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Studios fall into three basic categories, Home studios, Project studios and Commercial studios. It’s pretty obvious what a home studio is. Many people working in the music industry, and even the television and film industries, have their own studios at home. They put them in the spare room, the garage, the basement, an outhouse – even in a corner of a bedroom sometimes. And there is no reason why a home studio should not produce recordings that challenge top commercial facilities. Obviously in a top commercial studio helpful staff will make it easier for you to do your best work, the equipment and acoustics will be first class, and you will probably be working with top musicians too – there may even be a restaurant and bar! Of course the top studio is always going to be that tiny bit better – but it really is just a tiny bit. You can do professional work in a bedroom. Sometimes simplicity sells, and you don’t always need a twenty-four track studio to make a song demo or a soundtrack for a documentary.

There really is not any difference between a home studio and a so-called project studio. A home studio is a project studio that you’ve at home, so that’s easily dealt with. So what is the difference between a project studio and a commercial studio? Simply, a commercial studio is available to all comers at an hourly or daily rate. Make a booking, do your stuff in the studio, pay the invoice and collect the tape. A project studio is something owned by one person, or maybe a partnership, where the owner or owners work on their own projects. The owner may be a musician working on a CD, or a composer working on a television soundtrack. Commercial bookings are not welcome in a project studio because a) they are taking up studio time that the owner would probably rather use, and b) once you start hiring your studio out as a facility you become involved in many more health and safety regulations and your insurance premiums will probably go through the roof.

What people do in their project studios is of course literally their own business! But I have identified at least five distinct categories of project studio. Take a look at what you can achieve, if you’ve a mind to. . .

Free Online Beat Maker

Make rap beats and you’ll soon be making lots of money. This is the common notion that many have and might I say that they are not very far from the truth? Rap beats are incredibly catchy and people are willing to pay extremely high prices for any original creations which sound good. If you’ve got talent and are fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time in order to showcase it, you might just become very, very rich!

Everyone of us is gifted with a certain talent. However not everyone is lucky enough to discover and get a chance to develop our God given talents. If you feel that you are one of the very lucky few individuals gifted with such talent, then go ahead and maximize your potential.

Starting Out

This is mostly where we notice many backing out. Where does one start? The question is, do you know what to do? If you’re totally new to the field of making beats, then chances are you will not know how to make rap beats either. Hence at this point, most people notice their dreams fade away. Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind while you’re figuring out your beat mix.

1. Most rap beats commonly range from 80 to 100 beats per minute. So when you’re starting out, make sure you work within this range, trying to come up with something revolutionary right at the outset is probably not the best idea! It would be reasonable to start out slow and do something that you are capable of doing, rather than forcing yourself and eventually failing.

2. Develop your listening ear. Even the most gifted singers need this. Without good listening skills, they will most probably sing out of tune. I know you probably have no clue about what I’m talking about. The fact is, good music comes from good inspiration. Listen to everything that’s going on around you. You probably know that even traffic sounds can help you figure out a beat which you can develop and fine tune!

3. Aggressive beat patterns are a common feature of hip hop beats, to avoid being repetitive, try and borrow sounds from other genres of music and add them to the mix for a refreshing new sound. It’s always good to experhyment and offer something unique to standout from other performers.

4. Learn to use the bassline wisely. The problem with beginners is that they tend to use the bass way too much. You need to ensure that the bass does not drown out the other sounds which are so much a part of the beat! At the same time, it must make its presence felt.

5. Use software such as SonicProducer which provides you with adequate help. Fruity Loops is not too bad either and is recommended for beginners. Reasons, the new software on the block is also doing simmering well. Work with whichever software you’re most comfortable with. There are several options that you can choose from, and some of them are even free.

Recording Studios

four. Know your lyrics and song by coronary heart

Don’t wait right up until the day just before to find out your lyrics. Make certain you are so practised, that it is just about second character and you can do the overall performance without having even thinking, or blinking.

Most studios make it possible for for you to pin-up the lyrics inside of reading through distance driving the microphone – just so you have it there to continual your nerves, but really don’t depend on this.

Ask whether or not this is the situation, prior to you enter the studio for your session, so you are completely organized. Bring a printed copy of the lyrics with you – if that is the scenario.

Get some first rate slumber the night prior to – get a sleeping tablet if you have to.

Make confident you arrive five-ten minutes prior to the time to re-acquaint your self with the setting, but not so early that you interrupt an additional session – as you’ll just be pressured to sit exterior waiting – which does not aid for nerves.

Prevent sugar and sweets at the very least a single working day in advance of – and if you’re vulnerable to a scratchy throat, dairy as nicely just to be safe and sound.

Make sure your voice is warmed up, by undertaking the proper vocal workouts, particularly if your reserving is in the morning – consider not to e-book way too early.

five. Really don’t be fearful to communicate

When stepping in the booth and placing the headphones on, don’t forget that in most scenarios, the engineer or producer hears a various version of your functionality, on a unique set of speakers.

They do not essentially hear points the way you do, and until finally you do not Explain to them – they won’t.

Do not be frightened to Inquire them to alter stages for you on your voice or the songs, till you are relaxed – even if it is necessary several occasions. You are a spending consumer, and you will need to Listen to what you are carrying out, permitting your excellent efficiency.

NOT Performing SO, is like purchasing a espresso, and getting also frightened to inquire the waitress for sugar or milk.

Diverse vocalists have unique preferences – and if you really don’t speak up, the engineer or producer will most very likely just assume that every little thing is wonderful.

6. Loosen up: Don’t apologise, or be melodramatic

It is practically certain, that in your first recording – you are going to make quite a few mistakes, be confused, second-guessing oneself. Even the most renowned recording stars, experienced a first time.

Instead of frantically apologising or generating a scene, inquire for steering and feedback alternatively.

Most engineers and producers have performed this hundreds of occasions just before. Taking the awareness of by yourself, by inquiring for direction, presents you time to pay attention and compose your self, for the up coming attempt. BREATHE.

Adhere to the company – if you make a miscalculation, an engineer or producer’s normal 1st reaction, will be to stop quickly, cue the recording once more at a fall-in place, and seem over to view if you are all set to test again.

Audio Maker Online

8 Powerful Benefits Of Audio Books To Teaching
There’s no denying the fact that most people hated
reading as kids. Only a few kids enjoy reading,
especially if there is an alternative.
Audio books have now made it possible for children to
get better access to materials that they don’t like
Of course they must still read, but reading any
material and still hearing it makes the reading much
more interesting.
Many schools have now taken audio books not just to the
homes of their students but also in the classrooms.
Experts in the educational sector have agreed that
audio books in the classrooms go a long way to help
students more than normal books, especially those
students whoever are just beginning to read or those who
have difficulty in reading.
Below are 10 specific benefits of using audio books for
1. Using audio books to teach children in school gives
them “variety”. Instead of just listening to their
teacher, they benefit from the change that comes with
“another” teacher.
2. There are specific audio books prepared with
children in mind that are not only educative but very
entertaining. These types of audio books make learning
much more fun than normal teaching.
3. Using audio books to teach kids in school will give
the teachers more time to prepare for the next lesson.
The teachers can play the audio book for the children
while doing something else.
4. For children with reading difficulties, they can
slowly follow the readings from audio books until it
feels comfortable to read.
Simply following an audio book to read along while
looking at the printed material in front of them can
increase their learning skills by a very high percentage.
5. Audio books save money. Instead of buying dozens of
books for a classroom, just one audio book may be played
for all the students in the classroom.
There are certain audio book rental services on the
Internet, such as that allows teachers to
rent as many audio books as possible at very low cost.
This is much more cost effective than having to buy even
a single audio book.
6. Audio books that tell interesting stories are very
helpful in times when the children have become too tired
to read and study.
Most importantly, popular stories that children love,
will be very interesting for them to listen to.
7. Children don’t particularly like printed books as
much as they do audio books. It feels much more
comfortable for them to “listen” to an audio book than
“read” a book.
8. Audio books also have children deal with the
pronunciation of certain words that they would have
difficulty with when merely reading them. By hearing the
pronunciation and seeing it printed, they would better
grasp it.
Most in all, most children find it a good deal of fun
listening to a lesson on audio, rather than having to
read it. That is why children spend a lot of time
watching movies, rather than reading.
No wonder more schools are embracing the technology of
audio books for teaching their children. And with
services available freely on the Internet now, it is now
more cost effective than ever.

