Music Software

Music has become an integral part of our day to day lives. From kids to youth to elders alike, everyone prefers to listen to their choice of music while doing their chores or specially taking out time for their most adored music. As the popularity and the choices of music available have been increasing day to day, many people are taking up DJ as a career. Many nights are spent by youth dancing to the tune of the DJ. The right music and mix is to be made by the DJ so as to appeal to the mass.

The DJ music mixer is a software which is preferred by all the DJs. Being a DJ is all about mixing the right music and the beat, picking the high notes from the music and mixing it to the right sound quality. The software is an audio and video player which has well equipped sound quality. It also has fast seek modes, beat sync display and pitch controls. Its specialty is cross fader for manual music mixing and an auto fade which leaves a touch of style to the music. The software has two independent decks to work on. It allows the DJ to play multiple files and has a 10 band equalizer and 12 presets which make the work of the DJ a lot easier. Various effects might be provided to the music which will make it appealing to the youth. It also has its own pitch and volume controls.

It runs on windows 7, 8, XP and Vista and requires a windows compatible sound card for use. It helps the DJ to cue and loop desired portions of music and allows him to remix them too. Everyone loves good music and the DJ is responsible for setting the right mood with the right music. It is his choice of the music that others will sing and dance on. If the music is not right, most people would choose to leave the place. The software gives an opportunity to the DJ to showcase his talent with the looping of the right music with a pitch control. By making a correct use of all the functions available in the software, the DJ can become really popular with the visitors. The software also supports major audio formats which make it easier for him to change tracks in case of special requests.

The tracks might be previewed by the DJ with separate headphones. The video format is also available in the software which will provide album artwork display. There is a dual audio video playback with a dual video preview display. Compatible with a CoreAudio soundcard. Hence the DJ music mixer is a one stop solution for all the DJs from novice to pro. It will help you come up with music that’ll be loved by one and all. Make music, remix songs and cue it as per your choice with the software, it will help you become great song mixer.