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The signal that a microphone picks up is actually very low, and needs to be boosted for it to be used with your recording device. This is exactly what a mic-preamp does; it boosts the signal to a level that is useable for recording.

Initially, you’ll probably need to use the pre-amps built into your mixer or interface, if you happen to have either, as it will save money. However, these kinds of preamps are often of a fairly low quality. Basically, with mic preamps, you pay for sound quality. Musicians after the absolute best quality sound could well spend $3000 on a preamp. If however you are just starting out and have perhaps a budget of $1000 you could use the preamps on your mixer or your audio interface.

It’s not only budget that affects the output quality on the preamp, you must also know how correctly set levels etc. Let’s talk a little about the features you’ll find on most mic preamps, and some tips to ensure you get the optimal sound.

Input –

Set the input to high as possible providing the meters are not crossing into the red. Having the levels reaching red is introducing distortion, which is going to go through the entire signal path. Meaning that when you listen back to your recording on the computer, you’re likely to hear a lot of crackling noises. So again, push the signal as high as possible but do not let it enter the red.

Pad –

This is a great feature if you are recording sounds other than guitar. For instance if you were to mic a loud sound source like snare drum even with the input turned all the way down the levels may still be hitting red. Select this feature and it will help to tame the sound further and make it useable.

Phantom Power –

This is a power source that is sent through a mic cable to a microphone that needs it, such as a condenser mic. It’s good to note that some fairly cheap preamps only offer +30v, and some condenser mics may not perform to their best at this level. It’s nice to have phantom power built in to your mic preamp otherwise you would have to get a separate phantom power source.

Number Of Preamps –

This can range from one single preamp right through to eight preamps in one box. What you are recording will generally determine how many you will need. Vocals are mostly recorded in mono, whilst acoustic guitars could be recorded in stereo. Perhaps you are recording an entire band and require one for each amplifier and vocalist, along with several for the drums.

High Pass Filtering –

This generally means that all the highs will pass through while the lows are cut. Mics pick up an astounding amount of bass so this is a great feature to have. Of course, this can be corrected using software, though you may as well resolve the problem at the source so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Hopefully this has given you an insight to what a mic preamp does, and what features to look for when shopping around. Have a read through the bullet points again and compare your list of needs with the features of available on a variety of preamps. Hopefully you will be able to find a product that suits your needs.

Become A Music Producer

Any individual who is wanting to make music on their computer system knows that discovering an excellent music producing software could be rather challenging. You will find actually hundreds on countless music producing software on the marketplace that all claim to be worthy of one’s time and challenging earned dollars. The reality is, quite a few of those varieties of software program are certainly not worth your time or dollars. There may be 1 unique music producing software which has been acquiring a great deal of buzz as of late. “Sonic Producer” is often a new music producing computer software designed which is supposed to give any degree music producer the ability to create large top quality beats with ease. This article is really a real assessment of “Sonic Producer”. Hopefully right after reading this article you will have a superior comprehending of what this application is all about.

Initially off, allow me inform you why I chose to try out out and critique “Sonic Producer”. I’ve been creating hip-hop beats for more than ten years now by means of keyboards and drum machines. This past year I eventually determined that I would prefer to start applying my laptop or computer for making some of my beats. I wanted to come across some music producing software that was inexpensive, easy to use and was very good high quality. Soon after looking on line for any couple of months, I located “Sonic Producer”. Because their revenue letter looked fabulous very good as well as the cost was not to poor I chose to test it out. So, after using this software for a couple of months this might be what I found.

The Pros

I was pleasantly stunned with numerous factors on the program. The moment you will be officially a member from the “Sonic Producer” internet site you are provided access to each of the resources desired to make beats on your pc. The members location is extremely consumer pleasant making it possible for you to start out generating beats correct away. An additional feature that I personally found quite helpful is their learning tutorials. Anytime I got caught with a little something I ordinarily could uncover the answer to my challenge by just referring back to one of many video tutorials. One of several greatest fears I had about making use of this application was that the sounds that came using the computer software would be garbage, but I was incorrect. Several of the sounds that includes “Sonic Producer” can simply be when compared to several of those from prhyme brand keyboards and high-priced music software program that is certainly currently being sold for a lot far more. I was incredibly impressed with all the sounds that I could use for making my beats with.