To your Personal and Professional success !
Ken Paul

Music Production Tools

Some of Dell’s best promotions have been made by ordinary employees.

Titles are key for a great video marketing plan. The title should reach out and grab your viewers’ attention, enticing them to view the clip. A really good title can help to draw curious viewers in. If you want your video to be heavily viewed, you should be patient while finding the best title possible.

Keep the tone of your videos consistent. A laugh-out-loud funny video can be equally as successful as a how to video. Take your target audience as well as the goods or services you provide when determining what type of video you want to create. Consider the product and the tone of your other advertising.

Be sure to include good links to the products and services you wish to sell. It is best if the link sits inside the player, but works in the description if that’s not an option. This way, this link will be there in case people end up sharing the video somewhere else.

Bring your camera along to any professional event. You never know when you will come across an expert in your field or want to document a particular moment. If you plan on giving a public speech, ensure someone is there to record it.

You have to consistently post fresh content in order for visitors to keep returning. Boring content is the best way to drive away users, which is extremely bad for business. Let your viewers wait a while so that they are anxious to see the things you came up with. You will attract more viewers if your content is interesting.

You need to know certainly whether or not your video is reaping the results you want. You can always use your own judgment about a video’s likely appeal. Statistics and hard data are a concrete basis on which to base your decision. Keep track of the number if people whoever watch each video, how many repeat visitors your videos draw, and how long people spend watching videos.

Brief videos are more favorable than those that are longer. A good time period is about three minutes, as you can provide the viewer with important information without overdoing it. You can sometimes get away with up to five minutes, but if you go longer than that, you are almost surely going to lose people. Try to keep it short and to to the point.

Place videos on your own sites as well as on YouTube. Doing this allows your viewers to watch videos on your home turf, where they can easily buy your products. You will not lose views since the analytical tools made accessible to YouTube users keep track of viewers whoever watched the video via another site.

Stories are fun to hear. Do you have a story about your business or the products you provide? A really great way to get support is to show a video of you doing a good deed in the name of your company. In addition, you can include customer testimonials of how your products have helped them in some way.

Making use of online videos is an excellent method of promoting your business and connecting with your desired audience. This article should get you on your feet.

Music Maker Software

If you are a music fan, whether you download songs from the Internet or have a vast collection of CDs, LPs and cassettes stored in your house, Roxio has a piece of software that will help you manage your collection and get more out of your music.

Roxio is probably best known as the maker of Easy CD Creator, a program that helped users make copies of media, even from copy-protected disks. Roxio’s newest foray into digital media management is Easy Media Creator 8 Suite, which allows users to capture, rip and store digital audio, make and share playlists, import and organize photos, capture and edit video, view DVDs, back up files, burn audio, video, CDs, DVDs and photo CDs with ease and much more.

But there’s much more to Roxio than Easy Media Creator. Roxio’s DigitalMedia Studio will help you burn discs for backup and sharing of files and music, as well as allowing you to organize your CD collection, browse by artist, album and genre and create your own mix CDs in minutes.

Roxio’s PhotoSuite allows you to easily correct problems in your digital photos, create calendars, cards and other projects involving photos and burn CDs to preserve your precious photos.

eDVD by Roxio allows you to add all sorts of bells and whistles to DVDs you author, including links to web pages, high-definition video, high-resolution still photos, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, flash animation, MP3s and more. And if you need help editing the video for your Hollywood-quality DVD, Roxio can help you with its VideoWave program.

Roxio can also help you capture, compress and store DVDs, remove subtitles or alternative language tracks, combine DVD and DivX formats on one disk, play back on your computer, make labels for your disks and much more.

If you use a Macintosh computer, don’t despair. Roxio has powerful media management software for you, too. It’s named Toast, and it makes just about anything you’d want to do with digital audio or video a whole lots easier.

Roxio’s Toast takes drag and drop simplicity to a whole new level, allowing you to convert DivX files to DVD, burn large files across multiple disks, compress DvDs, put music on an audio DVD with TV menus and shuffle options, create high-definition slide shows, even make custom hybrid Mac and PC discs.

Toast will also help you make widescreen DVDs, convert LPs, cassettes and CDs to your iPod, And with Spin Doctor, which is included with Toast 7, you can capture live audio and store it on your computer. Record a speech, Internet radio, even your old record collection and burn it to CD or audio DVD.

Roxio’s line of software allows you to take control of all the media in your home, whether you want backups of DVD movies in case the kids scratch them up, a place to store family photos or a way to collect and organize your entire audio collection.

Home Recording Studio Equipment

There has never been a more exciting time for independent, home-based productions. If you’ve the creative spirit and the vision for an independent production, or if you want to setup your own recording studio, this is the time to launch your dream.

Audio and visual technology is so advanced, so easy-to-use and so affordable that every directing-producing dream can now come to life. The technology to record, film, edit, produce, package and market has never been so accessible. So accessible in fact, that private productions can now be recorded and distributed right from your home-based studio.

Are your dreams one CD, one DVD or one Blu-ray away? Then, let’s get familiar with the products that’ll help bring all the pieces of your dream together and start building an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment.

Media – The first thing you will need is media, meaning the CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs upon which you will record your dream. If quality is important, Blu-ray is the way to go. Blu-ray discs allow for the highest quality duplications. And so today Blu-ray discs are also available for inkjet or thermal printable discs as well as water resistant inkjet discs. When it comes time to distribute those CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays, remember that first impressions last a long time. Selecting the right Jewel cases and packaging materials will make sure your recording arrives in good shape and stands out from others.

Duplication – Selecting the right duplicator begins with a decision about duplicating volume and space allotment. When there are manual and robotic duplicators, there are many different sizes of duplicators.

Manual Duplicators – Stand-alone manual duplicators are capable of reproducing 100% duplication of all CD configurations, DVD configurations including Dual/Double Layer discs and Blu-ray recordings.

Robotic auto-loading duplicators – This is the time for mass production. Robotic autoloaders make it simple and affordable. No project is too big for robotic duplicators so let’s get that best seller out and about. Choose either compact, mid-size or the large-size multi-drive towers, there’s a volume duplicator for your project.

Printing – Nothing says “authentic” like a good, clear, professional label, which is why the right printer is essential for any production area. Thermal printers and inkjet printers can now produce single disc or production quality autoloaders. Prices of these printers have never been more favorable.

