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An audio book is something that many people find very useful. It is always nice to be able to read a book, but sometimes we simply do not have the time, or we find out that we aren’t reading at the right level to actually enjoy a book that we want to read. In these situations, audio books are excellent ways to keep up with your reading. However, they may be very expensive to buy.

Easy to Find

So, are you tired of running around trying to find audio books at your local bookstore and ending up finding them for much more than you’re willing to pay? Luckily, because of online retailers, you can buy discount audio books for much less than you would pay in stores.

If you check out material from the library, due dates always loom over your head and you may end up paying late fees or even the price of the book if you lose or damage it. With your own audio books, you can listen to them at leisure again and again.

Times to Use

Even if you do not think you’d listen to an audio book, chances are good that you’d find the time. First of all, have you ever thought of all the time that you spend driving? There are often long periods of time where you’ve nothing to do but listen to the radio. If you’re listening to audio book you’re actually going to be keeping up on your reading and enjoying new books, and you aren’t going to have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Also, audio books come in very handy when you’re working with people who might not have a very high reading level. Commonly, in literacy programs and in other programs, people want to learn how to read. However, when they’re in the early stages and aren’t able to read much, they’re bored with the literature that’s made for beginning readers. Audiobooks can help these people by providing them with reading help. They can follow along as the book is read and learn more than ever about reading.

Learn more about discount audio books and to find out how you can incorporate them into your lives. You are going to find that discount audio books are a great way to keep up with your reading and not miss out on what those with extra time on their hands are able to read. You’ll be able to read while still getting on with your life.

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Companies issue stocks to raise capital for expansion, equipment and other projects. Stocks have been a very popular form of investment for years. Each share of a stock a person owns represents a small ownership of the company.

Stock values fluctuate based on the fortunes of the company. When the company is doing well the stock price will increase, at this time the investor can sell their stock to capture the profit or they can continue to hold it in hopes of greater profits in the future. Some companies will pay dividends on stocks; dividends are a small share of the profit per each share of stock.

To purchase and sell stocks you must use a broker and go through one of the stock exchanges. In the US there are two exchanges, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ). Some very big companies may have stocks on multiple exchanges but most companies will sell their stocks on one or the other.

Until recently the stock market was seen as a long-term investment strategy. Most portfolios would have a big number of “Blue Chip” stocks. These are stocks that have proven their value over a long period of time. Also with the addition of world wide web trading we’re seeing what’s typically known as day trading. Day traders attempt to take advantage of the daily fluctuations in the market by making multiple trades during the day. This is a fairly high-risk method of investment and is further hindered by the big number of commissions charged for each transaction.

In any cases stocks can be purchased on margin. In the stock exchange your margin rates are mostly about 50%, which means you need half the cost of the stock to be able to purchase it.


The FOREX exchange is significantly different than the stock exchange. On the FOREX exchange almost all trades are short-term trades, in fact a trader may only hold a currency for a few minutes before moving it again. Since there are no brokers fees in the FOREX exchange you can make numerous trades in one day without racking up big commission fees.

Also with over $1. 5 trillion in trades all day the FOREX exchange is the largest financial market in the world. To put this in perspective all of the American stock markets combined only handle about $100 billion worth of trades a day. This huge volume causes the FOREX exchange to be the most fluid market in the world. Because so much of the world economy is dependent on moving currency from country to country there’s always a buyer and a seller for all currency combination. The stock market on the other hand isn’t nearly as liquid, you may not always find a buyer for the stock you need to sell or a seller for the stock you need to buy.

The FOREX market isn’t located in a single place but is worldwide. Due to time zone changes the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Stock exchanges are normally only open for 7 hours a day, you can not purchase or sell a stock if the exchange that it is listed on is closed at the time.

FOREX is more predictable than the stock market as well. It follows well-defined patterns, you can also leverage superior in FOREX than the stock market. Margin accounts in FOREX run as high as 100:1 which means you only need $1 to purchase $100 worth of currency.

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Downloading a free Ipod tune is not difficult, and it is quite a surprise that there aren’t more people who do this. Despite its simplicity, a lot of people are still under the illusion that it is all done form illegal download sites, and that they will have to break the law to get their tunes. It really is not like that.

Download Free Ipod Tune-What to avoid-1

Avoid the possibility of viruses! You may have noticed that if you try to download from P2P sites, you often don’t end up with the file you asked for? It will have the file name you asked for, but when you open it you find id nothing like what it was supposed to be. The reason for this is that the site is spreading computer viruses and spyware. Computer hackers have found a very easy way to get their malware onto thousands of computers, by uploading an infected file, and naming it after something in demand. If you are searching for free downloads, you would be well advised to avoid P2P sites completely.

Download Free Ipod Tune-What to avoid-2

Don’t do anything illegal! A lot of sites offering downloads get shut down because they are operating illegally. A lot of the time the people downloading the files are breaking the law, and don’t even know it. It has now become very dangerous, as it is getting ever easier for governments to be able to track peoples’ downloads, and for record companies to prosecute. As you probably don’t need to end up in prison for downloading the latest Beyonce track, you will need to steer well clear of these sites!

