?

* Mixing – If one wishes to learn how to mix a song and what kind of professional software need to be used in mixing a song this course is just the answer. For example, a song like “My Heart will go on” from the movie “Titanic” which is a slow-rhythm song can be molded and mixed into a fast-rhythm song by mixing it. During mixing, additional vocals, beats and chords are added to the original soundtrack which gives the recording a very peppy feel.

* Mastering and Audio Editing – In music there are rules that are meant to be broken and rules that should never be violated. In this subject, you get to which rules to follow and when you should follow your own style. You will also learn different styles of music. After all, no music is done in just one particularly way. What is important is what people hear and like. You will also be taught how to edit music to provide a professional feel to a recording and to know which styles of music work best for different genres.

These are just two subjects are available and come from a long list of courses offered under the umbrella of a Music Recording Course. What we can assure you is this, when you learn from a Music Recording Course, you will surely be changed from a plain enthusiast to a potential record producer to the stars.

Music Creator Software

DVDs now are becoming an integral part of our daily life. It becomes a vital part of each and every home. However, most of the movies are included in DVDs. In this way, the need of converting such movies into any other compatible format increases day by day. For this purpose, user can use multiple converter software. For this purpose, a user has to make a complete wizard of all world-wide-web applications. Because, a good choice will saves you from many problems. A good application should be quick and has fast converting speed. It must have great compatibility with all famous formats. A good application must be an easy to use program. In other words, we can say that it has user friendly interface. So that, a widely seen user can converts movies without any external help. As Xmas is coming, by using professional software user can even create his own Xmas Movies. In this way, he can share this movie or music with his friends and family on this occasion. Creating a Xmas movie is not a complicated process. For creating a personal Xmas movie user just has to use a professional application. In this way, he can create his own most prized Xmas music with in a short span of time.

Advantages of good DVD creator software!
A user must be careful in selecting good application. The selection of a good application has great importance in the over all process. The selecting application must have quick, rip and easily burn functions. It must be an easy to use program. Good software must have to great compatibility with all famous formats so that a movie or music can easily play on digital devices. For this purpose, Aimer soft is the best source for providing multiple functions. Aimer soft presented ultimate video converter for burning movies in a high speed. AIMERSOFT dvd creator software is one of the authorized applications, which used for burning videos. Some of the key features of ultimate burner application are discussed below.

1- It can convert music videos into 30 major formats.
2- User can watch burned movie on a computer screen after burning it with the ultimate converter.

3- This application also facilitate user for customize a video in order to watch on handheld devices.
4- It provides excellent output movie quality.
5- User can also cut unwanted parts by using ultimate converter.

Aimersoft dvd creator can also support multi-core Cups. Use of this application will gives you a perfect balance between the original video and output video. Simply the use of Aimer soft application will be the best choice of the user. Because, it is the best application due to its multiple uses. User can play his most prized Xmas movies on IPAD, IPOD, and IPHONE using any Mac application. You can also enjoy your own created DVD movies with your loved ones.

Free Electronic Music Maker

If you often celebration with rock music and love head banging in rock concerts, you must be aware of free on the web rock music downloads as well. There was a time when you had no choice but to buy cassettes or CDs of rock artists to listen to them. The Internet is a saviour for all those, who love rock music. The Internet provides rock lovers with many web sites from which they can download rock music without paying any charges.

However, the icing on the cake is the broad range of categories in rock music available on the Internet. The websites seem to be capitalizing on the varied interests and tastes of the rock lovers. Their immense love for the rock music type and other variety of music has given these sites the impetus to provide the lovers and swearers of rock music with wide choice.

The rock music category as uploaded on all leading websites includes the golden rock of the yesteryears when rock wasn’t identified with metallic sound or the heavy usage of electronic gadgets to intensify the effect. These are popular picks for all rock music lovers, as some seem people take greater interest in the rock music of those by gone days.

You can even download wallpapers of your favourite rock stars from a few websites. Many websites offer gossips as well as facts on rock stars. The websites also provide a forum for the patrons of rock music to unite. There are fan clubs for different rock stars like Kiss, The Who, and Black Sabbath among many more, which operate on the Internet.

However, as is the case with all good things, they need to be searched really well. The search is necessary and it would definitely prove worthwhile. Make sure the sites provide you with the ideal collection. If not, then look at the next site.