Erasers – When that recording just doesn’t work, or when your recording has lost its zip, you may want to erase material from your media and re-use those CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays again. In the past, that was not as simple as it should have been. In fact, it was a downright risky proposition. Very commonly the old fashioned erasers would punch holes in the discs, rendering then unusable.

Not only are today’s erasers environmentally responsible, but they protect the discs while allowing for complete erasure. The new eraser drives use an intense laser to burn material off the disc. The process is safe, secure and fast. 100 CDs can be completely erased in less than one hour.

That is how simple it is to live your dream. All the equipment needed for creative audio and visual recording and professional producing are readily available, simple to connect and even easier to operate.

And so today, there’s a definite market for independent productions. Whether your goal is to launch a career, fulfill a dream or perfect a vision in a home or independent studio, absolutely everything you need to get started is listed above. Go for it!

How To Make Music Online

There are many music download sites on the Internet, though the legality of a of these services is debatable and the companies that produce CDs and records are trying to close any down.

The concept these sites use to justify what they do is that of file sharing between individual members. File sharing is probably legal, but the file sharing of copyright material may not be legal.

The MP3 format has changed the face of music. Music and speech may be converted to MP3 files easily. Some detail is lost but this is not detectable on most MP3 players. MP3 files take up much less space on a hard drive than a conventional audio file. This allows personal MP3 players to hold hundreds of MP3 files on their hard drives, whereas they would only hold 10 -20 conventional audio files.

Music download sites hold a database of files belonging to their members and you access members’ own computers to download the music MP3 files you are searching for. Several of the music files have viruses in them, sometimes deliberately put there. Several more files contain spy-ware, giving the provider access to data on your Internet use or even files on your computer.

Some of the download sites themselves install spy-ware on your computer and then sell the information gathered to third party users.

Better, probably, to pay the small monthly download fee from paying sites and download your MP3 music legally and in safety. This way the artist gets rewarded for their effort, and it only seems fair to pay them for the entertainment they give us. If you like an artist or group then encourage them to produce more music of the same type by paying the small fee that is asked, and stay legal at the same time.

Music Recording

Company Overview

History, development and growth of CCM over time

CCM, Colorado Creative Music, is music recording studio, founded in 1995 by Darren Curtis Skanson, primarily established as vanity label for producing, promoting and selling his own records, and consequently developed into microlabel with 4 product lines and 11 different albums. In 2000, the company sold 30,000 of Darren Curtis Skanson CDs and received net profit of $4,292. 00. The company aims at expanding its customer base, acquire more popularity, and develop the company from microlabel to the independent one.


The business vision of Colorado Creative Music consists of three components – Core Value, Core Purpose and Visionary Goals (Thompson, Strickland, 2003).

Core values of CCM are quality, creativity, and excellent customer service. The core purpose of this organization is to make more people listen to classical and light acoustic music and admire it. As for the visionary goals, the strategic dilemma of the business arises. Thus, one of the visionary goal is to make the music produced, played and recorded by CCM musicians, heard by larger audience. The other visionary goal that doesn’t completely go in line with the first one is to win the large custom market for the company’s products and services. The collision here is in the primary value and target of the business: in the first case the attention is attached to the product, music, while the second one is focused on the development of the organization. This dilemma is the subject of strategic choice of the organization, which will be outlined and discussed later.

At the present moment, the main objectives of the company are: positioning the business against its rivals, development of distribution channels, development of the products and enhancement of the product line, anticipating changes in demand and adjusting the firm’s strategy to respond to them.

Operating environment

The firm operates on American market which is characterized by political and economical stability, technical advancements in producing and distribution processes, large number of potential customers, broad demand and intense competition.

Business model

Business model is the mechanism for the company to generate the revenues and profits. It includes strategy and implementation thereof and should answer such questions as how the firm selects its customers, how it differentiates its products from those or rivals, how it creates utility for the customers, how it acquires and preserves them, promotion and distribution strategies, how it allocates its resources and derives profit. As for promotion and distribution techniques for Colorado Creative Music, the particular attention is attached to Internet aspect of the distribution and its capabilities.

Internet is not only alternative way to traditional methods of music distribution, but also a great opportunity for artists and music-recording companies to expose these products to broad public. The advantages of such means are low cost of entrance and enormous size of potential customers market. Traditional chain of music distribution includes such components as writer/performer, publisher, musical instruments company, live performances, venue equipment and services, recording, studio equipment and services, recorded performances such as night clubs, bars, business music, broadcast, film and music videos, and retail. These are traditional stages through which the song or other musical product must pass to get to the final customer. Internet makes this chain of distribution shorter and simpler, and therefore internet-based promotion, advertisement and distribution can be considered a new business model to base the business on. Further information on virtual distribution will be discussed in relevant section.

CCM business model includes following components:

Value Proposition: satisfaction of customers’ needs in quality classic music;

Market Segment: white females (predominantly) and males of 40-60 age range. The market segment needs to be further expanded.

Value Chain Structure: structure of the firm to be described below

Revenue generation: through sales, direct sales in particular; revenue generation roots need to be expanded.

Position in the value network: enters the most specialized industry segment. A large number of competitors from all 4 segments of the industry; business may be complemented through alliance with larger recording company.

Competitive strategy: company’s strategy primarily focused on differentiation rather than cost leadership strategy, through internet distribution allows making the products of CCM cheaper than those of competitors.

Market segmentation, targeting, positioning

The music recording industry has 4 clearly identifiable segments: major recording studios, independent labels, micro-labels and vanity labels. Major companies have large quantities of artists under contracts, reaching the number of 100, specialize on multiple types of music – rock, country, jazz, classical, traditional and other, and have formal and reliable national and international channels of distribution. Independent labels have 10-100 artists under contract, focus on recording of one or two major music styles and have either national or most often regional distribution channels.

Micro-labels have less then 10 artists under contract and are tightly focused on definite style of music. They are characterized by small staff and manager performing as the leading artist of the studio. Micro-labels have rarely formal distribution system and heavily rely on direct sales to fans and wholesale to clubs and specialty retailers.

Vanity labels segment is the fourth, the last and the most specialized segment of the music recording industry. They are founded by independent artists for recording and selling their products (Darren& Winn, 2003). At present, CCM is the micro-label that strives to convert into independent label. Therefore, CCM currently occupies rather narrow market niche of classic and traditional acoustic music admirers within the age of 40-60, predominantly white, middle class females throughout the territory of the United States, though the major part of the customers is focused in Colorado region. This is the result of market targeting, when the studio developed the measure of segment attractiveness – loyal customers and fans of performers; music, and selected appropriate target segment.

Today, the company wishes to change the segment it operates into. To expand the company’s market segment it should develop product differentiation aimed at selling various products with different characteristics to different market segments. So far such differentiation is not developed.

On the basis thereof, the positioning approach now applied by the firm is differentiation positioning, which lies in filling less competitive, smaller market niche in which the firm locates its brand and attracts its customers.


At present, the company disposes of 4 product lines and 11 different records. The brand names of the Company are: Darren Curtis Skanson, Acoustictherapy, Andrew Thomas Harling and Music for Candles. The style of the music offered is the same throughout all the brands: light classical guitar.

Distribution channels

The distribution channels of CCM are predominantly direct sales. These include sales in the gig, shopping mall distribution and in the back end (which includes CD order through 800 number, website sales, mail order). In 2000 CCM sold 30,000 Darren Curtis Skanson CDs, predominantly through direct sales. Though, traditional chains of distribution are more effective and they include major distributors, one-stop distributors, independent record stores and major chain record stores. Developing traditional distribution methods is one of CCM’s primary tasks.