Download Free Ipod Tune-What to avoid-3

Sites you cannot trust. You are probably quite used to putting something like “download free Ipod tune” into a search engine, and then finding out that all of the sites you find are full of rubbish like popup ads. Everything seems to have the ad with the buzzing fly sound as well, which is just about as annoying as it gets. It is a very good idea to learn to avoid and boycott any site which has no respect for the visitor. Would shops like Wal Mart prosper if they used these kind of super annoying tactics?

One piece of good news is the recent emergence of sites which are moving away from this trend of being unreliable and illegal. As I mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to get free ipod tune downloads provided you go to the right site and know what you are doing. There are sites now which are managed well with good organisation. They’ve cut out all of the viruses and popups, and just give you the music downloads you want, at high download speed. The one small snag is that sites like this cannot be kept online without some sort of charge. They have to charge a one off membership fee which is mostly between $20 and $50. Once you have paid this fee you get full access to all of the downloads. These sites typically have large databases of videos and games as well as a huge amount of music, and the downloads are a lot quicker than with P2P sites. You can find a page showing you the best sites like this on the web, by clicking the links below.

Hopefully this article will have shown you the perils of downloading free Ipod tunes. If you found this useful or interesting to you why not send it to a friend by using the link on the top right?

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Now that you have an iPod that is fully loaded with your prized music you can take it with you where ever you go. That is the beauty of an iPod small and very potable. With an iPod you can listen to your tunes while working out at the gym, working in the yard, or taking a walk.

How about listening to your iPod in the car? Listening to your iPod while driving using a head set can lead to a dangerous situation. With your prized song cranked up you will not be able to hear anything around you.

Are there iPod car accessories that will allow you to safely listen to your tunes in your car? Yes there are, two such iPod car accessories are the car mount and the FM transmitter and car dock.

Car Mount

An iPod car mount is an adjustable iPod holder that firmly attaches to the louvers of the vents located on the dashboard. This holder is easily removed which allows for the user to reposition the device. In addition, because of the mobility that this device offers, this iPod car accessory can be transferred to other vehicles. Also, because the device is attached to the vent, there is no need for installation tools or damage to be done to the interior of the vehicle.

In addition to being easy to use, minimize the distraction element for the driver. The iPod car mount will securely hold the iPod and prevent the device from falling. Also, the iPod display will be close to eye level which will aid the user in viewing the screen.

Some of the new high end cars now offer a built in car dock for your iPod. The car dock is integrated with the car’s audio system so that when an iPod is docked it will play the songs from the iPod. What if I don’t own a car that has an integrated iPod dock? Not a problem, consider the FM transmitter and car dock.

FM Transmitter and Car Dock

The FM transmitter car dock plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter. The car dock has a slot that fits into the iPod’s data connector. While connected the car dock will charge the iPod. The car dock mounts on your dashboard or center console. The car dock holds your iPod securely in place so that the iPod will not slide across the seat when making a sharp turn.

The car dock also connects to the iPod’s headphone jack. The dock contains a mini FM transmitter. The FM transmitter can be adjusted as to which ‘station’ it will broadcast on. Before you head out on your trip, find an empty FM station on your radio and then adjust the FM transmitter to broadcast on that frequency. Tune your car radio to the same frequency and you are now able to listen to your tunes that are stored on your iPod.

What good is having an iPod if you cannot listen to your music whenever and where ever you go? With these iPod car accessories you can safely listen to your music while driving in your car.

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Sell Your Used Discount Car Audio Items Online

When you decide to sell your car after having a new audio system installed in it, any sellers decide to remove the system and put the factory version back into the car before selling it. When you do this, you can generally sell the car faster. The question of what to do with the audio you took out can be left unanswered. Without a doubt, one of the best things to do is to sell your things to people online as discount car audio. There are several options when it comes to how and where to sell your things online. Take a look at these options and get paid for that used audio equipment you no longer need.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are one of the easiest ways to sell anything online. Most you must do is list your item for the lowest price you would accept and let the software do the rest for you. These selling platforms have become more and more popular lately and can help you get the most from your items. You can try any of them, but one should understand that if someone wins your bid on your item and pays for it, then you are obligated to ship it to them. The great thing is that the buyer is required to pay shipping as well for any things you sell, unless you note otherwise.

Local Classifieds Online

If you are wanting in trying to sell your things online but would rather keep the buyers to the locals in your area, try local classifieds online. The truth is that more people are looking online for things to purchase than they are in the newspaper that is delivered to their home. Adding your classified to the online sites is the best way to reach the most people in the least amount of time. Several online classified sites are free; so take advantage of these great selling arenas.

When selling your discount car audio online, you should choose a selling arena that works best for you. If you would rather not have people call you at home, an online auction forum may be best. If you would rather not have to worry about shipping something and want to only offer pickup for anything sold, online local classifieds will be the place to start. No matter which one you choose, you will likely be very satisfied with your selling experience.