The Cons

I have to say that there was not to considerably lousy to say about this music producing software, but considering that it is a trustworthy critique I need to express my 2 minor complaints concerning the system. The first was I considered the tutorial videos could happen to be generated somewhat much better. What I suggest by this really is the instructors are definitely good music producers not video producers. The only other feature that I can say is the fact that I wish that they offered cellphone help as a substitute of e mail support. To many people it does not matter, I personally prefer to speak with my help by way of the phone, but I should say their electronic mail assistance is quite swiftly in terms of fixing any complications.

Overall, “Sonic Producer” is unquestionably really worth a test. For your price you’re obtaining a good deal and truly can start out generating substantial excellent beats. So, if you are searching for any legit music producing software, “Sonic Producer” may well be really worth a search.

Free Online Music Makers

Halloween is coming and there’s magic and spookiness in the air. As usual, people would send Halloween cards to friends, families and dear ones to send their wishes. So do you want to save a lot of money and also create a Halloween greeting card in an environment-friendly way? In such case, digital card or ecard may be the best choice which helps in saving the environment but also saving a massive sum in paper, printing and posting.

Now in this article, I have gathered 5 useful and free online digital card makers. Also with the free online service of those sites, you can create stunning Halloween greeting ecards and deliver your best wishes to beloved person freely via E-mail, Facebook or any other ways. The following sites offer both free and paid services for creating Halloween ecards.
For friends whoever want to create electronic cards, digital catalogs, magazines, this flash flip ecard book maker can bring you an easy to create personalized page flipping ecards for you to send holiday wishes to customers or friends. From the digital page turning ecards, you can get what you expected from an traditional card but also special 3D page flipping animations.

Five Useful and Free Online Ecard Makers
1. 123Greetings
123Greetings is a famous online ecard maker which offers both free and paid services for people to create animated ecards for all kinds of occasions such as Xmas, Halloween, birthday, wedding, anniversary and many more events. By using its free service, firstly you need to create an account with a valid email or connect in with Facebook account. Once you activated your account, please follow the below steps to create a Halloween ecard for free:
Go to your account, go to Events and Holidays, preview the predesigned Halloween greeting cards, then please customize and send this ecard. When the ecard has been finished, it might be sent to the people you specified. 123greeting is one of the most powerful online card makers.

2. Imaginaryecards
This free online greeting ecard service provides hundreds of designs including many magnificent scenery ecards, flowers, seasons and etc. Beautiful scene is its unique feature. You can select a preferred item ecard from any category and then enter the receivers information to let it be sent in just a few minutes.

3. Regards
By using the free online ecard maker, you can not only create Halloween ecard but also electronic card for any other occasions such as birthday, thankyou, love, holidays, anniversary and etc. You can directly go to free ecard series, choose a category, choose an ecard and enter the message. A disadvantage of Regards is that there are few and limited choices in free category.

4. Doozycards
Doozycards can enable you create and deliver Halloween greeting cards to anyone you like. For users whoever don’t want to be registered, you can choose those cards which are marked free. You can also register a free account with your Email to use more free resources. However, the free trial is only valid for ten days. If the membership has not cancelled at the end of free trial, you’ll be charged automatically from your credit card which you has entered during free registration.

5. Rattlebox
This online card making service is special that it can help users create video greeting ecards for different kinds of occasions such as Halloween, birthday, sorry, marriage and so forth. You can use its service without registration or with a free account. Rattlebox offers hundreds of video greeting cards for free, the good point is that it allows you to customize the text in video. Your Halloween ecard might be sent to others via email or distributed on social networks.

In addition to those sites whoever help in creating Halloween ecards online for free, you can also create and publish your own page turning cards which is enriched with music, page flipping animation, customizable and dynamic text, videos, photos and etc in this flash flip book generator.