Financial positions

CCM is a micro-label, the third of the four segments in music recording industry. Therefore, in contrast to the premier recording studios as Columbia, Sony Music, EMI and BMG, which possess enormous financial actives, financial position of CCM is rather modest. In 2000, the company reached total income number of $216,614. 05 and net income of $4,292. 00, which, though, was 4 times less than net income in 1998 (amounting to 20,626. 70) and nearly the same as in 1997 and 1999.

Major strategic issues

Major strategic issues of the company are formulated by the manager of the company, Darren Skanson, in the Case Study for Colorado Creative Music (Darren & Winn, 2003) and include the following:

* create a profitable music recording label with expanded range of artists and performers;
* position Darren Curtis Skanson label to compete with major artists who have contracts to Sony Classical. For this, acquiring traditional distribution methods is necessary;
* create new product line similar to Acoustcitherpay which would be saleable and provide funds for the previous two goals.

The strategic tasks and ways of their implementation are not uniform and completely complementary. Thus, the first aim of growing the company contradicts the easiest and most possible way of accomplishing the second goal – promote the music by selling CCM’s product lines to recording studio larger than CCM, independent of major label with access to traditional outlets. Thus, the company has to define its prerogative – develop the recording label or promote the music by means other than within CCM capabilities.

Read full Case Study: Marketing

Home Music Studio

There is nothing more uplifting that can make your heart soar and touch your soul, than music. Now days music can be transformed to greater heights with the use of high-tech, well-equipped and hip recording studio.

In fact, what once seemed like a pipe dream is now a possibility and you can actually set up your own recording studio within the comfort of your home.

With technology moving at such an amazing pace, you really are spoiled for choice and the sky is the limit. However, you need to have any understanding of what it takes to make a great recording and the equipment you would require to set up that dream home recording studio.

Undoubtedly, having a computer with a fast CPU and a powerful soundcard would be a good start, followed by the appropriate software, to get the sound impact that you want. Additionally, a basic set of headphones and a good quality microphone is just as essential, as it has a lot to do with how your recording will finally sound.

Every soundcard or external audio interface has different features in a range of prices, so it would be a wise choice to shop around before you settle for the right one.

What you would basically need for a home recording studio is keyboards, synthesizers, adapters, 2 or more sets of speakers, computer monitors, mikes and lighting equipment. In order to have perfect harmony, you should have your music keyboard and computer keyboard near each other. Another good idea would be to include a bass trap and sound absorber as this would help to disperse the uneven bass frequencies.

When it comes to buying equipment it can be an expensive affair. However, while second hand equipment can be quite functional, you need to take extra care before making a purchase.

Some music shops and even individuals sell off second hand items quite cheaply, but ensure that you can return it, if it doesn’t work as expected.

The bottom line is that things with moving parts tend to be less reliable in comparison to equipment like computers. Additionally, any equipment, even a computer, which is more than seven years old, cannot be considered reliable.

However, should you still consider purchasing such equipment for your home recording studio, check for signs that the machine has been cleaned, by paying close attention to the nooks and corners that would be really hard to clean. If you notice that any switches and knobs are a bit loose or show other signs of wear, you need to be cautious. Furthermore, check out the user manual, the condition of which will tell you just how used the product probably is.

Now that you have all the equipment set up, it is time to work on recording your music. One popular way to compose and record your own music on your computer is to use PC music software programs. However, just having the gear is not enough and what is most important is to have a musical understanding to write music and how to use the equipment and software that you have. While the thought of making high quality music recordings may seem overwhelming for a beginner, all it takes is any musical talent and cash of course, to get you started.

Therefore, even if you are not skilled at playing a musical instrument, you can still get good practice by trying different things, experhymenting, mimicking, tweaking and mixing. You will soon come to realize that making music is a craft and the studio is its workbench. Slowly, with knowledge and experience your recording studio will equip you to play the role of musician, audio engineer and producer. Additionally, if you have modern software packages or hardware digital multi-track, you too could be on your way to creating any fantastic sounds.

For those music lovers, for whom music is more than a hobby, a passion that inspires you to set up your own home recording studio, it can now be a reality. All it takes is talent and the will to succeed. When you increase your ‘know-how’ through trial and error and the cash flow to purchase the necessary equipment you can then work on letting your creativity flow to produce the kind of music that you can proudly call your own.

How To Be A Producer

Oftentimes, we fall into both a producer and a procrastinator category in our lives. What we need to know is that being a procrastinator isn’t something good and once we realize the say we’re in, we’ve to stand back up and become a producer again. That will make sure that the results we’re getting are aligned with the vision we’re creating.

I had a chance to listen to a one-hour teleseminar by Johnny Wimbrey recently and managed to jot down a few points for the readers to benefit. The topic matched nicely with the points that we’re discussing here.

What are the 7 critical distinctions between a producer and a procrastinator?

Here are a few points Johnny Wimbrey talked about.

1. A Producer Is A Winner But A Procrastinator Is A Whiner.

Producers have a winning mindset. They eat, sleep and breathe winning possibility. These are the people who surround themselves around other winners. They allow themselves to be mentored by other successful people, and they become students for life. If there are any problems, they know that they themselves are bigger than the problems they face.

Procrastinators have stinking thinking and always look at things in a negative perspective. They focus on personal and external limitations. When there’s a problem, they whine, cry and question many things in life. They don’t seek advice and are not interested to be mentored by other successful people.

2. A Producer Is Responsive But A Procrastinator Is Reactive.

Response is the root of responsibility. This is the quality of a producer. Being responsive means that producers control circumstances and they think before taking action.

Procrastinators, on the other hand, react to circumstances. They act without thought. When something happens, they can become panic and lose control. This leads to more bad circumstances in life.

3. A Producer IS Optimistic But A Procrastinator Is Pessimistic.

Producers address challenges in life effectively. They understand that there will be hard time and although nobody likes hard time in life, producers are always prepared to face circumstances. They see through the clouds and believe that there’s always sunshine.

Procrastinators run from challenges. In fact, they don’t like facing them. They are fearful and when challenges arise, they feel stressed as if they could not charge through hell in life.

4. A Producer Takes Risk But A Procrastinator Makes Wishes.

Risk takers create moment of possibility through invested time, money and energy in their dreams. Producers know that they’ve to be ‘sacrificial’ and give something up so that they can get up in life. They don’t know what tomorrow will bring but they’re ready to face the unknown.

Procrastinators hope for the moment of possibility. They wish that their dreams come true and become content and comfortable. They fear the unknown and are not ready to step out of their comfort zone. In the end, they stay where they’re with the unfulfilled wishes.

5. A Producer Has Visions But A Procrastinator Has Only Illusions.

Producers have faith in their decisions. They see obstacle and see through it. They know that they’ll get their goals with their actions. That’s why producers are firm believers in goal setting. They start their journey now and don’t delay.

Procrastinators need their results based on sight, meaning that they’ve to see the results first before taking action. That is why there’s always lots of reasons why they don’t get started at something. What they do is only inventing obstacle that does not exist in the first place.

6. A Producer Has Preparation But A Procrastinator Has Improvision.

Producers are always prepared and they inspect what they expect. For example, if they’ve talking engagement, they’ll make sure that many things like research on topic, target audience and appropriate content is taken care of. And, they’ll make sure that what they expect to deliver will satisfy the audience. Then, they stay on plan.