The variety of rock music available on the Internet is mainly wide ranging enough to cope with a fan’s high expectations. In addition, to free downloads, these websites also offers a lot of additional stuff to please the eternal rock fan.

It provides them with wall papers and screen savers of their favorite rock band and also host pics of their live rock concerts, it stores other information which may be unknown to the fans like the luck stories of rock stars, features of their bands, forums and Pod casts. These discuss rock music for rock enthusiasts as well as other interesting facts related to rock music.

Thus, you’ll not require making big expenditure on purchasing compact discs when you can download after selecting your favorite tracks for free. Thereby you get full-value entertainment and convenience virtually free.

Buying a CD of your favorite rock band or rock star may prove to be an expensive proposition for many. Thus, these websites come really handy and useful since it doesnt consume time or energy and most importantly money. One can download his or her favorite rock numbers from these websites for no charge or fee.

It is very easy to search for rock music on the Internet, all one has to do is search through a search engine by providing the song or artist’s name. Rock music websites are great for upcoming rock musicians as well since through those websites they can upload their music on the net.

An ardent fan of rock music can just search the web for his favourite music, go to the sites which offer free rock music download it and listen to it for as many times as he wishes. Free rock music downloads are good, convenient and free to use.

Music Production Companies

Today there are many options available for producing videos. Using a videographer Sydney or just selecting one of the many video production companies can help you to obtain a great video for advertising or training.

The use of videographer Sydney has increased as more companies are finding the videos are more effective for training and advertising purposes. Video production companies are able to create spectacular videos that set your organization as the star of the show and improve awareness of the products or services that you offer.

In addition, today videographer Sydney as well as video production companies worldwide are learning the importance of involving the client in the process of making the videos including deciding on the type and location as well as any people that might be involved. When advertising, using a videographer Sydney can help you improve the overall results of the ads. In addition, many video production companies also can provide a variety of different training videos that are used for many different industries today.

Several video production companies today have a videographer Sydney on staff to assist the clients with decisions that will need to be made. As a result, the number of choices for video production companies can be extensive or there may only be a few options for a videographer Sydney for your industry. Selecting one of the video production companies will be a decision based on the needs of your organization as well as the videographer Sydney that is on staff.

There are many options available for videos today. You can use a video to increase awareness of your organization in general or you can target specific products and services that you are offering. In addition, videos are generally used for a variety of training exercises today. The use of video allows for cost reduction as a trainer is not needed at the actual session for instruction.

Several businesses today are finding that videos are far more effective for advertising as well. Much like commercials, people will pay attention to a video before they read a printed advertisement. In general, the sound that is used for a video will be necessary to gain the attention of those that you need to attract through the use of the movies.

As an example, if you are advertising for a specific service that is currently in high demand, you will first need to be certain you are not using the same type of music and sound effects that is used by your competitors but you will need to make sure that you are using appropriate sounds. The video company can help you to make those decisions quickly and easily.

Coast Pictures is a video production company based in Sydney and specialised in Corporate Video, Music Video, Video promotions, web video, video streaming and training videos.

Having considerable experience in the field of video production, Coast Pictures are committed to provide personalised, professional, effective and attractive videos based on specific client’s requirement. They are quite creative and flexible to suit any kind of budget along with intimate and technical understanding of all the aspects of film making and video production.

They have produced videos for almost every field, may it from beauty to banking or from manufacturing to fashion. Every time they create any video, they thoroughly understand client’s requirement, develop creative concepts, strategies and appropriate budget for the final video production. They provide you the finished product for any purpose; say from internet streaming to TV broadcast.

Music Production Degree

Are you dreaming of a career in the music production industry? If so, there’s one crucial step you must take on the path to fufilling your dream – choosing the right college to gain your music production degree.

A music production college that offers a 3 year Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in music production should equip you with all the training, tutoring and tools you’ll need to master your way around a production studio. It should also help you develop an in-depth understanding of music production methods and techniques. Ultimately, your music production degree should turn you into a graduate with the skills to produce the kind of quality audio recordings that the music industry expects and demands.

So where does your journey begin? First, it’s a good idea to examine the kinds of questions you will need to ask yourself before selecting your music production degree. Keep in mind these FAQs to get you started…

Frequently Asked Questions for Music Production Degree students

Will you be working with the latest technology? You should have access to the latest audio technology, production software, mixing consoles, monitoring tools, and a range of industry-standard microphones and other recording equipment. If you cannot train with real industry tools, you will not survive long in a real production facility.

