Free Online Beat Maker

Make rap beats and you’ll soon be making lots of money. This is the common notion that many have and might I say that they are not very far from the truth? Rap beats are incredibly catchy and people are willing to pay extremely high prices for any original creations which sound good. If you’ve got talent and are fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time in order to showcase it, you might just become very, very rich!

Everyone of us is gifted with a certain talent. However not everyone is lucky enough to discover and get a chance to develop our God given talents. If you feel that you are one of the very lucky few individuals gifted with such talent, then go ahead and maximize your potential.

Starting Out

This is mostly where we notice many backing out. Where does one start? The question is, do you know what to do? If you’re totally new to the field of making beats, then chances are you will not know how to make rap beats either. Hence at this point, most people notice their dreams fade away. Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind while you’re figuring out your beat mix.

1. Most rap beats commonly range from 80 to 100 beats per minute. So when you’re starting out, make sure you work within this range, trying to come up with something revolutionary right at the outset is probably not the best idea! It would be reasonable to start out slow and do something that you are capable of doing, rather than forcing yourself and eventually failing.

2. Develop your listening ear. Even the most gifted singers need this. Without good listening skills, they will most probably sing out of tune. I know you probably have no clue about what I’m talking about. The fact is, good music comes from good inspiration. Listen to everything that’s going on around you. You probably know that even traffic sounds can help you figure out a beat which you can develop and fine tune!

3. Aggressive beat patterns are a common feature of hip hop beats, to avoid being repetitive, try and borrow sounds from other genres of music and add them to the mix for a refreshing new sound. It’s always good to experhyment and offer something unique to standout from other performers.

4. Learn to use the bassline wisely. The problem with beginners is that they tend to use the bass way too much. You need to ensure that the bass does not drown out the other sounds which are so much a part of the beat! At the same time, it must make its presence felt.

5. Use software such as SonicProducer which provides you with adequate help. Fruity Loops is not too bad either and is recommended for beginners. Reasons, the new software on the block is also doing simmering well. Work with whichever software you’re most comfortable with. There are several options that you can choose from, and some of them are even free.