Procrastinators don’t expect to be successful. Whatever happens will happen and they keep on hoping that their wishes come true. They move by emotion and after information.

7. A Producer Execute But A Procrastinator Makes Excuses In Life.

Producers have an attitude that they MUST be successful. They will implement and execute the right principals to reach their goals. In order for them to be successful, they’ll participate in anything that’ll lead them to their goals. Producers also have a sense of urgency in what they do and they begin with an end in mind.

Procrastinators, however, just have justifications. They will justify for any reasons why they fail in life. They WANT to be successful but don’t think that they MUST be successful. It leads them to postpone their action because of their dead-end mind says so.

To summarize, I’ve to admit that these 7 critical distinctions between a producer and a procrastinator are a reminder for you and me. We will fall in one of these two categories in life, but we’ve to realize it quickly and align ourselves with the producer mindset.

Let me close by what Johnny Wimbrey stated in his teleseminar.

“I WANT You To Be Successful But I MUST Be Successful”.

Let’s all have this quote embedded in our mind at all time.

How To Start Music Production

Music is by far one of the hardest working industries of all time. The amount of work that artists need to put in in order to see their dreams become a reality is magnificent. They strive hard if they want to see their work being recognized and now there are several companies that can make that possible for them. They are Music Production libraries and they use several procedures in order to make sure that they bring about the best forms of music into the libraries.

What the Best Music Production Libraries do is that they take in music from several song artists that are willing to provide their music to these companies in order to receive royalty and recognition or their work. These libraries take in samples from such artists and they put them up on several genres of music after thorough analysis of the music. Only those samples are taken which are of the required quality. These samples are then bought by companies and firms who are in search for them and the royalties are then paid to the recording artists.

However, there are several ways with which a few of these companies get to be the Best Music Production Libraries. First of all a company would make sure that they are licensed for any such practice and would have proper licenses displayed over the internet. Secondly these firms have a thorough check over the genres. They try to fit the music into the suitable genres and not just one so that it can be used for multiple purposes thus fulfilling its purpose. Thirdly, these companies are never stagnant. They make sure that they regularly update their genres according to their latest trends and that they do not fall behind. With this, they are able to keep the artists updated with the latest trends so that they can come up with the best forms of music. That music which is created by the artists which have the best ties with the Best Music Production Libraries make it to the top of the genre categories. It makes them more preferable for firms to choose.

Firms that choose various forms of music from these Best Music Production Libraries are used for several purposes up ahead. It can be used for background music in case of any play or orchestra as well as films or any sort of corporate usage. Similarly it can be used a s a soundtrack for any film or TV series and several other purposes to attract the viewer’s attention towards their show.

Music Production libraries are an extra ordinary way or several music companies to keep their name alive and for several artists to make it to the top of the music industry. Making on their own is now a very tough field for musicians and it is their best choice to receive long term recognition from such recognized companies in order to make sure that their name survives and stays on the top.

Music Production Courses

If you’re interested in full-time filmmaking, you should know that there are several courses that you can take. One of these is the Higher National Diploma in Digital Film-Making. It’s a one-year course and you have to meet specific requirements, including being at least eighteen years of age. Having a strong interest in the making of digital films is important for this kind of course, because it is not designed for someone who just wants to do something like this as a hobby. People who enrol in this course will need to write, produce and direct several products, including a music video, a documentary, two short films, and a moving image product that you choose. You’ll also be required to write narratives on filmmaking, the UK industry, the Hollywood industry, and related subjects. The work will be screened publicly, as well. Upon completing it, however, you’ll be ready for work in the television and film industry. You can continue for a degree, but it generally will not be necessary, since the course is designed to get you ready for employment.

An Art (Film and Video) course can also be a great choice for people who want to learn about the skills that will be needed. Developing filmmaking skills from sketchbook drawings and information is what this particular course is designed for, and it is not set up to prepare someone to move straight into a career in digital film and television, although it can help to move you toward that goal. Most people who complete this course go on for further study, but some of them have been successful for using it as employment.

If you want a filmmaking access course, Northampton has many that you can take and that can put you on the right path. Getting a Higher National Diploma in Interactive Digital Media is another way that you can head for a career in film and television. You must be eighteen to enrol, and the course is designed to give you cutting edge information and experience where digital media is concerned. It also helps you to get prepared for employment as soon as you finish the program, so you don’t have to go on for more education – although you certainly can if you desire to. This course is two years long, however, and people who enrol in it should be aware of the fact that they must commit their time to it and take it seriously if they are to be successful.

There are many other courses available in Northampton and the colleges in Northampton provide a great start to a career.

Songs Maker

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all”

When Lord Alfred Tennyson had written these wonderful lines, he must have thought about those millions of romantics who wander around in this world. History has witnessed that lovers have had a world of their own where there is nobody to perturb them. Being in love is probably one of the most beautiful things that can happen to someone in a lifetime. Love means a world of its own where things are beautiful and everything seems to be as pure as the word love itself. In fact the world of love is a world of variety. There are various forms, shades and moods of love and the only one thing that can complement this diversity of love are love songs. In fact love songs could actually complement your style of love.

In fact love songs are probably one of the best ways to express your love for that someone special. To be very honest love songs can complement your mood. Whether they are romantic and merry love songs or sad and painful love songs, one has to go through that phase of love while singing that song or while penning that song. Love songs have the capability in them to evoke the feeling of love in the one who listens to them. In fact being in love gives one a certain feeling of freedom and this gets very well reflected through the various love songs that talk about new love and how one feels the freshness and the liberty in a newly found love. Again sad love songs can make one weep and feel the pain of lost love or a love that could never bud. Somebody very rightly said that love and music know no bounds and that they have a deep connection between them.

In fact perfect love songs and the perfect atmosphere can make a person easily express his love for that special someone. In fact as I already said love songs have this immense potential in them that can make a person fall in love and can make a person feel the pain of a lost love. At times love can cause immense pain and this pain can be only understood by the ones who have felt it. Love is probably the only thing that can bring to one immense joy as well as heartbreaking pain. The pain of losing your loved one is probably the worst feeling that one can go through. In fact the song My heart will go on” by Celine Dion still evokes the feeling of the eternal love and the pain that one goes through when one has to lose the love of his life.

These days love songs are not only available in CDs and DVDs but one can find some of the greatest love songs on the internet and can download them and store them for eternity. Love is an eternal feeling and music makes others feel good and when love songs are made they are meant to make the world the most beautiful place to be in. But yes one should always remember that love is the one thing that brings joys as well as the pain.

Music Recording Studio

ASAP Europe an audio equipment company based in London has been providing a complete sales and consultancy service for professionals in the music, recording, broadcast and post production fields for a decade.
ASAP offer unbeatable prices, Informed comment, Research carried out on your behalf as part of the service, Music studio equipment, sound recording equipment, music equipment, recording equipment, No product bias all as part of there first class service.
If you are purchase equipment from ASAP Europe, they can help you sell your surplus equipment. they will advertise it in a major UK Audio Magazine, and hopefully help you free up cash for your latest purchase
ASAP Europe the UK distribution of Avalon Design, Buzz Audio, Charter Oak Acoustics, Crowther Audio, DW Fearn, Korby Audio, Phoenix Audio, Stedman, TK Audio, Toadworks and Vintagedesign. Their product portfolio represents any of the very best in microphone preamps, studio equalizers, solid state and tube compressors, valve and FET microphones, microphone accessories. Classics from the Avalon Design VT737SP to the Phoenix Audio Nice DI, from the DW Fearn VT2 to the Crowther Audio Hotcal.

