Song Maker Free

Free ringtones never really seem to be free. You can sample up a storm on the mp3 ringtones and the polyphonic ringtones. Wallpapers, ringtone rippers and complimentary access to unlimited ringtones, no subscription required! Then in plain sight at the bottom of the page listing your most treasured songs, it gives you the pricing for your monthly subscription. Where is the free that was promised? You can get several ringtones for nothing from the company providing your phone. But when searching for new and popular ringtones, the three-dollar-a-pop price tag from your company and from magazines turns you off. With a little time invested, you can score those ringtone freebies.

Unpaid bloggers and forum users will give you a free ride on their homemade ringtones. If you are a fan of classical music, those songs are free of copyright and are easier to get a hold of for ringtones. The National Anthem falls under the same reasoning and should be gratis. If you like a certain kind of offbeat ringtone, you are more likely to find a website that has that type for free. Movie music, anime ringtones and/or cartoon ringtones have a good little fan base you can work with. It is when you start looking for ringtone handouts on top 40 music, regardless of genre, that it gets sticky. The older or the stranger the ringtone, the more likely it is to be free.

There are genuine sites out there that have thousands of free ringtones. There is a look to the sites that are going to stick it to you that you’ll need to be familiar with. If the homepage is trumpeting the unlimited downloads from thousands of artists, albums and genres but then has the bottom of the page covered in small print, skip it. If the page starts out asking for your mobile number, or your email address so they can send your amazing free ringtones membership materials out to you, skip it. When you do get that confirmation email, you’ll click to activate your membership and you can count on being added to the Sell my information to a third party” list for free!

Depending on the phone you have, you should be able to store between 1 and 5 ringtones. So having the option of downloading them on your computer and then transferring them later is the way to go. That also saves you time and precious minutes using your phone to access the websites to download the ringtones, making them not so free.

When using your phone to get free ringtone content, you will need to have a phone that is compatible with wireless content downloads. Your phone will need to have GPRS turned on. GPRS lets your phone start a wireless connection to download your ringtones. For monophonic ringtones you only need text messaging service

Music Studio Software

There are soft wares which are capable of playing on hold messages and music player on telephone. The software mixes and plays messages and music that will play to callers while they are on-hold or being transferred. The benefits of using a computer are automation of the system like for example date sensitive messages and great user control applications. By using on hold software we get complete control over messages. Also one can have access to state of the art features that have never been available on hold before. In case a studio produces the messages then the presentation can be updated over the Internet also.

The software can be installed on any Windows machine. This connects the computer’s sound out socket to the music on hold port on the office’s phone system. The software mixes and plays messages on hold using the computer’s idle time. Another benefit is that no special hardware is needed and one can continue to use the machine as normal. If the owner has a windows machine in the office then the soft wares available in the market are most affordable way of playing on hold messages to the callers when they are on hold or being transferred among different departments. The features of these software’s are that they are real time mixing of on hold messages and music to create an endless presentation. Also they are capable of message scheduling to commence and expire on certain dates and to play only on certain days of the week or times of day. The software’s are fully digital audio ensuring that your messages sound good, are clear and are easy to listen to.

They offer almost unlimited message and music capacity. The state of the art of fuzzy logic formula achieves the optimal message on hold rotation rate. A direct user can easily have control over messages and message time table. The software are capable of being used with professionally recorded messages sent to the user by a studio by email or by compact disc or through automatic online updates through internet. The messages which we need to be played when caller is kept on hold can also be recorded directly on computer by plugging in a microphone. The voice can be synthesized to speech from text by use of voice synthesizer. The music on hold software is capable of working well with all the telephone systems like the intercom systems etc. Also with message or music on hold feature the software’s, and can also work directly with voice over web protocol phones used in the business. The software for music on hold come packaged with music and professionally recorded general messages. If the software has been downloaded once the downloaded file automatically setups the software.