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So, are you satisfied with your performance? Your car’s performance, that is? If you’re not or if you have wondered how you can crank more power out of your engine, then I have some good news for you: you can do it with an engine tuning programmer. Yes, in minutes you can turn your ordinary passenger car into a road warrior without having to pop the hood or by removing the dashboard. It is a quick, easy, and fantastic way to unleash more power from your car’s engine.

The aftermarket parts industry is constantly coming up with everything you need to enhance your vehicle’s look as well as its improve performance. On the performance side of things custom air filters, cold air intakes, and exhaust systems are much sought after options for car enthusiasts. In addition, performance chips are being installed by owners whoever desire to turn their ordinary cars into something extraordinary.

While performance chips are a great way to increase torque and bang out more horsepower, they’re invasive. This means you must either pop the hood or remove the dashboard to locate your current chip, swap it out, and replace it with the new one. Fortunately, technicians have invented tuning modules that work by simply hooking it into your under dash diagnostic connector. Once you’re “wired” all you will need to do is answer a series of yes/no questions and the programmer does the rest. When you’re done, you can disconnect the programmer and enjoy your now potent vehicle.

Power programmers, including those developed by Hypertech, fit right into the palm of your hand. Each programmer is custom developed for your make/model, so you must specify the vehicle you own or it will not work for you. Popular vehicles that can benefit from tuning programmer include: the Dodge Ram; Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, and Gran Cherokee; the Ford “F” series pick ups and Mustang; and several GM models including the Corvette, Firebird, Camaro, and many full size pick up trucks.

There are several benefits in using a power programmer, including:

–Increased horsepower

–Increased torque

–Increased fuel economy – yes, an efficiently tuned engine gets the best fuel mileage.

–Optimized tuning – tune for 87 octane or 91 octane fuel.

No you do not have to be mechanic or a computer programmer to work with a power tuner. Everything you need is stored right inside your little hand held device. What’s more, if you decide that you want to return your car to its OEM specifications, you can do that in mere moments. Try swapping out a performance chip that quickly!

Of course, power tuners aren’t for everyone. If you’re satisfied with the status quo or aren’t looking to get the edge while driving, then you’re likely to pass on the experience. For everyone else, a power tuner is an affordable and non invasive way to turn an ordinary passenger car into a true road rocket.

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There are many ways to enjoy a great evening out with friends. Eating at a restaurant, enjoying live music, seeing a film, or taking in a show at a local theature can all be great ways to spend time. More fun than all of those things can be gathering some of your craziest friends and heading down to place that offers karaoke to its patrons.

Karaoke is a fun activity for people of all ages. Children and youth can enjoy karaoke in family-friendly restaurants. They will love choosing familiar songs and standing up in front of crowds to perform. Parents will love watching their kids laugh and sing. In many ways, something as simple as karaoke can be a great way to promote self-esteem and confidence in children. They get practice being in front of people and risking on an activity that they are probably unfamiliar with. Karaoke is a low-pressure way for kids to learn to express themselves and to have fun in the presence of other people.

Teens and young adults will love karaoke as well. They will feel almost like adults when they are out for an evening enjoying good food, the company of friends, and the laughter that karaoke inspires. Parents can be assured that their children are out participating in safe activities and that they are having harmless fun. Karaoke can be a great way for teens to continue to develop confidence and self-esteem as they try new things in front of people. There is no better time than during the teenage years to experhyment and be silly.

College students and adults might be surprised to discover how fun karaoke is for them and their peers. After a stressful week of classes or work, doing karaoke with friends can be a great way to relax and unwind. Few things are as healing as time spent laughing, and few events provoke as much laughter as karaoke.

A great thing about karaoke is that you do not always have to go out looking for it to be offered at restaurants or bars. Most towns and cities have places where karaoke machines can be rented. So when you are planning a party of any kind, you can rent a karaoke machine and bring all the laughter and fun to your home. Surprise all of your guests with a karaoke competition and award prizes for the best singers. You will have your friends laughing and keep your guests entertained for hours on end.

So, whether you are bored next Friday night or whether you are throwing the party of the season, don’t forget to try karaoke.

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In the ongoing AOL sweepstakes, it appears MSN may be the winner over Google. So, what will it mean for all three companies?

AOL On the Block?

As you may know, the AOL unit at Time Warner has been thrashing around for the last year while trying to find a way to remain relevant. The problem for AOL, of course, is the continually decreasing use of dial-up modems as a method for accessing the Internet. Depending on the study you look act, dial-up modem access now accounts for approximately 40 percent of all Internet users. This number is consistently dropping as DSL and cable Internet access systems become more popular. The resulting struggles at AOL are having an interesting impact on the search engine wars.

Google and MSN are trying to position themselves to dominate online search. The situation boils down as follows: Google is the king, MSN wants to be it. This situation takes on particularly interesting impact when one considers that Google now supplies ads and search results to AOL. In doing so, Google derives roughly 10 percent of its revenues from the AOL relationship.

In the summer of 2005, rumors started that AOL was for sale. MSN and Google were apparent buyers. The only problem was both companies realized AOL was a good short term play, but a terrible long term one given the death of dial-up modem systems. So whoever would buy AOL and how much would they be willing to pay? Would Google let MSN swipe 10 percent of its business? If so, how high could Google drive up the price of AOL for MSN?