ASAP supply audio equipment to the music and the television/movie industry also providing a first class service to the general public, this can be supplied across the UK and British Isles but also ASAP cover supply and demand all over europe.

There are many different types of equipment available from ASAP Europe please find a example list of what can be supplied:-

headphones and Headphone amps
500 Series Modules and Rock
Audio Interface & AD Converters
Cabling & Looms
Compressor & Limiters
Controllers Keyboards
DI Boxes
Digital Storage
FX Outboard
Guitar Pedals & Guitar Effects
Live Production
Mastering Equipment
Microphone Pre Amps
Mixing Desks & consoles
On Demo
Power Conditioning
Recorder & Audio Playback
Recording Software & Plugins
Studio Accessories
Studio Furniture Design & Stands
Studio Monitors/Amplifiers
Studio Outboard Equipment
Summing Amps

Depending on what you are after ASAP Europe are sure to be able to find something to fit your needs. They have the very latest and up to date equipment available to the market. They supply many of the top Audio Industry leaders products, such as the a few names below plus many more.

ASAP provide expertise on all aspects of music studio equipment, sound recording equipment, music equipment and recording equipment.

CharterOak Acoustic Devices is quickly becoming an industry prized for professional quality recording products for today’s musicians and audio engineers. Developed in 2002, CharterOak is privately funded and head quartered in the cozy suburbs of Connecticut and a operates a sales office in Singapore.
Unlike most audio manufacturing company’s, CharterOak was founded by an end user. Producer/engineer, Michael Deming (Lily’s, Pernice Brothers, Mike Ireland) created CharterOak from the need to obtain more control with his studio recordings. There goal is not to emulate the classics of yesterday but to create the classics of tomorrow. Each CharterOak product is assembled & inspected with extreme care by hand and tested in the studio before shipping to the customer. Sonic integrity, extreme durability, design simplicity, and serviceability are fundamental values upon which all CharterOak products are built.
Wynton R. Morro founded Avalon with the desire to bring the art of music recording closer to the essence of the original performance. Avalon’s pure Class A recording systems provide the world’s leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording, These carefully engineered systems enhance the creative senses and become one with the music itself.

Korby Audio Technologies is a company founded on the principles of the physical sciences integrated with artistic exploration. Our microphones are designed and built in our state-of-the-art laboratory from start to finish – from film to backplate to amplifier.

The Art Of Music Production

Art of Music Video Filming: Tips and Tricks for Starters

One of the more lucrative and creative endeavors for a director is to work with music videos. Whether you’re editing your own production or someone else’s, here are some tips to consider before getting started.
Editing a music video is a challenging but fun project for video editors. However, it is important to get the footage right in order to edit the video properly for the musicians and director of the video. The musicians, director and editor must sit down together ahead of time and work on the theme and ideas for the video.
Some music videos simply take concert footage and edit it together with the song. In cases like this, a number of shots need be included in the video, from wide shots of the band to close-ups of the musicians, It is also important to shoot a lot of cutaway shots.
If the music video is going to tell a narrative visual story to accompany the song, a detailed shot list should be put together by the director and delivered to the editor. The two artists need to get together before editing begins to hammer out the theme and mood of the video so they are on the same page before work on the video’s editing begins.
Putting Together a Live Concert Video
Listen to the song numerous times before starting to edit. It is important to understand the beats and flow of the song before anything is edited. It is the job of the music video editor to make sure that all cuts and movements in the video are synched to the music.

Since you’ll be editing the video around the song, you’ll need to first add the song to the audio track. Once the song is added to the timeline, it is time to get started on the music video editing. If you are editing together a live footage music video, there are a lot of precautions to worry about.
Start out by using the main master shot of the band playing the song by synching the song and concert footage. After the main footage is added to the timeline and synched, it is time to start working on various cuts and angles. Using the knowledge you have of the song, take one specific instrument to work with at a time.
For example, find where the guitar delivers signature riffs or breaks into a solo and start working through the footage of the various close-up and medium shots of the guitarist in action. The lucky thing is, unlike lip synching, it is not as important to be exact when it comes to the guitar work, so you can use what looks best without being perfect. However, keep it as close as you can to avoid the video looking wrong. There also might be a reason to add extreme close-ups on the guitar itself. In this case, make sure it is for the exact moment of the song, synched as close as possible. Otherwise, don’t use it.
See the complete Bright Hub Guide to Beginner Video Editing
One of the main subjects of the music video is of the singer as he belts out the lyrics. There should be many different angles on the singer throughout the song and you have to make sure to get the lips synched as best as possible. You may not have a good shot of specific parts of the song and that is when you need to cut to another band member, a wide shot of the group or a cut-away shot like the crowd.
Make sure to use various angles, cutaways and action or close-up shots to keep the video from appearing repetitive and boring.
Telling a Story with Music
There is a difference when working on a music video that tells a story. A great example of these music videos include those by The Beastie Boys or ones directed by Spike Jonze, where the music plays but a story plays out on the screen.
There are times where the people in the video might be lip synching the words and that must be expertly synched up but, other than that, this is all about the beat of the song.
Throughout the editing, refer to the screenplay and shot lists to create your rough cut of the music video. Include the shots in the order that the director shot them in but keep the tempo of the song in mind when choosing which angles and shots are used. It is the editor’s job to make sure that the action flows with the beat of the music. Feel the beat, rhythm and tempo. So, are there any panning effects? Edit the clips based on these. If the song is fast, cut in short and/or fast clips. If the song has a slow tempo, use longer shots. Timing is essential when editing!
Remember that editing the music video that tells a story is the same as editing a short film but with concentrated efforts at pacing based on the music.
If there is dialogue in the music video that is separate from the song, record those in a studio and make sure that all ADR is synched perfectly to the images.

Tune Maker

When you first start learning to play the guitar you really want simple to learn guitar tunes to start with. Otherwise it is the equivalent of trying to understand German when you have only learnt the basic words.

By starting with simple to learn guitar tunes you’re setting yourself up for a much quicker learning curve and you will find that you will pick up learning the guitar much quicker and easier then without using tunes or songs to base your guitar skills on.

How to find simple to learn guitar tunes?

There have been many books written on simple to learn guitar tunes, usually the book is written from a guitar teachers point of view so you know you’re getting great advice on how to pick and learn guitar tunes/songs.

Can I Just Learn Any Guitar Tune?

Yes you could start at any guitar tune and try to learn it, but why would throw yourself in the deep end? You are much better trying to learn an simple guitar tune then starting off on a more advanced tune.

The entire purpose behind simple to learn guitar tunes is that they focus on the basics of learning guitar which should ensure that not only are you having fun learning your guitar tunes but you’re also building your core guitar skills at the same time.

This will eventually lead to you playing much better guitar and having a better learning experience.

Also when trying to pick an simple to learn guitar tune it is usually best if you can listen to that tune as well as reading the sheet music. This lets you attack the songs from both angles.

1. You are learning the tune through sheet music so you’re getting a feel for how to read guitar sheet music.
2. You are developing your play by ear skills which will be extremely helpful for you later when you’re trying to learn the more advanced tunes.

