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VST plugins are starting to gather lots more interest as music buffs/computer buffs put these 2 interests as one. What was once thought impossible by many astute computer operators is now starting to appear as not being all that hard.

VST plug-ins in it’s simple terminology signifies Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg. Imagine being able to have your very own virtual studio. The VST is actually the interface that permits the use of soft-ware consisting of action synthesiser and effects the plugins with audio editors and recording systems.

Soft-ware is the catalyst between the VST and the simulation of a traditional recording studio. If you are to compare the VST plug ins with the actual switches and knobs on the actual hard-ware you would see the similarities. It will then not appear rather so foreign to you if you are familiar with the hard version of the studio equipment. The VST plug-ins are hosted inside a workstation thats a digital audio type.

If you think that there are only a few plug-ins to choose from, you are very wrong. You are going to be rather startled to find out there are thousands of several types to choose from. I bet you’re thinking about your pocket book now, but the nice thing is there’re some that are free ware, and of course, there are commercial ones available too.

Being as VST is so renowned it is good to know that there are some audio applications that support them. Say youre going to become involved in VST plug ins then you would need a VST host. This is just simply a soft-ware or hard-ware application that permits the plug ins to be loaded and controlled during function. If you shop around you will find various splendid VST host providers.

1 of the many cost advantages of utilizing plug ins is the fact they really help to cut down your hard based equipment costs. And think of the space you could save, not having to store lots of equipment.

You could get numerous great VST plugins that’re like a package deal. For instance there’s a package ready that includes shuffling, panning, panoramas width along with comb filters and many other inclusions as well.

Plug-ins are not a kind of soft-ware that work alone. They’ll ordinarily come with DLL files. This means dynamic link library. As we noted you could find a couple of free software on the web. Its not difficult to use. You simply follow the instructions. A Few of these would walk you through the stages of how to get the best benefits from them.

If you’re new to making your individual music than maybe you should do several research first. It does not imply that you’ve to do months of learning. As a matter of fact, if you start visiting several of the music blogs you will be fascinated at not only how easy it is, but what you can do and create with things like VST plugins.

Music Producer Software

It feels very good when you bring something new to your home whether it is to be your new gadget or a new photo frame. Really it becomes a centre of attraction for family members. Same thing I want to discuss with you but in different way. If you are a gadget lover and you like to collect new technology but face any problem with them then this article for you.

Wherever you would go in this world you would get the music everywhere whether it is in English, in Hindi, in Spanish or in Chinese. Music unites people of all type. There are many Elements which connect to the complete sound and feel of a piece of music. As you begin learning the chords, music, time signatures, enharmonic, time duration, tempos, pitches, major and minor keys are any of the things we encounters while developing the music.

Sometimes we think that does only Music composure can compose songs? But after lots of observation I would say no those days have gone when people whoever had been associated with the music area since long time could make the music. Now the time has been changed and any one, even a follower in music can create songs of his own. Thanks to music manufacturing companies whoever have given such type of music guide websites which understands the needs of our youngsters and gifted them a unique gift. Also with no bodies help but just only with the support of music creating program, computer and imagination any one can create music. Also with differently designed creating software’s like unique music software, music productions, ear training software, sonic producer, etc any one can develop music of their own.

The music software is awesome for people whoever are much well known in music composing. It match awesome for trainer to create music professionally .There are music software products available at variable amounts. Unique software product sells many third-party extras to assist you make the most of your music software product, involving virtual instruments, audio effects, audio loops and many more.

Music genesis lets anyone compose music on their laptop and personal computer. It works by including continuously-produced notes to a song and letting you choose whether to save or remove each one. By saving what you enjoy and removing what you don’t enjoy, you will immediately compose a single piece of music.

If you believe in music and like to learn new compose or think you are a creative person whoever can compose good notes then you’ll love the knowledge of creating songs of your own with simple and fun. This software not only gives fun but also calls to the endless world of music. Playing your own music on the recordings brought a excellent feeling of achievement and scare at the same time. When you ask for helpful opinions from family and friends they tell you to turn up the sound or else any thing which makes you realize that you are learning and becoming better as the time is passing. So if you have given up your ambition of learning or composing your music at any time then available product can make your dream come true.

Recording Studios

A microphone is an example of a transducer, a device that changes sound from one form to another. Sound exists as patterns of air pressure; the microphone changes this into patterns of electric current.
Microphones vary greatly in quality. A top end recording studio microphone may cost thousands and in many cases they’re needed for the very ideal recordings. A variety of mechanical techniques might be used in building microphones. The two most commonly found in recording studios are the magneto-dynamic and the variable condenser designs.
Most microphones convert sound energy into electrical energy, but there are many different ways of doing the job, using electrostatics, electromagnetism, piezo-electric effects, or even through a change in resistance of carbon granules. When it comes to microphones used in recording studios, the vast majority of microphones used are either capacitors, electrostatic, or dynamic.
Both types employ a moving diaphragm to capture the sound, but make use of a different electrical principle for converting mechanical energy into an electrical signal. The efficiency of this conversion is very important, because the amounts of acoustic energy produced by voices and musical instruments are so small.
Different types of microphones used in recording studios
In live sound, almost all the microphones used are dynamics. In the studio, instruments such as drums, electric guitars, and basses are recorded using dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphones have the advantages of being relatively inexpensive and durable, and they do not need a power supply or battery to make them operate.
Dynamic microphones are most effective when working with relatively loud sound sources that do not contain a lot of very high-frequency detail. They are also tough instruments which make them good for recording studios. Another type of dynamic microphone is the ribbon microphone, but this is only used in fairly esoteric recording applications by engineers whoever appreciate the subtleties of the ribbon sound.
These microphones are comprised of a thin metal ribbon suspended in a magnetic field, and when sound energy is encountered, the electrical signal generated is induced in the ribbon itself rather than in a voice coil. The main advantage of ribbon microphones is their smooth, detailed sound which makes them awesome for studio environment.
Capacitor microphones are more expensive than their dynamic counterparts, and they’re also much more sensitive, and can capture high-frequency detail much more accurately. Even though they’re relatively efficient like dynamic microphones, capacitor microphones produce such a small electrical signal that they require a special type of built-in preamplifier to bring the signal up to usable levels. Thus they’re not fit to be used in live concerts or open air concerts. Capacitors are used mostly in recording studios where there’s less noise.
The microphone is a ubiquitous piece of equipment. Found in absolutely everything from telephones and personal to recording studios, microphones are part of our daily life. A professional studio will accumulate a varied collection of microphones. The top studios use microphones such as Shure SM58s and 57s, AKG D112s, or Sennheiser 421s.

Recording Studio Software

Quite a few entry-degree positions are at scaled-down broadcast stations so you need to be eager to adjust employers, and often relocate, in order to be prosperous.

