Free Music Making Website

Soundzet is a music download website like no other. The reason for this is that all the music on it is free. Most a user has to do is search for a track and they can then listen to it for free or if they need to they can download free music to their hard drive.

It’s because everything on the site is free that it has become so popular recently, services like I-tunes just cannot compete with a music portal that’s free. The site is also refreshingly free of pop-ups and flash adverts, making the listening experience easy and pleasant.

This impressive website is very user friendly and there are directions on the front page for people who might be confused about how to use it. The site also has a free membership system too, so users can sign up and then save play lists for the next time they log into the site. This can be very handy and although it isn’t necessary to sign up, it does make things a lot easier. The website operates as a music portal that links to MP3 files hosted externally, this way users of the site, as well as the site itself don’t violate any laws. One of the most useful elements of Soundzet is that it can be accessed anywhere, at home or at work.

The site itself is certainly a refreshing change for people who need to listen to a few songs on the computer without buying them. A popular method for doing this in the past was listening to songs uploaded to Youtube, but these are generally low quality. The music downloads on Soundzet are all very good quality and the site interface makes thing very easy.

There isn’t currently a music downloads service available right now that rivals Soundzet. Competitors usually charge money to listen to songs or the files can often be contaminated with a virus instead of being songs that people would like to listen to. Soundzet however reliably sources its files and virus scans them too, so users can be sure it is a safe music portal.

This impressive resource has become a popular website and delivers an invaluable service. To listen to the free songs on Soundzet or just to learn more about the service, visit their website at