Recording Studio For Sale

If you are considering doing your own home recording studio set up then there are a few things that you’ll have to take into consideration with regards to construction and insulation. Bear in mind that you do have neighbors and they have their own lives to live.

The Thicker the Walls the Better

To begin with, 2×4 studs in your wall just will not allow for enough room for proper sound insulation. This means that when you are building your dividing walls for your home recording studio set up it is best if you use at least 2x6s.

Quiting Down Your Home Recording Studio Set Up

Also, you have to bear in mind that sound waves will be absorbed by the sheetrock, transfered through the sheetrock into the framing members and then out the other side through the Sheetrock. Rubber strips placed on each framing member prior to the application of the sheetrock will help in interrupting much of this sound wave transfer.

Use Your Sheetrock Screws Sparingly

Also you don’t want to use as many Sheetrock screws as you would in a normal construction project. Use about half as you would to normally attach Sheetrock to a wall. Also don’t screw the edges of the Sheetrock 6 inches on center as you would normally.

A Great Sound Eater For the Insides Of Your Walls

Standard fiberglass insulation doesn’t provide very much sound blockage. Believe it or not, old carpet is an excellent sound barrier. Carpet surely will not pass fire code but it sure as hell does a good job of eating up sound and it’s free.

Use Extra Thick Glass For the Engineers Booth Window

For the window in the engineers booth you’ll need super thick glass that is installed on both sides at an angle. Also make sure when you install it that it is heavily embedded in silicone rubber to help with sound wave transfer reduction.

Music Making Online

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Would anybody tell since when Christian music has become an industry? Christian musicians, largely influenced by the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, began to claim rock and pop music as viable tools for ministry. Before the early 1970’s, Christian Music could be categorized as either Traditional Hymns, Southern Gospel or as Traditional Black Gospel styles. Then, in 1980′ the movement of youth was created, which became known as the Jesus Movement. From the Jesus Movement came new Christians, whoever were anxious to tell others about Jesus. Those Jesus People started developing new worshipping and witnessing styles. An effort was made to write music, which was culturally relevant or contemporary. The desire was to create music that would appeal to the current searching generation.

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