You have determined that functioning in broadcasting is for you–but what broadcasting job interests you the most? While on-camera or on-air positions are the most acquainted occupations in broadcasting, the bulk of work opportunities are guiding the scenes. Working in broadcasting can be demanding and competitive, but most individuals who work in the radio and tv industries come across it immensely worthwhile.
So what professions in radio and tv broadcasting are obtainable? Listed here is a partial listing:

o Assistant producers offer help and track record exploration guide with the preparing of musical, prepared, and visual components and time productions.

o Video clip editors select and assemble pretaped movie to generate a finished software, implementing sound and special outcomes as important.

o Producers program and build are living or taped productions, determining how the display will glance and sound. They pick out the script, talent, sets, props, lights, and other production aspects.

o World-wide-web web-site or Internet producers system and create Online sites that offer news updates, system schedules, and data about popular shows.

o Television Announcers study information objects and offer other info, these as program schedules and station breaks for commercials or community provider details.

o Radio announcers are referred to as disc jockeys they play recorded new music on radio stations. You can pay a visit to click here to know more about this..

o Plan directors are in demand of on-air programming in radio stations. Plan administrators determine what variety of music will be played and supervise on-air personnel.

o Reporters acquire facts from numerous sources, examine and prepare news tales, and current data on the air.

o News writers write and edit information tales from data collected by reporters.

o Broadcast information analysts, also recognized as information anchors, evaluate, interpret, and broadcast news gained from several resources.

o Weathercasters report present and forecasted climate circumstances. They collect info from national satellite temperature services, wire companies, and local and regional temperature bureaus.

o Sportscasters, who are responsible for reporting sporting occasions, generally select, publish, and deliver the sporting activities news for every newscast.

o Assistant news administrators supervise the newsroom

o Assignment editors assign stories to news teams.

o Information directors have general responsibility for the information group manufactured up of reporters, writers, editors, and newscasters as well as studio and mobile device manufacturing crews.

o Experts operate and sustain the electronic gear that records and transmits radio or tv plans.

o Radio operators take care of gear that regulates the sign toughness, clarity, and array of sounds and colors of broadcasts.

o Audio and video clip devices experts operate gear to regulate the quantity, seem high quality, brightness, distinction, and visual excellent of a broadcast.

o Broadcast experts set up and sustain digital broadcasting tools.

o Tv and video clip camera operators set up and work cameras, both in the studio and on remote areas.

o Grasp management engineers make certain that all of the radio or tv station’s scheduled applications are smoothly transmitted.

o Technological directors direct the studio and regulate area complex personnel through the manufacturing of a software.

Music Maker Software

Orange CD Suite consists of two parts: OrangeCD Catalog and OrangeCD Player. OrangeCD Catalog is the comprehensive music database program for cataloging our music in any format: CDs, DVDs, records, MP3 files or tapes. OrangeCD Player is a compact freeware program that allows us to listen audio CDs through our computer CD-ROM and audio card and integrates with the music catalog software.

With the OrangeCD Catalog, if we need to add a new CD to the dtabase, we just need to insert the CD in our computer or scan barcode form jewel case, then the OrangeCD will download all info from FreeDB and Amazon databasesquickly and easily, including cover image and album reviews. That will fomr a resulting database which can be used for browsing, searching, prnting or exporting to any of the suported formats. According to this, if we own specific album or song, we can find its exact location on CD shelf, print CD changer index sheet or calculate our total CD library value for insurance quickly. I think it is very convenient. In OrangeCD, we can publish our music collection catalog on MyGenres. com, share it with friends, and browse our music inventory from work or school computer.

Otherwise, we can sort our albums alphabetically, chronilogically, or by any field; display albums in folders grouped by any field; view database statistics; backup our data automatically or by request.

OrangeCD Player integrates well with music catalog software, so evry time we paly a new album, it downloads track titles and other info form Internet and automatically catalogs the album in our music databse.

Now, there are many Players, these are some reasons why we choose OrangeCD Player: it is compact and does not occupy our screen space; we can hide menu commmands that we don’t need and put those that we use frequently on top; it offers various playback modes, play lists and direct track access; if we restart our computer frequently, we don’t have to listen to the first song of the CD again and again; it supports multiple CD-ROMs or CD changers; it ‘s free and has no advertising spyware in it and so on.

In summary, after I had used this software, I felt it very good. Among so many kinds of Players, more and more people will choose this software as music Player because of its own advantage.

Music Production Software

Internal effects even though they don’t have as good as quality as that of an external effects unit, still are usable. They save space and power. Most people feel that they merely need the interior effects. Effects are ordinarily based at the end of the majority of the synthesiser signal paths. They truly are not a form of subtractive music synthesis. You can get effects in two methods.

One being externally from an out-board form. This is a separate unit box like a mount or pedal. And then theres the type that’s built right into your synthesizer. Thats in models produced after the 1980s as prior to this time period the synthesizers had no built in effects.

The effects of unison come into play to make up for the not having enough oscillators. It multiplies the signal that the synthesiser is creating. Normally it would detune the signals against each other. The same way detuning oscillators is attained. Unison is also not actually apart of sound synthesis. Its a fixed alternative. A unison effect can be widely seen numbers like two, 4, eight, and so on. This is for the signal multiplication. Clavia Nort Lead 3 is very creative in its unison effect. It holds one signal in center and pans out two signals each to the left and right of the field. This attains a stereo wide effect as they detune against one another.

To enhance and increase a synthesizers sound you will need the chorus effect. This’s a truly popular technique. Its much more complex sound modification process. Numerous individual claim that unison and chorus are exactly the same, or even alike as detuning oscillators. To support this claim is the fact that it can be shown in acoustics instruments like the guitar or piano. Anywhere where multiple strings are played at the similar pitch. On any other hand whenever they are simply more or less out of tune it creates a soft warming sound effect.

Chorusing within the signal chain of the synthesiser lends itself to standard interpretation. An LFO is used to produce the effect. When a signal is duplicated and mixed with multiple copies of itself and having the same pitch it produces an artificial effect.

This’s at a reasonable level, and is forever being swept by an LFO. If the delay based pitch sweeps are off-set from each other you could pan the delay effect with the stereo field. This implies the effect could be utilised in stereo. Being as the LFO control the effect, the feed back and depth of the effect it means they can be changed. The flanging effect applied the chorus effect, although it is an artificial effect.

Music Mastering

Getting signed to an established label is not easy. There are thousands of talented acts out there, all fighting for a few open slots.

This means if you want to be chosen, you cannot hold back. You’ve got to do many things to make the right impression and stand-out from the crowd.

One of the most vital (yet often overlooked) parts of doing this is professional mastering.

You can think of mastering as the “Polish” that makes your music sparkle. It is what gives your music the professional, “Big label” sound by bringing-out the best in it.

And this is vital. Because when the A & R manager has a big stack of demos to go through, he or she is going to give very few of them a serious listen.

Some are going to get dumped on the spot based on first impressions. While, others are going to fail to grab his or her full attention.

Moreover, even if you are the most talented artist on the managers’ desk, that does NOT mean he or she is going to realize it… because your demo just did not stand-out enough when stacked-up against those of better quality.

You see, mastering communicates that you’re a serious act… and, as a result, encourages those listening to give your music the deep look it deserves.