Google Makes Major Mistake

If rumors are to be believed, MSN and Time Warner have reached a deal on the AOL platform. So, how much will MSN pay Time Warner for AOL?

Nothing. Not one penny.

By the end of December 2005, MSN and Time Warner are expected to announce a partnership wherein the two companies will intertwine their Internet units and pursue joint advertising efforts. In turn, Google will be kicked off all AOL listings, to be replaced by MSN or some AOL-MSN mix of search results and advertisements.

The executives at Google are making a major mistake, a critical blunder. Google will lose 10 percent of its business to MSN without MSN being required to expend any resources for the business. The Google Adwords program, the primary revenue source for Google, will no longer be on AOL. Surely Google could have come up with something more enticing to AOL or at least forced MSN to pay some serious cash for the acquisition. Instead, it failed on both accounts.

Google is a good search engine, but this is just one in a number of business mistakes made by the Internet giant. How could it lose 10 percent of its business without making MSN purchase it? If MSN pulls this off, one will wonder whoever is at the controls at Google and what they could possibly be thinking.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to buy something, use it at your own leisure, and then just be able to put it away without having to worry about it. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but things just don’t work that way. Lets say you buy a vehicle. You’re going to have to maintain it to any degree whether it be oil changes, tune ups,or whatever. If you purchase a dog, it will need to be fed and housebroken, and when you own a guitar, there are things that need to be done so that you don’t look like a fool when your jamming your most treasured riffs. You will soon realize that you must tune your guitar on a regular basis. As much as we would often skip this step, my professional opinion would be not to.

There is a standard, as there always seems to be, involved in a guitar tuning and it is conveniently labeled the standard guitar tuning method. The standard involves tuning the strings from the thickest to the thinnest. The order should be E, A, D, G, B, E. This method is the easiest methods because it is the easiest for tuning the most amounts of scales and chords. The way to start this method is with the E string. The E string is the thickest, and the least likely to fall short of tuning. The A string is the next string that you should tune. The way to adjust the A string is to place your finger on the fret, pick the fifth and sixth strings while adjusting the fifth string tuning peg until the two notes sound the same. The D string comes next in line. The way to find the proper D string note is to find the A string that is located just behind the fifth fret. You then turn the fourth string to that note. Tune your G string to the note that rings when you put the first finger on your left hand just behind the fifth fret. The B string should sound like when your first finger of your left hand is placed behind the forth fret. You should recognize that the tuning of the B string is the only one in the method that uses the fourth fret and not the fifth. Last is the E string which is where you place the first finger of, you guessed it, your left hand behind the fifth fret on the B string.

There are other ways you can tune your guitar, but they can get more complicated. You can use an online guitar tuner. You can customize these tuners or you can use the standard method in order to hear how the note is supposed to sound. There are many sites that you can visit in order to find an online tuner, but when you find a site that you like, you should bookmark it in your favorites so that you can easily find it the next time.

If you don’t have a keen ear attuned to different pitches, you might need to invest in an electric tuner. With this device you can look at a tuning monitor to notice how off-tune each string on your guitar is. Then, by following the needle on the display, you can tune each string on your guitar according to the reading being given. Even if you do have a trained ear, electric tuners can come in handy if you’re trying to tune your equipment just before a gig. Noises and other distractions can keep your ear from creating just the right sound on your guitar strings.

Other methods for tuning a guitar aren’t as easy as the ones already described. Piano tones can be used to tune the strings on your guitar. However, if your ear is not trained to tuning this way, it probably will not help much, plus you need access to a piano. You can also tune your guitar by using octaves or harmonies, but these methods are commonly for musicians whoever have been tuning their strings for many, many years. If you’re just a beginner, it is best to go with the easier methods that do not require as much skill and

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There is a saying that winning and losing are two sides of a coin. Most of us would often be a winner in all our endeavors, but unfortunately very few of us succeed. But there are some people whoever always turn out to winners. Most of us know someone whoever always is a winner.
Whatever they do, anything they attempt, they meet with success. Be it business, playing a game of cards, finding a date or even if they were to enter the Olympics…hey presto! They are the winners. You know certainly that they’ll win against the odds and find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its like they just wouldn’t accept anything but victory. Most we do is admire them and wonder how they do it time after time.
Have you ever wondered why winners always win and losers always lose? Perhaps you would often be let into their little secret. Winners EXPECT only winning. That’s the catch! Sounds simmering simple. Well it is.
Now pause and take a minute to think…. a winner foresees his success. He knows he’s the one who’ll win. He has tuned his mind to win. Most of you’ve run a race sometime or the other in your lives. What was your mindset before the race? Did you think you’d win before you ran the race or did you contemplate winning only when you were in the race? Perhaps you hadn’t even thought positively and had already seen yourself as a loser.
Whether they are dealing in real estate or buying a car or just about anything, a winner EXPECTS to get exactly what he wants. Even for the Olympics, you bet they’d bag the gold hands down. And they do. And sometimes they do it against all odds. It is this EXPECTATION that makes one a winner, scoring over the rest. There are many athletes whoever have won against all odds. If we just look around us we can see people whoever win all the time.
Do you also want to be a winner? What you’ve to do is…
Keep your eyes closed and imagine you’ve a particular aspiration in life. Relax and concentrate. Let your mind focus only on the fact you’re going to achieve your aim.
Now, shut your eyes once more and EXPECT that YOU WILL achieve your target. Observe a subtle change. Do you not feel more confident? That’s the difference between letting our mind ponder and waver too much about anything.
Perhaps you can win or lose. But the EXPECTATION has only one likelihood…. winning. You are almost there.
The answer now lies before you. So what do you do next? Apply your mind with full intensity, concentrate on your goal and EXPECT TO WIN. Before any venture, just take a deep breath, relax and pause…. to think and …. TO WIN. Think of the aura of success around you. Bask in that glory of success. Now that you’ve set your mind on winning, you’re surely going to be a winner.
Everything you’re going to do or say will spell triumph.
Now that you know the path to winning, the rest is easy. And the chances are you WILL win. One hundred percent. Most you require is mindset to win.