What level of industry experience do your tutors have? Your tutors should have extensive industry experience and be up-to-date with the latest in industry technologies and trends. Take a look at their profiles and get some idea of their previous work – are they respected industry professionals? The best music production training colleges have tutors with extensive industry experience who can offer real industry insights.

Does the course provide you with your own demo reel? Upon completion of your studies you should have a showreel which demonstrates your technical, artistic and professional capabilities in mixing, recording and editing music. Make sure your music production degree provides this as it will essentially be your portfolio and is a critical sales tool when looking for jobs in the music industry.

Does the course award graduates with an official degree? A full time BA (Hons) in Music Production is the official degree qualification you should obtain upon graduation. This degree should be validated by UCLAN, a level 8 qualification on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications). This certification is internationally recognised and respected by all sectors of the music industry.

Does the course provide industry recognised certification? On completion of your studies you should be awarded with a City & Guilds award or certificate in Sound and Music Technology. The award is evidence you’ve learned the skills required to work in the industry. Make sure you also receive certification for the individual tools you’ve mastered on your course which demonstrate that you’re able to use the music production tools and technologies.

If your music college of choice can confidently answer all of your FAQs then they should be able to offer the right music production degree to get you started in your exciting new career.

I Want To Be A Music Producer

Do you need to be the next Dr. Dre, Clive Davis, Robert Lange or Jay-Z? So, are you fascinated by the world of music and audio recording? Have you always dreamed about becoming a music producer?

The media portrays music producers as extremely wealthy, successful entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to travel to exotic places and encounter extraordinarily talented people. This portrait is somewhat accurate. What the media does not see is how hard music producers, or record producers, work. These visionaries collaborate with any of the most gifted and talented people and work behind the scenes in the industry. They are responsible for discovering new talent, bringing the creative concepts of musicians to life and promoting albums, concerts and bands.

If you need to live the exciting, fascinating and busy life of a music producer, you must educate yourself. Several people choose to attend audio recording schools or pursue recording degrees at universities or colleges. It is also ideal to talk to people who work in the music industry. Some colleges offer mentorship programs where students can directly contact and learn from current music producers.

Music education schools and colleges will teach you the basics of recording programs such as Fruity Loops, Reason, Audacity and Logic Pro. You will also learn many of the hardware aspects to music production such as MPC’s, mixers, microphones, audio editing and audio interfaces.

If you wish to pursue a career as a music producer, you must be willing to work hard. You will have various job functions to perform, such as directing sessions, scheduling tours, overseeing productions, budgets and sales and helping musicians organize promotional and marketing campaigns. You will most likely have to work long hours and may have to travel. Being a music producer is not a typical 9-5 job. You will work during the weekends and probably late at night.

Producers also monitor the original recording of songs, along with any mastering or mixing that a record may require. The music producer may also aid with creating and refining the artist’s work. Essentially, the producer makes the music the best it can possibly be. They are also responsible for hiring any additional musicians and technicians, and may even select the playlist for an entire album.

A music producer’s salary can drastically vary. A producer who works for a small-scale record company can make only $20,000 annually, but those who work for major record labels can earn millions per year. Your salary depends on your company’s market, the number of artists you produce and the size of your company.

The role of the producer has changed over the past few decades. Several successful musicians now work as producers and are able to make records themselves while pursuing the talent of new, young artists. Sean Combs and Timbaland are two successful producers who also create their own music.

Free Music Creation Software

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Music Production Software

With the advent of digital technology, musicians can mix their own music at home. A plethora of computer programs gives you the tools that you need to make professional sounding mixes from at your desk. Curious about how to best do your own home music production? Here’s some information that will help.

Tools For Home Music Production

In order to produce music at home, you’ll need to have a high quality computer. Older machines are fine for Internet use or word processing, but music mixing puts some significant demands on many systems. Make sure that your computer has plenty of available memory, so that it doesn’t slow down or crash in the middle of production.

You’ll also need to have the right software. Exactly what you require will depend on the type of production you want, and the use of the end product. There are a lot of options available, including some quality free programs available through the GPL. However, as with many other things, you may find you get what you pay for with free software. For many people, it’s a good springboard, but they’ll end up buying a high end professional product later. Experhyment with various programs and see what works best for you.