It does this by:

• Making all the sounds cohesive,
• Increasing the loudness to grab attention,
• Bringing-out the right instruments or vocals in the best amounts,
• Helping to eliminate or reduce errors (that can occurr during the recording and mixing),
• Plus, much more depending on what you and the mastering engineer feel the songs need.

In other words, mastering gives your music that little extra edge you need to get signed… because it allows you to be pictured as a successful act.

And this is what the key to getting signed is all about. The label must see you as an investment that is going to pay-off quickly and easily without a lot of effort.

Mastering paints this picture and helps get you a deal so as many people as possible get to experience your music long into the future.

With that said, you should also keep in mind that there is a world of difference between a professional mastering engineer and an amateur.

A professional knows what to listen for, the exact adjustments that need to be made (as the wrong ones can ruin the music), and has the equipment to do a serious job.

You should not expect a “Big label” sound by doing it yourself on a home computer or by hiring an amateur who doesn’t fully understand the aspects of “real” mastering.

Music Production Company

Effectively, we have innumerable firms that have been serving diverse requirements. By means of this article, let’s come to know about competitive solutions of modern day video production businesses. This sort of solutions are as follows:

Creating industrial & marketing recordings

One of the inventive suggestions to help the organization or any group to get to far more buyers to determine the identification is the generation of promotional and business clips. Images and texts are utilised as for all the mother nature of organization and client’s need additionally movies developed in the sort of DVD’s can be simply presented to different trade demonstrates, websites and nearby tv station.

Govt & non-earnings

Creating managing pictures for any non-revenue or govt firm is to elevate consciousness amid people on any social, cultural or affordable situation. And recordings can be in the sort of documentaries or public service announcement to boost recognition associated to one’s message, cause and values. Alike advertising, the non-income running pictures can also be uploaded to website, played on tv and can be duplicated on to DVD’s.

Corporate & occasion

Firms have been also serving the corporate and occasion capturing wants of individuals these days. Professional videographers capture running pictures possibly by having help of several High definition online video cameras or with single Hd video clip camera. Very easily, these kinds of photos can be run over projectors or Tv screens for viewers. Different kinds of occasions arrive under this services like gala dinners, seminars, award demonstrates, company events, trade exhibits, dwell plays, trend shows, dance recital and significantly more. The sort of service is also meant for business meetings, business awards and profile video clips.


The type of impression recording which is intended to produce clips for different remarkable or comedy movies, fact collection, movies and other segments are counted among amusement movie improvement. The clips are created by pros by generating distinct enjoyment elements in thoughts like images, place, texts, etc.


An additional support that can be expected from modern businesses consists of wedding ceremony recordings. Companies appear with all needed products like cameras, wi-fi microphones, steadicam, glidecam and digital camera crane to cover the ceremony or marriage ceremony in an suitable manner.

Therefore, with the conversations on the sorts of solutions, we can say that we have enough service alternatives to employ the service of a professional movie generation organization.

Online video manufacturing is the method of creating a video clip for commercial reasons like films, ad, audio, and company promotions, however some generation also takes location in the type of property films. Video manufacturing companies are corporations that are engaged in the professional creation of movie.

Most video manufacturing companies supply all the providers that are necessary from the pre-creation phase to the manufacturing stage, and later on, to the put up-manufacturing stage. Video clip creation organizations deal with the pre-generation perform of conceptualizing, scripting, and scheduling, together with the essential work of preparing and arranging the complete method. Suitable arranging can aid preserve the expenses down. During the creation stage, the businesses are included in environment up the tools at the place and directing the filming. In the publish-generation phase, movie manufacturing firms are engaged in enhancing and duplication.

The growth of this market has been helped by the tremendous development in digital video clip creation technology.

Record Music

MySpace Music is for Record Companies Too!
by: Ty Cohen

Here’s a bit of good news for you, MySpace for musicians is not just for musicians. Did you know that the major record labels are capitalizing off MySpace music as well? You are probably thinking, what does that have to do with me? Well, for starters, the reason they are profiting is because they are searching and scouring MySpace looking for the next big thing! That is why you have to get in on the action and promote yourself and/or your band on MySpace as soon as humanly possible.

MySpace for bands and musicians is more than just building a fan base and blogging. Most of the musicians on MySpace aren’t signed. And what does that mean? Caching! That only means one thing for the record companies…$$Dollar Signs$$. If you are on MySpace Music and you are promoting yourself the proper way then they are going to find you. There is no doubt about that!

Now the job held by the A&R guys is cut dramatically. A&R guys are essentially the scouts of the music biz. There job is to find you, inspect you and eventually get you signed. Enter: MySpace Music. MySpace for musicians makes the lives of the A&R guys a lot easier. They are forever hunting for the next big thing and if you aren’t on MySpace then you are going to get passed right by. Somebody else is going to have your deal and make your profits.

The record labels are still looking for the same thing they have always been looking for, marketable musicians. And MySpace for bands and musicians is where they are going to find it. A little style, good sound and originality, something fresh. MySpace Music has just grouped them all together, with all the information in one spot and it is a record label’s playland.

Listen, if you don’t hop on the wagon, then you are going to get rolled right over. No matter what you previously though about MySpace for musicians, forget about it. Life is too short to not take the easy road to success. Don’t be sitting around ten years from now wishing you would have just given it a shot. It is a fact that the record labels are frantically searching MySpace music for the next big thing. Get on there and be that next big thing!

Home Recording Studio Equipment

Is your band ready to make a recording? Are you looking for the ideal location that is centrally situated, easily accessible and offers you the best equipment at an affordable rate? Considering Recording studio London is your first choice.

While London can be chaotic, it is centrally situated so all your band members can get there on any of the major motorways. You will want a recording studio that is set in central London but still outside the congestion zone which is also easily accessible by public transport.

What’s more you want the use of a control room to record and monitor the band as you play. The aim is to get the best quality recordings in the shortest period of time and for this you need the right equipment, a choice of microphone options and an experienced engineer on hand to assist you when you need it.

The advantage of a recording studio in London is that they offer easy load parking facilities, are easily accessible by public transport and they are close to all the shops and restaurants so you can take a well-deserved break between sets.

Choose from various sized studios to rehearse in first to ensure your sound is up to scratch before recording. A six hundred square foot studio comes with a kitchen, shower and air-conditioning, while the one thousand square foot studio comes with handy storage areas and is ideally suited for larger groups.

You never know what can go wrong when recording and equipment breakdown is one of the most common ways to delay recording and require additional days booked and paid for. With equipment repairs on site, it’s easy and reliable. Companies in the same area offer priority repairs to musicians using the studios and get their repairs done quickly to enable you to get on with your recording session in the shortest period of time.

Of course there will be times when your equipment cannot be repaired quickly and you will be able to hire equipment directly from the studio, so your recording session can continue without delay.

All the studios are already equipped with backline amps, PA systems and microphones. Any additional equipment can be hired and placed in the studio before your arrival. The control room for recording is also fully equipped, all you need is your own instruments and if travelling on public transport, these can be hired and waiting for you to start straight away.