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Audio books are becoming more and more popular. Yet, there are a lot of individual people that are afraid of trying audio books – they’re the “audio book phobic” people.

I have interviewed any of them recently and collected the so called reasons that separate them from the audio book world. I have proven to each one of them that those reasons are only myths and even succeeded in persuading any of them to try those threatening audio books. Here are the main myths I have encountered:

1. I believe audio books are expensive – wrong. In fact, there are free downloadable audio books online. Audio books on mp3 files are usually cheaper than the same title in its book version. Audio book on Cd and books on tape could cost more but are still not expensive.

2. I think that audio books will never be a good substitute for the “real” books – Right. Audio books’ publishers do not see audio books as potential books substitutes. They are only an extension for the book concept. You can learn foreign languages or learn history by listening to audio books – You will enjoy it more this way than reading a book about it. Audio books are intended for the times of the day when you can not read books.

3. I have no time to listen to audio books – Wrong. Most of the people listen to audio books driving, cleaning the house, jogging etc. You can not read books in these times. Did you know that the average annual delay due to traffic congestion has more than tripled since 1982 and that More than 19 million commuters travel more than 45 minutes each way to their jobs. In fact, More than 97 million workers drive alone to work each day;

To sum up, to all of you “audio book phobic” people who claim they can not afford audio books. Listen to me; you can not afford not listening to audio books.

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Have you ever aspired to be a great writer or songwriter? Whether a writer of novels, songs or short stories, do you dream of writing materials to be read by others who admire your talent? Maybe you’d like to write poems to express your feelings on paper. Have you ever dreamed of being a writer of songs to be sung by famous artists?

Songwriting comes from deep in and the lyrics are usually the expression of someone’s true feelings. If you have a desire and can express yourself in writing, then you have the making of a songwriter. Whether you’re a happy person and can express that happiness into a song, or a romantic person with the capability of writing a fabulous love song, your unique talents can shine through in a song. You can achieve your goals with the vast opportunities available in the music industry.

Numerous Ways to Get Your Songwriting Talent Noticed

One way to get noticed is to use your talent by entering a lyrics contest. Many are available now on the Internet. One unique songwriting contest in particular allows you to enter in a lyric and compete for a location in which an actual song is in the making to help fight the battle against cancer. The song is named “Oceans of Love” and plans are underway to have it recorded by a well-known recording artist once all the lyrics have been chosen.

Some lyrics contests might allow you to enter lyrics and music you’ve written while others might allow you to enter the lyrics of the song without music.

If you have lyrics and a great tune but no sheet music, there are many programs available online today that’ll write the sheet music to your song for you with minimal effort. You’ll just enter the key notes into the songwriting software and the program actually writes the notes for the sheet music.

Also, you can ask a musician you know and trust to put music to your words. Don’t give up just because you do not have the music. Your song could be a hit if you strive to get it recognized.

A Wide Variety of Music

Whether you’re into country music, contemporary Christian, gospel, or pop, the music industry offers opportunities for everyone. If you prefer alternate option blues, jazz and everything in between, there’s a place for you among the music stars. The possibilities of entering into several kinds of songwriting contests are endless, especially if you have access to the Internet. This is a great way to get started. What do you have to lose?

Don’t Wait. Just Go For It!!

Whatever your dreams and aspirations may be and however you decide to achieve them, there is a world out there waiting for your talent. No one will ever know you possess the talent unless you reveal it.

You can get your talent noticed. Think of all the people who have talent but are afraid to venture out for fear of being rejected. There are many very talented people who will always wonder, “What could have been?” Don’t let life pass you by. Take a chance and at least explore the songwriting possibilities that are awaiting you.

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A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area of expertise such as IT, management, marketing, or finance etc. Consultants identify companies’ marketing or business needs, and they help companies improve their performance and profitability by analyzing existing business problems and developing future strategies. They help determine the most effective marketing and business solutions to your business, as well as the best ways to execute these solutions for the betterment of your business. Consultants generally use formal methodologies to analyze problems or to suggest better ways of completing business tasks. Consultants help execute your business plan and strategies, allowing you to focus on other important business issues and business meetings.