A CD or DVD burner that can reliably produce quality, playable discs is important if you want to distribute your music in that form. If you’re planning to do distribution online, you may not need this. However, you’ll find that many people still prefer having a tangible disc that they can own.

Having good speakers is a must. If your computer speakers are tinny, too quiet, or full of distortions, you’ll find it impossible to get good playback, or to tell what’s wrong.

Of course, you’ll also need music files. This means either creating your music on the computer using a program suited to that, or recording what you play in digital form, using a recorder capable of this.

Making Your Music Sound Right

Listen carefully as you work on your files. If something sounds “off,” you’ll need to work to correct it. Listen to commercial recordings that you like, and analyze what’s going on in them to figure out the kind of mixes you like. Watch the levels carefully for clipping, and be sure that recording occurs at a constant, even level. If you have the right recording software, you’ll be able to monitor and support your levels from within. However, other software will not allow you to adjust the input levels at all, and others will expect you to have a sound card that can do so.

EQ is a popular effect, to the point of being over used. It can be used to enhance a mix and make it more attractive over all. However, if the mix itself is not any good, no amount of EQ will hide that fact. Remember that when using EQ to equalize portions of your mix, the general advice is that you should cut, rather than boost. Most people will want to boost the weaker portions of the mix. However, that can lead to overboosting. Cutting the parts that are too strong is the better choice.

If you do boost, remember that boosting also increases the amount of noise, which can “dirty” your mix. Also, keep an eye on the output meter as you work. Boosting EQ increases the gain, which makes it easy to accidentally clip output, creating distortion. Listen to all tracks that you’ve worked on in relation to the other tracks to make sure that they match in feel.

Compression is useful is you want to even out variations in volume and control sound attack. Fast attacks accentuate the body of a given sound. Slow attacks increase definition. The areas that benefit the most from compression are the bass, vocals, and kick drums. However, some other areas might do well with it as well. Be sure to listen to all tracks with and without compression to figure out what will work the best.

Pay attention to settings on the compressor. They can significantly affect the results that come out in the end. Compression can also raise background noise, just like boosting EQ, and can accentuate “s” sounds in vocals. You may need to use what’s called a “de-esser” after using compression, if there’s too much sibilance.

Free Online Music Makers

Jamaica is known for its music. Reggae has become the cornerstone music for relaxing and having fun. It is the music that everyone can feel anywhere in the world. In its rhythms, no matter the message, is always inspirational toward hope. Music is a universal language that communicates with out insult. Simple beats and tones calm the mind to receive its message. Music carries a message in a way that no one else can. Music is like a key. It opens the
doors of the mind to receive. There are many genres of music, many messages,
but the genre of music I am going to tell you about is Reggae Music. Birthed
out of a strong spiritual place of heart, its message began, speaking of love,
hope, tolerance and world peace and standing up in protest and rebellion to
anything less. Reggae Classic makers like Bob Marley and Marcia Griffiths,
Luciano, Robert Nesta, Burning Spear, Morgan Heritage, Peter Tosh, Judy
Mowatt, John Holt, Lucky Dube, Joseph Hill and Culture, just to name a few;
their sounds give life to the name Reggae Music, with a spirit of fun, change
and freedom. It’s no surprise that reggae music was first developed in the
late 1960s. When is often thought of as Jamaican music and is often
associated with the Rastafari Movement, Reggae may be felt by people of
different cultural back grounds. It makes us all need to dance, let go and be
free, though it messages tough many serious issues, including faith, love,
relationships, poverty, injustice and other broad social issues.
The word reggae has many different suggestions to how the music was named,
from ragged clothes to reggae coming from a Spanish term for “the king’s
music”. Although its influence comes from a mix of traditional African,
Caribbean and Rhythm and Blues, Reggae owes its direct origins to the
progressive development of Ska and Rocksteady in 1960s Jamaica.
The music of Reggae is so universal that it can interpret any song, or should
I say, almost any song may be performed in a reggae style. Reggae is a music
that inspires understanding, its lessons of express social criticism, but the
criticism is more of a cry for justice and peace, although other reggae songs
discuss lighter, more personal subjects, such as love, sex and socializing.
Some reggae lyrics attempt to raise the political consciousness of the
audience, such as by criticizing society’s materialism or by informing the
listener about controversial subjects such as aids awareness. There are many
artists whoever have a spiritual message of God and his love. Every time you here
the word Jah, for Jehovah, Reggae music is speaking of God.
There are several subgenres in reggae music. I view them as dimensions; roots
reggae, dub, lovers rock, and dancehall. Roots reggae was born in the 70s and
the name given to a spiritual type of music whose lyrics are predominantly in
praise of God (Jah), resistance to poverty and government oppression.
Burning Spear, Bob Marley’s and Peter Tosh’s songs may be called roots reggae.
Dub involves extensive remixing of recorded material, and particular
emphasis is placed on the drum and bass line.
Lovers Rock was born in South London in the mid-1970s, and is produced for a
smoother, more commercial sound, with more apolitical lyrics. Hip Hop and Rap
are not actually born from reggae, but definitely related to the reggae in
the same messages, same race of people and same inspirations of rhythm and
blues and African music. The dancehall genre was developed around 1980, with
exponents such as Shabba Ranks it involves a deejay singing and rapping or
toasting over raw and fast rhythms. Reggaeton is a form became popular with
Latino youth in the early 1990s. It blends Reggae and Dancehall with Latin
USA genres such as Bomba and Plenda, as well as hip hop. Reggae rock
combines fusion and elements of reggae and rock music. Most of these
different levels of Reggae music are music you can dance to and feel inside
you, no matter whoever you are.