The biggest advantage is that there are storage cages available for overnight storage of your equipment, if you intend hiring the studio for a couple of days. This will give you peace of mind that your expensive equipment is safe and you can enjoy some fun time out in London when not recording without any worries.

The most important factors to take into consideration when considering a recording studio London is that they are easily accessible, central with good public transport access, outside the congestion zone and offer the equipment and studios you need to make your recording with ease.

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Online Music Making

Rock music is a popular from of music that is accompanied by instruments like drums, guitar and bass. Rock music in itself has many styles that were incorporated by musicians who loved this music. One can come across rock music where instruments like synthesizers, piano and organ is also used. Rock music began in the early fifties in United States and the United Kingdom and like all popular music has it own loyal fan following. Rock music was subsequently mixed with many other elements of music to give their own touch to rock music. Rock song subsequently over the years had many new genres added in its fold.

So in 1970s jazz was blended with rock to create jazz rock music, and then it was blended with folk music resulting in folk rock and later Latin, soul and funk music also had its influences on rock music at times. And so today we have different categories under rock music and any of the popular ones are heavy metal rock, progressive rock, blues rock, soft rock, punk rock and techno rock among others. In the 1980’s and 1990’s many new additional genres of rock music such as Brit pop rock, Indie rock, alternative rock, hard rock and grunge style rock were introduced. The United Kingdom is another country where rock country flourished and British rock is also as famous as American rock music all over the world.

One of the greatest rock music band The Beatles is from Britain and they are famous worldwide for their songs and rock music. Through 1970 Pink Floyd was the most influential band in the rock music scene. This group had four artists and all of them were from Britain. The kind of rock music that Pink Floyd was sang was known as psychedelic rock. The folk scene combined with rock gave the new term folk rock. Here all the traditional songs were combined with the instruments that were traditionally associated with rock music. This genre of music was pioneered by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. Some of the other popular rock folk rock music artists include Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and The Band.

Progressive rock is one genre of rock music which went beyond the established musical norms and was more experhymental in nature. Singers and musicians that were associated with this genre loved to experhyment with different types of instruments, beats, musical forms of type of songs. Bands that played progressive rock music borrowed elements from jazz, folk, electronic and classical music to experhyment with rock that turned out to be very successful. Some of the bands that were into singing progressive rock included Camel, Can, Barclay James Harvest, King Crimson, Magma and Yes among many others. Music be it of any kind rock music, house music, gospel music, folk music or country music each has its own touch and of course its own group of loyal followers.

Music Studio Software

Over the last few years a not-so-silent revolution has been taking place in the music industry. Advances in technology mean it is now possible for any body with a halfway decent computer to set up a home studio for under a thousand bucks, allowing Mr. Anybody to compose and record their own original music. The music making software is as complex to use as it is versatile, and without a doubt the learning curve for the beginner is steep. Nevertheless, once you learn how it works, it all becomes quite fascinating. One of the most desired music-making software packages called the Reason series.

Reason is a product of Propellerhead Software from Stockholm, Sweden’s. Its latest version, known as Reason 3.0, is priced in the range of USD400 – 450 (note: do not buy the pirated versions sometimes available on the online auction sites). Like other MIDI software, it is designed to be used together with a MIDI keyboard (which costs USD200 and up), although many of Reason’s functions are usable even without a keyboard. Reason is capable of producing almost any form of music, but is most desired for producing electronic dance music like trance and house. Propellerhead offers online support as well as upgrades and downloads.

In a nutshell, Reason is simply a CD-ROM virtual studio rack that takes a tune out of your head and records it. No, you can’t just plug it into your ear and download it, but all your hard work will be worth it once you hear your song on real life speakers. Reason comes with a very wide variety of effects and synths and includes all other features a composer might want in a music workstation.

User Reviews of Reason 3.0 are overwhelmingly positive, stressing ease of use and good customer support. Before you buy, however, do keep in mind that there are a number of good alternatives out there such as Cubase, etc.

Music Production Process

In either case, the more you know about the subject, the better your chances are of succeeding. Read on to discover useful information to help your business grow.

Great content is critical if you want a video to go viral. You can spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment and the latest technology, but it will all be for naught unless you use it to create interesting and exciting content. If your video offers people information that is valuable, they will watch it even if it is not of the highest quality. However, you should still have a video camera of decent quality.

Production value doesn’t have to be the most important part of your process. Spending a lot on your video does not necessarily result in a good return from your investment. A simple video can do as well as a fancy one.

Video marketing may be used for promoting new products to customers. People will gain more confidence if you give them a demonstration to show off how your product works. When they notice the product in action they connect with it, and are much more likely to order.

One of the most desired reasons for browsing the Internet is to locate information on how to accomplish one task or another. Producing tutorials for your products allows you to easily target your niche market. When they know you are an expert, they’ll come back for more.

You have a small window of time to get attention from viewers. The first 15-20 seconds of your video are crucial. You should use an unusual perspective or hook to draw them in for the duration of the video.

A popularly searched topic online these days involves how-to’s. Creating a “how-to” video will help increase exposure to your business by driving new traffic in your direction. Once they realize that you’re actually an expert on the topic, you’ll be looked to for more information.

Keep in mind that you are only human, and remember that it is okay to ask for some help. It may be very hard to brainstorm by yourself for a video. Use your staff and the people in your life that you trust to bounce ideas off. Do brainstorming with these people whenever you can so that you’re able to advertise more effectively.

Producing your video is important, but more work lies ahead! Additionally, you must do a good deal of promoting. If you can market your videos effectively, you will notice a necessary increase in your number of clickthroughs. Include quality information, but don’t be shy about letting others know what you have done.

Your videos should be short and filled with useful information. Online viewers usually have shorter attention spans. Try to keep a video shorter than 5 or so minutes if you don’t want people to start surfing for another video. It doesn’t matter how good your video is. If your viewers become distracted, then they will exit your video.

Use moderation within the comments of videos on popular websites, such as Youtube or Facebook. A lot of people will read comments before they watch, and if the comments are bad then they might abandon any effort to learn more about your business.

Music Production Company

Visual communication is a highly effective means of marketing. Several companies and firms worldwide use visual communication. This type of communication is very versatile with the Internet.

Visual communication is any form of video production used by a firm. This means different things for various types of industry areas. The industry drives which type of video production is the best.

The music industry focuses on using music video production techniques. Music videos are the primary ways this industry communicates. Music videos are used by artists to send a message through song.

This type of video production is very popular with musicians. A video production company provides this service to musicians. A video production company has experience in working with musicians.

Other industries also use visual communication as a marketing tool. Corporations and business firms are quickly adding video production. These firms use innovative corporate video techniques for many things.

Corporate video trainings are quite popular today with large firms. A corporate video training is posted on a certain website online. Employees must access this site periodically and complete training.

Corporate video training is very desirable as it is versatile. Employees can access the video production from any Internet device. Employees prefer this as it gives them more ease and freedom.

There are other opportunities for corporate video productions. Corporate video productions are used for client’s websites and firms. These videos can tell likely clients about the corporation’s work.