Management and business consulting grew rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s with industry growth rates of 20%. Consulting is highly cyclical and is sensitive to general economic conditions. The consulting industry declined between 2001 to 2003, but has been experiencing some growth since.

Nowadays there are three major types of consulting firms. One type is the larger consulting firm that offers a wide variety of consulting services, ranging from IT consulting to management consulting. Another type is the established management and strategic consulting firms that focus mainly on management consulting that covers any specific industry. Yet another type is the smaller boutique consulting firms with consulting focus and expertise on specific industries or technologies.

The more established consulting firms today include Arthur D. Little, a general management consulting firm; Booz Allen Hamilton was the first consulting firm to serve clients in both the government and the industry; McKinsey & Company, was one of the first pure management consulting firm and currently leads the field. It was also one of the first consulting firms to hire graduates of top MBA schools rather than hiring experienced industry personnel. Boston Consulting Group brought an analytical approach to the study of strategy and management. Bain & Company introduced its focus on shareholder wealth. Traditional accounting companies such as Arthur Andersen and global IT services firms such as IBM also set up consulting departments.

Businesses or companies can engage a business or management consulting firm or an individual business consultant who will draw up suitable business plans and strategies and implement them. Consultants are generally well paid with some business consultants charging $150 per hour, and sometimes even as high as $2,000 per day for their services.

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As active adults begin shopping for sandals, embarrassing and uncomfortable foot problems can take center stage. Dry cracking heels, corns and calluses may mean it’s time for some foot care before donning new foot ware.

Corns and calluses are the most common conditions on the skin of the foot. A corn, which is a thickening of the outer layer of skin, mostly occurs on the tops of the toes and in areas with increased pressure or frictional forces. Calluses, which are the same condition on the bottom of the feet, can occur around the back of the heels and are generally due to the lack of elasticity and moisture content of the skin. A dry cracking heel (xerosis) is a condition of thickening and fissuring (cracking) of the skin on the bottom part of the heel.

Like many foot conditions, heel fissures can become more dangerous if they go untreated and become deep or infected. This is especially dangerous for people with diabetes or compromised immune systems. If the problem persists, see your foot doctor.

According to podiatrist Dr. Alan Mauser, a clinical instructor of the Kentucky Podiatry Residency Association, as interviewed for www. webmd. com, “For those heel calluses, one needs to moisturize skin really well. There are some very good prescription moisturizers out there. Additionally, shoes that have a good sturdy heel counter that can hold the heel in place will help. ”

Over-the-counter items such as an exfoliant cream are also helpful for the prevention of cracked heels. Exfoliants remove dead skin cells on feet, hands and other problem areas, leaving skin feeling smooth and radiant looking. One drugstore classic that has come to the rescue of rough, cracked feet and hands for almost 50 years is Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover.

Audio Maker Online

Audio books have been around for many years, but they have become more popular recently. It is said that they will become even more popular in 2006. There are many trends that will hit the audio books market in 2006.

Say goodbye to audio CD and cassettes and say hello to downloadable audio books. MP3 audio books and other formats of digital audio books will become cheaper and easier to access. Audio books on CD’s and cassettes tend to be more of an inconvenience, even though they are more user friendly. But this year the amount of listeners who download audio books from the world-wide-web to listen on their various mobile devices will rise significantly. This does not come as a big surprise as MP3s have become more popular then portable CD players.

Similar to the DVD market, most audio book listeners will prefer to rent audio books instead of buying them. It seems this trend will be the strongest for downloadable audio books but is also true for audio books on CD and books on tape.

Another trend that will become popular is the online audio book services, which will offer low cost and free audio books through free trial offers and special deals. So in some cases, you may not even have to buy the book.

The audio books market has been quite popular in the United Kingdom; in 2004 it sold over $124 million. It is said that the trend is soon going to take Europe by storm. In 2005 the market in Germany grew to $120 million. It is expected to rise about 20 % in the whole continent during the year of 2006.

So join the band wagon and get yourself some audio books. You can listen to them while doing exercise. Instead of listening to music you can listen to your favourite book.

Song Maker

Whether you are a teenager or are well into your golden years, it is never too late to explore your creative side, especially if you are wanting in music. Songwriting is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and to communicate them to your friends and family, even if you have no aspirations of musical fame or fortune. If you are wanting in selling or performing your songs, however, you should be aware that it is a hard road and that very few songwriters achieve great fame or fortune, and especially not instantly. Nonetheless, if you have realistic expectations, you will find that writing music is a worthwhile experience whether it is a hobby or a profession.

People write songs in many different ways. Some writers compose the music first, while others first write the words. For some, the words and the melody come to them at the same time, while others write the melodies first and write the words last. No matter what order you are comfortable with, you will eventually have to decide what the song is about. There are a variety of different types of songs ranging from songs that tell fictional stories to songs that communicate deep personal feelings.