Music Production Degree

So you’ve got that degree in Music Production – but after months of scouring the want ads, you’re beginning to wonder if you should not have backed it up with a minor in Education. Do not despair yet – you’re a creative person or you wouldn’t have chosen this business to begin with. The secret to finding and getting music production jobs is to use any of that creativity in your job search.

There are three things to keep in mind when doing a creative job search for music production jobs:

1. As many as 90% of the jobs in any media occupation never get advertised through regular channels. The music production companies get enough over the transom resumes that they can pick and choose without advertising.

2. In many music production jobs, networking will be a key part of your job description. If you can’t network to get a job, you will have a hard time convincing a hiring manager that you can do the job.

3. Sometimes the ideal way to have your foot in the door is to intern for a music production company. According to a recent survey conducted by CareerExposure, 94% of employers have offered a full time job to interns when their internship was finished.

Keeping those three things in mind, you can put together a creative music productions job search that’ll land you the position that you want using the following blueprint.

1. Do your homework. You should know the music production jobs that you’re going after inside out. Read up on the web, visit the library and bookstores and find out all that you can.

2. Start applying your networking skills. Make a list of people you know who may be able to help you. Do not forget to include people like your ex-teachers, business acquaintances and people you know through other people. Did you do sound levels for a band? Have you interned for a publisher? Have you got a opportunity to attend a media symposium? Those are all important contacts for you when you’re trying to network your way into music production jobs.

Boldness is an important skill to cultivate here. Ask for letters of introduction, or for permission to use someone’s name when you contact another. It’s amazing how quickly you will get results with a easy statement like, “Hi, Mr. Producer, my name is Interested Party. My professor, Ms. In-The-Know suggested that I call you when I told her that I’m interested in an internship with your company. Do you’ve a few moments to talk with me about that now, or is there a better time to call you?”

3. Most right, you’re not quite that bold? There are several different methods of approach you can use to contact people who hold the keys to music production jobs.

– Mail is the most traditional method. Once you’ve researched enough to know what companies you want to work for, and who makes hiring decisions there, you can mail a resume along with an superb cover letter. Chances are though, that you will have to follow up on your initial mail. Remember point #1 above – music production companies get loads of over the transom resumes.

– Email is a second option, and is a reasonable way to follow up as well. If you’ve sent your resume by mail, wait a few days and then follow up with an email to the hiring manager stating that you’re following up on your mailed resume and are very interested in discussing possible career options within his or her company. If you haven’t, send a cover letter and resume via email, and follow up in a few days with a second email.

– Telephone calls may be scary, but they’re one of the quickest ways to get through to the person you want to speak with. Keep in mind that your phone call is an interruption to the hiring manager’s day – be pleasant, be brief and be direct.

The secret to finding and getting music production jobs is being bold enough to get yourself out there and sell your skills and abilities. With only 10% of the available jobs ever being offered openly in the classifieds, it is the only way that you will ever know what music production jobs are available.