Video production is available through a video production company. A video production company has a good deal of experience at this. They have knowledge in recording sound and providing lighting.

Several firms believe it is easy to snap a quick video and post online. However, video production is a specialised type of industry. There are many things involved in producing videos and need expertise.

This is why one should hire an experienced video production company. These firms have qualified personnel to complete this type of work. Not only that, but working with a video production company is faster.

It is much faster because they’re experienced and knowledgeable. Firms work very closely with all clients for client satisfaction. The client’s wishes or visions are the starting point for production.

A company brings a lot of creativity while working with clients. There is constant communication between the company and client. This is very important to successful visual productions for marketing.

About Us

Coast Pictures is a company that specialises in visual communication. This is accomplished through various types of video productions. Coast Pictures has experience in music videos, corporate videos, commercials and more. This firm focuses on creativity of all video productions. Coast Pictures is a professional company with experience in various industries. To read more about Coast Pictures go to

Free Music Studio

People who earn their bread and butter in the entertainment world are greatly benefited from the use of the royalty free music library. The main advantage of using a royalty free music is that the users do not have to make any further payment for the repetitive use of the same track. Such a facility absolutely favors all and sundry but especially those who are making films or documentaries on a shoestring budget.

Lower cost is the main reason why the concept of royalty free music has caught attention of many in the entertainment world. Obviously the aggregate amount of multiple payments for the same track is significantly higher than a single fee. Of course, when one is using a score for the first time, he has to pay royalty fee for it. But it may so happen that he wants to use the same musical piece for many a project. Of course, he is allowed to do that and is not required to make any additional payment. Luckily there is many a music library where you can purchase the royalty free music.

Such a library is a great source of the samples of stock music. Often the budding musicians purchase the stock music from a music library rather than hiring an orchestra or a choir. If you hire any of these, you have to bear a huge amount of cost for rehearsal or recording. An do not forget about the whopping amount that you have to pay for using a studio. You can save all these costs simply by using a royalty free music from the music library. Apart from the upcoming artists, the renowned musicians often prefer to go for using the free music. Cost saving is not what they eye on, it is the time factor that is a great concern for them. Attending studio, rehearsing with the musicians for several days and finally going for recording consume a lot of their precious time. By using a music library and purchasing the royalty free music, they can surely save their valuable time and invest it into other projects.

Those who make documentaries have to finish their projects within a tight budget. They often earn no profit out of the paltry investment into a project. So it is very natural for them to seek options in order to minimize the cost. As music is a part and parcel of mostly all movie or documentary, so the facility of buying a royalty free music on offer by a music library can successfully meet the financial objectives of the filmmakers. As these libraries are the large storage of several kinds of music, so one may simply be spoiled for choice. The stored music are categorized in various sections to facilitate your search for the right piece. Moreover, the minimum price of a royalty free music that you purchase from a music library drags down the cost of your project to a significant extent.

Any creative professional can make a good use of a royalty free music library. The upcoming talents who need to showcase their creative quotients often get disheartened at the practice of cheating in the music industry. There are copycats who use the others’ creation without their prior permission. In that case, the original composers are deprived of both money and fame. Such a frustrating experience can be averted if they opt for music licensing and get their music placed in a music library.

Online Music Making

A music video is a video that accompanies a complete piece of music most a song. In present world music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device to promote the sale of music recordings. The popularity of music videos started only in 1980’s due to MTv (Music Television) Channel. music video, videotaped performance of a recorded popular song, usually accompanied by dance or a fragmentary story and sometimes employing concert footage. Download Music Video, Video Tapes, TV Shows, MTV Shows and Funny Music Videos

The concept of music video start in 1920s when Oskar Fischinger made short animated films to advertise Electrola Records’ new releases, making these films possibly the first music videos.

During times when experhymenting on filming real, actual events in 1929 Dziga Vertov the Russian film revolutionary made a 40 minutes film named Man with the Movie Camera. The film totally was backed by live orchestra music without any vocal. The film was highly regarded for setting principles of the documentary. Download Music Video, Video Tapes, TV Shows, MTV Shows and Funny Music Videos

In 1938 Alexander Nevsky film by Sergei Eisenstein’s (extended scenes of battle choreographed) has set new standards for the use of music in film . This film was also described as first music video.

Max Fleischer introduced Screen Songs which invited audiences to sing along to popular songs by “following the bouncing ball”. Early 1930s entries in the series featured popular musicians performing their hit songs on-camera in live-action segments during the cartoons.

The early animated efforts of Walt Disney, his Silly Symphonies, were built around music. The Warner Brothers cartoons, even today billed as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, were initially fashioned around specific songs from upcoming Warner Brothers musical films. Live action musical shorts, featuring such popular performers as Cab Calloway, were also distributed to theatres.

In 1940, for Panoram visual jukebox “Soundies ” were made which were another early form of music video (one-song films). Soundie made the music the star and virtually all the name jazz performers appeared in Soundie shorts. The Panoram jukebox with eight three-minute Soundies were popular in taverns and night spots, but the fad faded during World War II. In 1940, Walt Disney released Fantasia, an animated film based around famous pieces of classical music.

The Serpentine in Hyde Park, London and “Stranger in Paradise ” featured by Tony Bennett in 1956 which were distributed and played in US & UK television stations were claimed by Bennett to be the first music video.

In 1961 Ozzie Nelson filmed and edited the video of “Travelin’ Man” by his son Ricky Nelson. It featured images of various parts of the world mentioned in the Jerry Fuller song and Ricky singing. It is believed to be the very first rock video. The Exciters Tell Him” the pioneer of full-colour music video in 1962 greatly influenced the music viedo generation.

Modern music Video ‘The Beatles’ was first major motion picture, A Hard Day’s Night in 1964, directed by Richard Lester. This video set the basic visual vocabulary in today’s music videos influcing musicans, pop and rock group music videos. Following this Beatles filmed a short promotional films for their songs which were distributed for broadcast on television variety shows in U.S & other countries. Download Music Video, Video Tapes, TV Shows, MTV Shows and Funny Music Videos.

Home Music Studio

If consumers want to have home recording studio at home then should start learining about the recording techniques and also about home recording constructions. Consumers can record their own music in home recording studio with top-notch, delivering high quality results matching with their local pro studios. The home recording studio is quite beneficial for students and professional whoever wants to have careers inthe regarding fields. The home recording studio provides full and complete platform to the consumer to develop ones computer skills and audio skills.

There are many sites whoever are indulge in providing info about home recording studio such as . The has been the knowledge center for anyone interested in recording and mixing their own music CDs and MP3s in their own home recording studio, garage and basement throughout the years in the market. Not only this many consumers does want to have their own home recording studio not only tosave money but also to have more artistic control, and also to learn the music business. Consumers can avail important techniques from such as info on recording, mixing, equipment reviews, making own audio equipment and instruments, and much more.not only this also delivers the world-famous Mixmasters mailing list, where user can find other people to listen their music and swap recording and mixing tips.