If you decide to write a story song, a good first exercise is to write about a news story or about something you’ve read in the newspaper. That way you can use your first song to hone your word choosing skills without the pressure of coming up with your own story. However, if you already have an idea for a story to tell, you can write it out in poem form and try to make appropriate rhymes and structures that help communicate what happens in the song.

Because music is so expressive, many songwriters use their compositions to express how they feel, whether it be about a person or a situation or even geographic location. Writing these types of songs can be highly personal, so every person does it differently. When you have a strong feeling about something, write it down in a notebook and come back to it later. You might think of a good line that expresses an emotion really well, and if you remember it you might be able to build an entire song around it. Having quiet time to think is always helpful when you are trying to write a song.

Writing the actual music for a song can be done in many different ways depending on your musical prowess and your focus. If you write mostly to communicate words, then a few well-chosen guitar chords might be all of the accompaniment you need. However, if you a instrumental virtuoso, your approach to writing music will be quite different. Many people think of a musical idea and play it over and over again until they think of a melody. Often times, songwriters will construct whole pieces, melody and all, without even knowing what the song is going to be about. Once the melody is complete, the writer will sit down and think about lyrics that fit the feeling behind the music and will go from there.

Once you have put together your words and music, you might feel the need to perform your new song. It is always a good idea to play for friends and family first before trying to play to a crowd. When you feel comfortable enough playing your song, you should consider visiting an open mic night at a local coffeehouse or bar. At open mic nights, songwriters can play one or more of their songs to an appreciative and attentive audience. Performers can discuss their craft with other writers, making it a fun way to learn more about the writing process.

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It’s true – you have a “song” that you sing. . . all day long. That song, is your vibration, your resonance – and it is created right out of the feelings and beliefs that you’re focused upon.

Your song… is directly related to your success. Think about this — if your song is your success, then would you choose to sing a song that you loved and radiated out into the world that you’re worthy, abundant, successful, beautiful, confident. . . .

Or – would you sing a song that you weren’t aligned with, made you feel cranky and irritable, perhaps kept you feeling stuck, and kept you tapped into scarcity consciousness and lack?

The Law of Attraction says that what you put out in the form of emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and ways of being – ultimately will be mirrored back to you in your life. The song that you choose to “sing” will be replicated over and over again. . . oh, kind of like a broken record. Who likes broken records?!

If you need to change your life. . . change your song, sing a new tune.

Life might be fresh and new if you’re tapped into the stream of abundance and well being. Your song can uplift your life if you choose to let it – or something else. You – are the Mozart in this piece. What notes will you choose, what song will you sing?

“You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begin to feel prosperous.

You can begin to feel the love that’s surrounding you, even if it’s not there. And what will happen is the Universe will correspond to the nature of your song. The Universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling, and manifest, because that’s the way you feel. ”

Dr. Michael Beckwith D. D – The Secret

The “secret” to changing your tune and resonating a new song for success is not difficult in theory, but does take a few conscious choices on your part. Let’s talk about a few ways to jump start you:

1. Choose to be conscious. Pay attention to what you’re putting out there.

2. Choose a better note – or whole song for that matter. Did you ever song stuck in your head. . . and in order to get it out, you really have to play a new song, or change your focus. Same theory here gang.

3. Choose a song that makes you feel good – i. e. . . . choose feelings that serve you, that make you feel better than where you’re at right now. Find your ground – even when shock hits your life. You can find a place of ease – or at least relief.

4. I took my daughter to the eye physician a few weeks ago, and as he flips through the lenses he says – over and over I might add. . . “is this better, or this better?” You can do this with your feelings as well. Does this feel better, or this? This or this. . . this or this. . . this or this. . . . Go with what feels better – and your song will change, and so will your level of success.

This week, take note of your song, and make a conscious choice to just be conscious about what you’re singing. Then ask, is that the tune I need to resonate? If not…start to make a few small steps in the direction of feeling a little better, or choosing a new perspective. Life unravels in amazing ways when you let it.


Lori Hamann

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You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to have an interest in collecting authentic sports autographs. Famous athlete autographs can help boost the value of your portfolio as well as help you turn a quick profit. The key to having a valuable sports autograph collection is being able to recognize the fraudulent autographs on the market.

One way to become an expert at spotting fake autographs is by immersing yourself in the industry. There are specialty magazines which will keep you up to date about trade shows, reliable dealers, as well as online shops that are legitimate to purchase from. These types of magazines will give you tips on how to spot fake sports autographs right away. This will save you time and money in the long run, as well as build your expertise in finding authentic signatures.

A couple of simple, sure proof ways to detect fraudulent autographs include price and misspellings. Often, if a sports autograph sells for a really cheap price, then it is probably a fake. Many scammers on the internet will go as far as providing fake certificates of authenticity to sell an autograph. Don’t fall for these scams. Stick to purchasing sports autographs from legitimate suppliers and you will more secure in your investment.

Misspellings of popular athlete autographs can be easy to spot. If you acknowledge that the spelling is wrong for any autograph, then you need to move on and continue your search for authenticity. As you continue to immerse yourself in autograph collecting, you will become much better at recognizing the authentic autographs from the forged ones.