So just remember, when you’re looking for simple to learn guitar tunes don’t go for just any old tune, pick a nice simple basic tune or riff to start with and build yourself up from there.

If you practice learning tunes each day you will be surprised at how quickly you pick it up.

Final tip: Start with simple to learn guitar tunes.

Audio Engineering

When most people think of engineering they think of building bridges, roads, buildings, and that sort of work. Most people, however, would never think of audio engineering. This is a very real job and has some very successful people working in the business.

There are many types of audio engineering. Some of these types can be basic and easy to get a degree for while others take a lot of time and education to learn how to operate the equipment. Here are some of the businesses that might use an audio engineer:

Recording Studio. They would need an audio engineer to operate the microphones, mixers, software, and basically everything in the studio. This is a very good job for an audio engineer and they can earn some serious money and recognition working at a recording studio.
Auto Store. An auto parts store that sells stereo equipment will a lot of times have an audio engineer on staff to help assist in installations.
Home Audio Store. Audio stores will keep them on hand to provide the customer with assistance with what type of speakers to buy and how to install them. Sometimes they will even install the speakers for the customer at their home.

There are many schools that offer audio engineering degrees. However, a lot of these schools are not accredited. It is very important to make sure the school is accredited by an international accreditation organization before you attend classes there.

After you decide what school to attend you need to decide on what type of job you want to do. Coursework will vary depending on the type of job you wish to seek while becoming an audio engineer. The nice thing is that some companies will hire you while you earn your degree. This is because they know you’re seeking a degree and they believe you will follow through and become a valuable asset to the business.

Make Own Music Online

Online music video websites are more advanced than music TV channels; here music enthusiasts can choose the music videos they need to watch. With music TV channels, music lovers have to put up with annoying TV presenters and wait for their prized music videos to finally appear on screen. Also with regular music TV channels, the music is generally on a rotate system, this means there are many repeats, and mostly the repeats are not what you need to see. Now with online music video websites, music lovers can perform a series of useful function such as stop, fast forward, rewind, skip and replay. This is truly a remarkable and enjoyable music video experience.

Now you can enjoy online music videos by subscribing to an online music video company. Go on the internet to find the best online music video website that suits your style, taste and genre of music, and enjoy the benefits of being in control when watching your prized music videos. The benefits of online music video subscriptions are great. Not only can you choose the music videos you need to see, but also you can control when and how you watch them.

An option for online music video fans is to subscribe to an online music video website, here music fans can watch unlimited music videos and have the benefit of controlling the play lists. Online subscription music video websites are becoming more popular around the world. These are a legal outlet for music videos, and artists and music companies, along with music video fans, are becoming more aware of this convenient method to enjoy music videos. Music artists and music companies are now seeing online music video websites as a legal and profitable method for video and music exposure.

Therefore, if you enjoy watching music videos and keeping up-to-date with new music, try the new and convenient online music video option and see if it works for you. Do not hassle with regular TV music channels and watch music videos that do not interest you, take the affordable step of subscribing to an online music video company, and enjoy music videos that suit your style, taste and preferred genre of music.

Take advantage of the internet and get more entertainment for an affordable cost. Search the internet and view the wide world of online music video subscription sites, join up and enjoy your viewing.

Make Your Own Music Online

If you enjoy being accompanied throughout your life by melodious sounds, you might need to consider giving bluegrass music a try. You can listen to bluegrass music in the morning when you wake up, hear a few bluegrass music tones when you have your breakfast, lend an ear to bluegrass music from your car’s radio while driving to work, at your work place and finally when you go to sleep later at night. You should especially give bluegrass music a chance whenever you feel you can make a change in your mood improving it through music therapy.

Bluegrass music is thought to be a variety of American roots music with origins from Irish, English and Scottish traditional music. This genre’s name, bluegrass to be more exact, is derived from the name of Bill Monroe’s band, the Blue Grass Boys. Bluegrass music illustrates perfectly the American idea of a melting pot. The diverse influences from all around the US have made bluegrass one of the country’s representative music types, being much appreciated especially in Europe. Animated by the traditional music of the British Isles, particularly by the one brought overseas by the Scottish-Irish immigrants of Appalachia, bluegrass has blues and jazz music as its base. Bluegrass music is influenced by jazz and it revolves around improvised solos while the other band players revert to backing. That’s not the case with old-school music, which resorts to a homogenous melody lines played by all instruments at the same moment.

Different from all the generally accepted country music, bluegrass depends (in most cases) on acoustic stringed instruments. The most desirable bluegrass instruments are the acoustic guitar, the mandolin, the banjo and let’s not forget the fiddle. Bluegrass music sometimes uses the resonator guitar as well because it has a deep impact on the listeners.

There are many disagreements on what a genuine bluegrass band should have as instrumentation and this issue is generated by the fact that the background details of the bluegrass fans who are debating are different. Some are simple listeners, although others have a more refined taste and desire to listen to certain bluegrass instruments. Because the original bluegrass term comes from Bill Monroe’s band, many fans think that bluegrass music players should use only the instruments which were used by the Blue Grass Boys. These instruments were the mandolin (played by Monroe himself), the guitar, the fiddle, the banjo and the upright bass. Although to some this sounds pretty good, it is not a plausible idea for the 21st century when music borders are crossed easily and usually with success. Bluegrass music is not an exception and it has suffered changes and influences of all types. The results are considered great by some less conservative fans. However there are still others who need to be pleased and because bluegrass music cannot sing a different tune!”, bluegrass bands have adopted the old and added a wide variety of non-bluegrass instruments also, like accordions, harmonicas, pianos, drums or electric guitar which are generally acknowledged in the bluegrass community.

When discussing bluegrass music, we should not leave out the bluegrass vocals that offer the listener the distinguishing hue of this type of music. Bluegrass music has backing vocals composed of two, three or four parts, frequently with emotional or faithful themes. The bluegrass vocal approach has been labeled as the “high lonesome sound” making bluegrass music a high-pitched rhythm.

Going back to the bluegrass origins, one can realize that bluegrass music was created during the 1940s. Recording bluegrass music was limited around this period because of the World War II rationing. Since then, bluegrass has changed under the improvements of three generations of players and it is very difficult to say which one is the best. Nowadays, there are international bluegrass contests and festivals proving this music’s congeniality. In fact bluegrass music has celebrated its 60th anniversary and a lot of successful representations for the loving fans.

Remix Maker Online

To remix music there are most advanced and complete music editor software for creative’s. The extracted audio can then be encoded with a codec like MP3, WMA or AAC. The encoded files are more compact and are suitable for playback on digital audio players. They may also be played back in a media player program on a computer. The development of music among humans must have taken place against the backdrop of natural sounds such as birdsong and the sounds other animals use to communicate. The different sounds of animals can be created by much music software. Mp3 is digital form of compression audio streams. Using mixer helps change voice and tempo, add various beats – drum loops, and apply special effects in real time. This music software also works as an MP3 converter, very helpful in converting MP3 to WAV, WMA or any of supported music formats. Multi track mixing programs can get luxurious, however audio editing programs are extremely low priced and provide mixing tools. Most programs enable you to instantly mix selections, cut and paste, loop and add effects to create professional sounding digital arrangements.
The Mp3s are a dream come true, for others the worst nightmare. FlexiMusic MP3 Editor and Remixing Software is powerful, yet easy to use and fast, MP3 Convertor for WMA, WAV etc. Anyone can use this product to pull audio, convert formats, record from the internet, add effects or filter. This product can record anything, from a microphone to streaming audio. It has outstanding support if you need help figuring out how to use their tools or create a specific effect. The output quality is really superb. This is one of the easiest products to use, especially for beginners. You do not have to know how to perform special adjustments to get advanced effects; just simply use one of their preset effects or filters. This software can work with a broad range of compressed or uncompressed WAV files. With this new generation audio music editing software, you will get more compressed music from your audio CDs or tapes, save more hard disk space, create more personal music and share them with friends.