The home recording studio set up at home helps the user to have the most enjoyment and value out of their digital or tape equipment. Not only this but also learn how to record music and CDs on their own computer . Consumers can build a home recording studio with the help of modern recording studio software. Consumers should learn certain important tips to know about the setup of home recording studio such as recording software such as Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase SX, and Apple Logic, a good studio microphone, a preamp, a MIDI interface, an audio interface, and as well as a pair of studio monitors. Not only this but if the consumer is having powerful computer at home then will required less effort for setting up home recording studio at home. Also consumers can take the help of sound recording advice which is a simplified guide on how to set up a home recording studio from the market. Now the trend of having home recording studio is seen in many parts of the world as showing the importance of home recording studio. Now consumers can take help of various sources for not only having home recording studio at home but also developing it as a profession.

Music Production

If music is a key ingredient, Ahmad Keyes and his company, Unlimited Sounds, wants to be involved. Composing, producing and marketing for artists in Atlanta are the main elements to his company. Producing music compositions and writing lyrics are credits Ahmad has on his music resume, and now in May, his company, Unlimited Sounds, will showcase five of Atlanta’s pop artists. Ahmad is excited that, “The artists will have a stage to give them a chance to shine.” In Atlanta, there’s not a shortage of talented singers, but artists mostly only get their chance at open mic sessions or talent searches to perform original material. On May 9th, they’ll get a chance to showcase themselves, along with their songs, to a crowd in a concert setting. This is important because, “When you watch an artist perform songs they are attached to, you get to view that emotion on their face. You get a chance to connect with them,” Ahmad states. “I’ve been able to listen to these artists and now, I couldn’t be more excited to give them a stage to showoff what they can do.”

Before starting Unlimited Sounds, Ahmad was writing songs whenever and for whoever he could, “I felt like the only way I could get started was to do anything I could get my hands on.” He has a vocal arrangement credit on the 2008 NAACP Outstanding World Music Album, Let Me Take You There by Cheryl Keyes. He has also done theme songs for an with their web browser radio show and any music for movies. As he put it, “100 MPH, that’s what I did, the problem was I had nothing to focus on, I tried to do everything.” He decided to take any time and think about what he wanted to achieve and how to get there. Then, he created Unlimited Sounds.

Unlimited Sounds is a music production company. It is designed to focus on 3 elements of the music industry: music composition, music production and marketing of music. “This is our three pronged approached,” Ahmad stated, “All three must exist for an artist to have longevity in their music career. Being strong in one element can lift the other two, and being weak in one can limit an artist.” Some of Unlimited Sounds’ music compositions will be featured with Gigmarketing Services, a marketing company that helps entertainers book shows at various venues through website building and social media marketing. “This partnership will only increase what Unlimited Sounds can offer artists. We can compose music (element 1), have a song via arranging or writing lyrics (element 2), and now launch a marketing plan to promote the artist (element 3).”

“These are exciting times here, yet I emphasize music composition will always be our number one focus,” Ahmad stated. In July, Unlimited Sounds will release Music Media Blast for television, movie, and radio music supervisors this summer. Music Media Blast will preview their music library with cinematic, dance, pop, and rock styles.

It’s no surprise to hear of a music company starting in the city of Atlanta. Many have started, gone away, and come back; few have an owner with such a hands-on approach and strong opinions on where he wants to take music.

Stay tuned

How To Be A Producer

Nowadays, when you rent a DVD to watch in the comfort of your home, you can mostly count on a Special Features” section, where the movie producer includes a back story” or making of the movie” featurette. This same back story” technique can easily be added to your wedding video to provide a fun, up close and personal” touch, in playful contrast to the formality of the wedding ceremony. And it doesn’t require any out of the ordinary time or effort.

The main focus of the back story should be pre-wedding, on-camera interviews with the bride and groom. The wedding rehearsal is a great opportunity for these interviews to be tape recorded.

Interview the bride and groom separately. They should not be allowed to listen to each other’s interviews. You need their comments to be an entertaining surprise when they view the finished video.

Conduct the interviews in a quiet space with adequate lighting. Make sure there are no harsh shadows and/or hot spots” on the person’s face or directly behind them.

If you are relying on the on-camera microphone for the interview, you will have to move the camera approximately 5-6 feet from the subject. Set your camera/tripod at eye level, and then zoom in or out to compose your shot.

Using a hand-held microphone, however, will give you the discretion to compose more complex shots by increasing your camera’s range and flexibilty.

Set up a slightly off-center, head shot wide enough to include their upper torso. Be sure not to cut off the top of their heads…or conversely, don’t have tons of empty space above their heads.

Once your shot is set up, resist the temptation to zoom in or out.

You will get better interview results by having the bride and groom direct their answers to you as you stand or sit off to the side of the camera. Try to be conversational so as to put them at ease.

The only time that they should look directly into the camera is when you ask them if they have anything they’d like to say to their fiance.

Here are any suggested interview questions:

You’re getting married tomorrow. How do you feel?”

When did you know that _________ was the ONE?”

How did you two meet?”

What are you expecting from the wedding tomorrow?”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your bride/groom tonight?”

You can also come up with your own questions. You are only limited by your imagination.

Before you begin rolling tape, it is very important to instruct the bride and groom to restate the question in their answer.

Example: Question:How did you two meet?” Answer: We met in a sociology class at the university…

Question: What are you expecting from the wedding tomorrow?” Answer: Tomorrow I’m expecting…

Explain to them that their answers need to be complete statements that makes sense all by themselves since the audience viewing the edited videotape will only hear their answer and not your question. Restating part of the question in their answer helps to avoid getting responses that don’t make any sense.

Also remember to keep your questions short. Short questions get long answers. Long questions get short answers. Don’t be afraid to ask them to elaborate on any point that seems incomplete.

At the end of the interview have them each look directly into the camera and blow a kiss, Next, have them pretend to catch a kiss,
looking into the camera. And, of course, don’t forget to tell them to, smile.”

Using this movie producer Special Feature” technique will not only make your wedding video unforgettable, but exciting and fun as well!

Production Of Music

The world of music is something that can soothe as well as pep up the mood of a person. No wonder music of diverse kinds has been a very vital and integral part of media and entertainment. Production music and music stings occupy a very conspicuous part of the entertainment industry. It is very true that any form of a video clip has an amplified impact upon the audience when an appropriate piece of music is incorporated into it. Consequently, the demand for music has been considered invaluable since time immemorial. These music bits are basically produced by music libraries that also own the possession rights of the music piece.
The music stings are mostly sold to be used in the television, films, radio and so on. These libraries possess complete rights of the music that they own. As a result, they are free to license any music piece to the customer without worrying about acquiring the consent of the composer. The easy access to a plethora of music bits makes such libraries as the finest option for licensing the music. You’re not only getting to pick from a wide assortment of music but also do not need to shovel out huge chunks of money on the same.
The myriad genre of music available in the libraries of production music and music stings helps customers choose something that suits their requirements completely. Usually such experts of music play a necessary role in the television as well radio. The advertisements played on these media require easy access on music pieces that are apt for various jingles and logos. This kind of jingle music helps in establishing an audio-visual impact on the listeners and the audience in relation to the brand name. Whether it is a product or the publicity of the channel itself, musical stings can do wonders in grabbing the attention of the people.
The music transitions generally from the music bits that take forward one segment of the video to another. Linking two segments of a video or show is mostly done with such excerpts of music. These kinds and many more varieties of music bits exist in the libraries. Production music and music stings provided by the library mostly functions on two diverse streams of revenue. When the library provides a piece of music as video music, for jingle, etc. it is paid the revenue directly. Although it is not mandatory at all, there are certain production music libraries that provide a share of the amount to the composer.
On the other hand, performance cost is the sum of money received by the library if the music is being performed publicly. The nature and repetition pattern of the music bit determines the cost that can be charged by the library. Production music and music stings undoubtedly forms a major industry on which the entertainment and advertising business is reliant upon. It is evident from the boom in the emergence and growth of such libraries, how well the industry is doing in the market.

Music Maker Software

There are soft wares which are capable of playing on hold messages and music player on telephone. The software mixes and plays messages and music that will play to callers while they’re on-hold or being transferred. The benefits of using a computer are automation of the system like for example date sensitive messages and good user control applications. For more detail go to: By using on hold software we get complete control over messages. Also one can have access to state of the art features that have never been available on hold before. In case a studio produces the messages then the presentation may be updated over the Internet also. The software may be installed on any Windows machine. This connects the computer’s sound out socket to the music on hold port on the office’s phone system. The software mixes and plays messages on hold using the computer’s idle time. Another benefit is that no special hardware is needed and one can continue to use the machine as normal. If the owner has a windows machine in the office then the soft wares available in the market are most affordable way of playing on hold messages to the callers when they’re on hold or being transferred among different departments. The features of these software’s are that they’re real time mixing of on hold messages and music to create an endless presentation. Also they’re capable of message scheduling to commence and expire on certain dates and to play only on certain days of the week or times of day. The software’s are fully digital audio ensuring that your messages sound good, are clear and are easy to listen to. They offer almost unlimited message and music capacity. The state of the art of fuzzy logic formula achieves the optimal message on hold rotation rate. For more detail go to: direct user can easily have control over messages and message time table. The software are capable of being used with professionally recorded messages sent to the user by a studio by email or by compact disc or through automatic online updates through internet. The messages which we need to be played when caller is kept on hold can also be recorded directly on computer by plugging in a microphone. The voice may be synthesized to speech from text by use of voice synthesizer. The music on hold software is capable of working well with all the telephone systems like the intercom systems etc. Also with message or music on hold feature the software’s, and can also work directly with voice over net protocol phones used in the business. The software for music on hold come packaged with music and professionally recorded general messages. If the software has been downloaded once the downloaded file automatically setups the software.

How To Start Music Production

If you are wanting in producing any hardcore and unique Dubstep tracks, here are any useful dupstep production tips that will provide you with the opportunity to produce good music in such a way that you can gain a competitive edge over your fellow musicians.

The important thing to remember here is that most of the DJs look similar with their predecessors, from whom they gained the inspiration to enter into this field. It is good that you can gain inspiration from the popular artists, but you should never sound like them and there should be any uniqueness in your content in such a way that music enthusiasts can easily identify you.

The more you listen to the past works of many artists, the better you’ll get the opportunity to create excellent rhythms. There are websites providing Dubstep music downloads and you can get the creations of good Dubstep artists from these websites and can listen to them as many times as possible. But, when you engage in the creation process, you should ensure that your creation should not in any way similar to the ones that you listened to earlier.

In addition to providing the facility of Dubstep music downloads, any of these websites also provide the opportunity for their visitors to listen to the album for a few minutes online itself so that they can decide whether the particular album is impressive for them before downloading.
It is not essential that when you are planning to become a Dubstep artist, you should listen to Dubstep songs alone, you can also go for progressive house music streaming to listen to the creations under the genre of home music. This will also provide you the opportunity to gain inspiration from albums under different genres and you can finally set to start your own creation.

Playing with time is essential when you begin to create your own album. This will give you the opportunity to identify the bars you’ve in a measure and it will also restrict the amount of notes that might be played with each measure. In this process, do not forget to read any music theories and this will be of good help in creating ear-soothing rhythms.

As mentioned earlier, progressive house music streaming can also be helpful and the more you listen, the more perfection and knowledge you can gain. So, do an world-wide-web search for finding a reliable website in this respect and start your first step towards becoming an artist.

All my hip hop heads make any noise for this latest release by industry veterans DJ Whoo Kid and LL Cool J for their latest release All Night Long which was first announced by Russel Simmons on Shade 45. LL still has it and is living up to his name with the follow up to his Main Chick remix with Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga., doing work on this sexy chopped vocals instrumental. Ladies you are going to be feeling this one, and fellas it is okay to feel like a G listening to this one. LL is OG certified, and DJ Whoo is a legend, which makes this track a must listen!

What Is Music Producer

Independent artists and other players in the music industry must have somewhere to go to, not just to gain information about the world that they belong but also to be heard. Belonging to an organization that would cater to their interests will help them keep track on the field where they belong.

Fortunately, there is Music Biz, a community site that concerns itself with the music industry in general. It is distinct from other music sites because it is not necessarily all news, gossips, reviews and promotions although it also has that composition. Rather it is typically a community site where independent artists can learn from0 insider’s opinions and analysis about certain issues and situation going on in the music business. Independent artists learn from them through their written articles presented in the editorials which are the main component of Music Biz. In the same way, independent artists can also contribute articles with the same theme. Article contribution should follow certain standards set by Music Biz so that all articles are reliable and impose certain credibility.

Aside from editorials, Music Biz does have news and feature articles. The news is basically taken as a link to the original site where the news came from. Independent artists can get the news by clicking the title and new window will open from where the news originated. The news in Music Biz is up to date and comes from different sources. Feature articles, on the other hand, are articles contributed to the members of the Music Biz. Feature articles are another interesting piece that independent artists can get from Music Biz.

Articles in Music Biz readily are seen and might be read immediately. But what’s more interesting is that independent artists and other music enthusiasts can interact within the site. The interaction might be in a form of forum or reviews. Once a member, they can participate in a forum that are categorized into five topics namely Welcome Mat or forums for beginners; The Block, forums for general discussions; Producer Central, area where producers do their interaction and exchange of ideas; Musician’s Corner, where all independent artists and other musicians had their forums; and Legal Briefs, where topics on contracts, business and law are discussed in particular. Visitors can manage which forums will capture their interest best because of the categories for the subjects. Aside from forums, independent artists, or visitors for that matter, can read reviews on certain subjects like albums, artists, movies and other related topics.

Music Biz is also an affiliate of by selling CDs and DVDs. Music Biz offers these items with the specified price so that visitors can readily shop on these items while in Music Biz.

Independent artists, music enthusiast and mere web surfers can get information about the music industry in Music Biz. Music Biz is not a mere social community site but is rather informative, creative, and innovative for the independent artists and musicians whoever need to make it right and well in the music industry.