Make Your Own Music

Have you always dreamed about working with music, but weren’t sure where to look for jobs in music and the music industry? The good news is that there are a lot more jobs in music than most people think. Performing positions include working with a studio band, playing and an orchestra and playing with a band at weddings, dances and local clubs. Outside performing, there are many other jobs in music that help support musicians from education through selling their music. The bad news is that those jobs in music are a little harder to find than most jobs. If you’re hoping to score yourself one of those jobs in music here are any hints and tips to help you along.

1. Yes, you’ll find any jobs in music in the newspaper ads.

Look under Professional in the Sunday job listings for the best luck, but ads for companies hiring in the music business are few and far between. You’ll have far better luck if you subscribe to any of the industry’s professional papers and magazines. If you’re looking for a job teaching music, for instance, regularly check the job listings in papers aimed at teachers and education professionals.

2. Internet job search sites are a good place to find jobs in music…

…but skip the big name sites. and HotJobs! tend to attract hordes of applicants – which the music companies have already. One difference is music teaching and music therapy jobs. If you’re looking for jobs in music therapy or education, the big boards are likely to have far more job leads for you than they will for performers. The same holds true for those seeking jobs in accounting, management or advertising within the music industry. Even then, though, you’ll have better luck at job sites aimed directly at performers and the music industry like and

3. Do any research and approach the companies where you’d often work directly.

It takes a lot of nerve, but then, that’s what this business is all about, is not it? If you’re serious about finding jobs in music production, performance or promotion, you need to show the hiring agents you have what it takes. If you cannot promote yourself, why would they think you can promote someone else? Get out there and do your research to find record labels, production companies and indie companies that you’d often work with, and then get your resume out into the hands of the people who make the hiring decisions.

4. For teaching and education jobs, approach school departments directly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in music education are going to be one of the fastest growing segments of the music industry through 2014. If your ambition is to teach music, organize a school band or head up a school orchestra, the direct approach is the best. Research school departments to find out which are (or may be) hiring, and find out the names of the people who make the decisions on hiring music professionals for the schools. Try to make personal contact before sending your resume so that when your resume arrives on the desk, they’ll already be looking for it.

5. Networking is the one strategy that always works.

Especially in jobs in music promotion and production, where your value lies in how well you can network to get the word out about the bands that you’re promoting. Join local professional associations, hook up with agents and performers and get to know the movers and shakers in your local music scene. That’s the best way to have your foot in the door.

6. Take advantage of school resources.

If you’re in school, take advantage of school resources to get placements as an intern with a radio station, production company or other media company. On the job experience is invaluable in music jobs.

7. Be persistent.

The music industry is volatile and ever changing. The company that is not hiring today could be looking for five new publicists tomorrow. Keep on top of job openings in the music industry by checking back on directory and job listings often.

Free Electronic Music Maker

Indie music artists are commonly described as strugglers. Independent music artists produce their specific music, produce their own indie songs album, in actual fact write their own lyrics and promote themselves, and goon to get heard, and to try get into top indie songs charts. There are a lot of similarities among independent music bands, no matter from which place they came, started but there surely seems to be a glaring difference in how one think of the conservative indie music bands. Top indie songs are usually acknowledged to be very clever, almost indicative of school and profound thoughts. Independent music describes the small and pretty cost-effective trade marks on which it is out and the do-it-yourself approach of the orchestras and performers encompassed.
Though selling contracts are commonly struck key commercial companies these brands they try to keep their autonomy which helps them to freely discover sounds, subjects and emotions which pulls them. Now let us get acquainted with a few different genres of music. R&B music, which is Rhythm and Blues, has been the maximum influence on music all over the globe for whole of the second-half of 20th century. This form of music was made known to the world by artists uniting the music genres of jazz and the blues. In the beginning of 1970s, the cultural program of hip hop music started. Hip hop music was fast and consisted of two main things; the musical carriage of rap and the usage of dash board by a DJ. Hip hop music also brought with it a fashion approach of its own, this fashion style aided in depiction of this recently fashioned music. Hip hop music got its beginnings from African-American music and the West African music. Hip hop music’s apparatus got initiated from R&B, funk, and disco. One might be wondering when precisely rock music originated. There is not any clear answer to this. Rock n roll has its background from blues which has its origin back in the 19th century when black immigrants were making efforts to get away from their slaved lives.
Music videos undoubtedly have now grown into a highly powerful front to sponsor one’s music and mainly in these days, where picture is said to be worth more words. Music videos are customarily of marketing excerpt that embeds with it a broader piece of music. These videos are used for promoting the popularity of that one album. Music videos are attaining great reputation and upsurge in the size of fan base. By comprising a selection of foot-tapping kinds like Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Dance, Pop|, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Dance, Pop, Rock etc. the latest music videos are readily offered to jiggle your feet. These videos are not only heartening but influential too.
Indie music artists are commonly described as strugglers. Independent music artists produce their specific music, produce their own indie songs album, in actual fact write their own lyrics and promote themselves, and goon to get heard, and to try get into top indie songs charts. There are a lot of similarities among independent music bands, no matter from which place they came, started but there surely seems to be a glaring difference in how one think of the conservative indie music bands. Top indie songs are usually acknowledged to be very clever, almost indicative of school and profound thoughts. Independent music describes the small and pretty cost-effective trade marks on which it is out and the do-it-yourself approach of the orchestras and performers encompassed.
Though selling contracts are commonly struck key commercial companies these brands they try to keep their autonomy which helps them to freely discover sounds, subjects and emotions which pulls them. Now let us get acquainted with a few different genres of music. R&B music, which is Rhythm and Blues, has been the maximum influence on music all over the globe for whole of the second-half of 20th century. This form of music was made known to the world by artists uniting the music genres of jazz and the blues. In the beginning of 1970s, the cultural program of hip hop music started. Hip hop music was fast and consisted of two main things; the musical carriage of rap and the usage of dash board by a DJ. Hip hop music also brought with it a fashion approach of its own, this fashion style aided in depiction of this recently fashioned music. Hip hop music got its beginnings from African-American music and the West African music. Hip hop music’s apparatus got initiated from R&B, funk, and disco. One might be wondering when precisely rock music originated. There is not any clear answer to this. Rock n roll has its background from blues which has its origin back in the 19th century when black immigrants were making efforts to get away from their slaved lives.
Music videos undoubtedly have now grown into a highly powerful front to sponsor one’s music and mainly in these days, where picture is said to be worth more words. Music videos are customarily of marketing excerpt that embeds with it a broader piece of music. These videos are used for promoting the popularity of that one album. Music videos are attaining great reputation and upsurge in the size of fan base. By comprising a selection of foot-tapping kinds like Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Dance, Pop|, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Dance, Pop, Rock etc. the latest music videos are readily offered to jiggle your feet. These videos are not only heartening but influential too.