Free Music Studio

Musicians, FREE YOUR MUSIC!!! This means really and figuratively. Modern copyright laws and DRM (Digital Rights Management) bind the artist more than ever. Free music means not only offering digital music free of charge and unrestricted from duplication in non-commercial forms. However, if listeners derive pleasure from the music, they should always be encouraged to donate to the artist. But of course, if the music is being used in a commercial form (remix or sync context), there should be a mechanism in place to compensate the artist BUT, these situations should be encouraged by the labels.

The Album format is dead. There was a measurement of time before the advent of the internet. However, at the current rate of innovation, time is an even more precious commodity as attention spans shorten. The past practice of one album release by an artist all 2 years is suicide for any indie. Personally, I’d advocate a 2-3 song release all 4-6 months. This puts the artist in closer contact with their fans because of its greater frequency. It reduces expenses for the artist experhymenting in a particular musical direction. If the new sound is rejected by fans, there’s not as much time and money wasted. There’s greater freedom to experhyment with new themes, sounds, styles without much significant investment. Plus more frequent releases provide a better picture of an artist’s musical growth over time. With more ala carte download services coming online, the 10-12 song album format is becoming irrelevant. Although I don’t like the bigger emphasis on “singles” the breakdown of traditional formats is a step in the right direction. However, artists should still be encouraged to put out “bodies of art” or “clusters” of material.

CDs are also dead. MP3 players, especially the IPod, are now the player of choice for the most important demographic and as such, digital music is king. Owning music is over and so should buying it be.

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants. No style, song or singer ever developed in vacuum. All music is the product of absolutely everything else before it. Things must be borrowed in order to create something new. We encourage and promote derivative works made from our releases. Whether it’s a guitar lick, a vocal hook or a remix version of a complete song, new art from old keeps the art alive. If these are done in the name of creation and development, there should be NO restriction. But, if the “adaptor” receives compensation for the new work, then the “adaptee” should, in part, be compensated for their contribution.

People, make ake money where the money is! Music fans are the lifeblood of the art. But, for too long they’ve been preyed upon as the sustainers of the music industry because the music had become “the product”. However, if you remove the music as a thing and think of it as more of a marketing device, you empower the artist and simplify the business plan. The small money is in live performance and merchandising. The BIG money is in sync licensing and strategic partnerships. Envision a record label as more of a strategic partnership between artists to create more value for themselves because of the collective catalog. In having one unified point of purchase, the catalog increases in value because of its proximity to teach other. This concept is almost like a music “co-op”.

What is even more liberating about this concept is that artists can be encourage to adopt a B2B mindset when it comes to servicing their “business” clients in the form of licensing while offering consumer music free of charge.

Here’s how this free music” scenario may turn out for one artist.

In speaking with my friend the songwriter, we discussed the success of his last album selling it off the stage at shows. Although he loves to play gigs, he has primarily done in order to connect with more new fans and sell cds to sustain his career. With that said, the numbers fell like this:

$1000 – studio time $1500 – cd replication and printing

His album has been out for 3 years and he has sold 600 copies at $10 apiece out of an original pressing of 1000 units.

So this album, so far has made a net profit of $6000 MINUS the $2500 in costs for a grand total of $3500.

I put it to him like this – if we take a modest number of internet listeners – for sake of argument we’ll say 5000. Let’s say that only 14% of those listeners chose to pay only half the suggested price for his new cd according to the SPEAK philosophy. That means that only 700 of those 5000 new listeners chose to pay $5 for music that they loved which made the artist the same $3500 he made on his last album.

But now his music has 5000 NEW FANS and a monster mailing list on which he can market his merchandise, his fan club, his tour and his future albums. Since he knows these people already dug his music, logic would dictate that he will get a greater return percentage on his next album – maybe 25% will then pay that same $5 next time around!

Also, there is something else to be noted here: since SPEAK encourages listeners to copy this music and distribute it to their friends (encourage send to a friend section – incentive) there’s even more people listening!

Here’s a further break-even scenario using the SPEAK method using this artists same timeframe:

5000 users over 3 years = 139 downloads per month 14% purchase rate each month over 3 years = $97.22 how many people need to buy this album at $5 apiece? Just 19

(According to other data, this number has been as high as $9 per release!)

Now this is all just to achieve the same monetary result. Apply your own release numbers to this scenario and discover what you can do with your album based on these modest estimates.


Audio Production Studio

Audio production and engineering is offered in various audio engineering, music and recording schools all around the world. The experts and professional teachers impart intensive theory classes and give hands-on training in their classrooms and recording studios. The students are taught about concepts, skills and techniques regarding the exchange of ideas and research. Besides this, different audio aspects like beats, grooves, loops and music are also explained.

And so today an Audio Production and Engineering covers a plethora of fields and courses that targets to specific field. These include psychoacoustics, room acoustics and sound proofing principles of audio design, critical listening, forensic audio, audio equipment and system operations, sound design considerations, creative processing, working with digital audio workstations, audio sweetening (enhancement, restoration and mastering), portfolio creation, sound mixing & creative considerations and sound designing for visual and aural productions.

Now in order to sharpen your skills in the field of audio production and engineering, joining any of the accredited audio production and engineering schools can help you a lot in understanding the workings of sound and music recording technology. As a student, you will be exposed to a real world theoretical knowledge and applications, critical listening skills, aesthetics and issues of audio, music and sound. Once you complete the program, you will also be able to learn how to address, legal, and financial principles, promotions, publishing artist development and management and copyright information.

The specific programs in audio production careers may include Aesthetics of Music, Audio Consoles, Acoustics Music Industry, Computer and Sound Design Studio, Production Techniques, Electro-Techniques, Post Production, Signal Processing, Recording Techniques and Sound Reinforcement.There are many career options in Audio Production and engineering. Adding to this, any of the major careers that you can consider in this audio production and engineering field are:

  • Studio Sound Engineer: A studio sound engineer looks after the audio recordings inside the studio and even takes care of the microphone setups, audio restorations, rewiring setups, MIDI setups. He is the key personnel responsible for positioning of acoustical instruments or acoustical voices, mixing and mastering of sound by technical means. A sound engineer also looks after the final product under the required specifications.
  • Mastering Engineer: A mastering engineer is other key personnel responsible for performing the final editing of a product. The key point to note is that a mastering engineer must have a complete knowledge of audio engineering.
  • Live Sound Engineer: A live sound engineer is responsible for balancing sound and voice of instruments. At times, we find any instruments are louder than others. In such situations, it is the prhyme role of live sound engineer to take care of these factors and further coax the right sound out of a situation. A live sound engineer is very significant for live band performances. Good knowledge of electronics and acoustics along with the collaborative talent of an artist to work with a band is an important prerequisite of a live sound engineer.

No matter what role you play, you could be the very important professional working in the audio production of different television shows or films. However, what matters is attaining a good training and education. Attending an accredited audio production and engineering school is inevitable if you’re one of those who wants to learn the tricks of the trade and need to incorporate the latest and advanced technologies in audio production. Proper training can surely help in sharpening the skills required in the field of audio production and engineering.