Tune Maker

As the computer age continues to evolve at break-neck speed, it is becoming more and more simple for people to view their pc as a valuable tool in the home. Much like a vehicle it takes you places that you need and need to go and it is becoming more practically useful as you can shop, pay bills, and make important communications. It is also easier for people to understand that a computer needs maintenance too. So similar to as you would take a car to an auto mechanic to service your car periodically you should get the analogous “registry mechanic” to service your pc.

The word registry in registry mechanic may have thrown you but it isn’t that complicated. You could think of the registry as the oil pan of the computer and just as you need clean oil for good lubrication in a vehicle you need a clean registry for smooth operation of your computer. If you’ve had a computer for any length of time you know that it will slow down over time, and you’ll start to recognize that your computer will freeze and do spontaneous shutdowns that become a major hassle. These problems are almost always at least in part due to a cluttered and overloaded registry.

You view the registry is the part of the computer that contains all of the different settings on the computer. As you use it there will be more and more settings saved into it many of which are based on temporary internet files that you accumulate as you surf the net. These are for the most part unnecessary but the computer still worries about them each it is named upon to do a task. The more the computer has to worry about them slower it is going to be. What the registry mechanic does is go through and determine what’s and isn’t necessary for the computer to run optimally and keeps the good and disposes of the bad. Of course you can do this manually to but unless you are an expert this is strongly discouraged, as you can make irreversible changes to vital code that has the potential to make your computer inoperable. The other benefit to this software is that similar to anything computerized and/or automated it is so much faster and more precise than even the human experts that designed it.

So before you spend your money on a new computer because you are fed up with the faulty operation, or go out and buy more memory because you think that’ll speed things up, go to your nearest computer retailer and pick up a registry mechanic software package. If you’ve questions on anything just ask an employee they generally have a good idea of the latest computing news.

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The moment that people create a melody which they feel is great, many think it already sounds like another song. This is common, and I suffered from this many times. What you’ve got to understand is that ALL SONGS are RECYCLED MELODIES.

Every song has a ‘portion’ of the tune which will be the same as another. So don’t worry if you feel your song sounds like another.

What’s important to know here is that if your melody is a familiar one, then that’s a GOOD THING. I’m not talking about a ‘rip off’ here, I’m talking about a part(s) of your melody that sounds like another song(s).

Why is it a good thing? Because it means PEOPLE can RELATE TO THE MELODY even more. They will need to listen to your song because of the familiarity.

Remember, most people aren’t songwriters. So chances are, most people will not even realize where it may or may not have been inspired from. And what if they do? Well. . . ultimately, as a whole, it will be your own words, your own tune and eventually with your own music. So it will be YOUR SONG. So don’t fret.

Here, I’ll share some methods that will jump start the process of creating a melody:

– Pick a song that you like and know *quite* well, and when you are NOT listening to it, hum the tune of the song. DON’T’ SING THE WORDS, just hum the melody. This way, you will think ‘melodically’. Eventually, you should force yourself to sing certain variations of the melody (ie. completely mess around with the tune). When this happens, you’ll end with your own melody.

– If you play an instrument (it doesn’t matter which or what level you are at) try and figure out the melody of another song on the instrument. If you figure it out easily, then mess around and CHANGE certain parts of it. Then SING (hum, la, etc) this CHANGED MELODY out aloud. If you cannot figure it out, then forget about it! CREATE A MELODY YOU FEEL IS CORRECT! Again, don’t prejudge while doing this. Just go where your fingers take you and just ‘la’ the tune simultaneously. Loop this melody once you feel you have something good.

– Grab a song that you DON’T KNOW AT ALL. Listen to the song once, and then listen to it again. The second time around, sing along to it. More than likely, you will not remember the tune. This is normal! What do you do now? Yup. You guessed it. MAKE UPYOUR OWN MELODY to this obscure song. NOTE: This one may work better if you bought a CD of backing tracks that have no guide vocals on the songs. This way, you HAVE TO make up your own melody to a track that’s already playing. Just make sure you DON’T KNOW the songs. . . . at all.

You have no idea how powerful this is. I’ve written fresh songs on one’s I had no clue about! And believe me, they are original songs – they don’t sound like a copy of anything at all. This is because of what I said earlier – ultimately it will be your own lyrics, your own message and your own music which then translates into your own song.

*Keeping The Melody Simple*

Lastly, there is absolutely no point in making a melody that’s ‘musically clever’. You’re not trying to impress musicians here. What you need is to create a melody that’s SIMPLE yet INTERESTING.

So how do you do this? Well, melodies often re-occur several times in a song. In fact, the verses and choruses alone will often have the tune repeating itself. It’s the basic structure of nearly all songs under the sun. The verses will repeat and so will the choruses.


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Advantages: Complex characters, plot told from different viewpoints, realistic morality
Disadvantages: Depressing

The first book of the Song of Ice and Fire series is my first foray into George R. R. Martin’s world. Before I was introduced to his work, I was mainly a Robert Jordan fan. Upon reading A Game of Thrones, I realized that I was missing a huge part of the high fantasy genre.

From beginning to end, I was not sure whether or not I really liked the book. The plot was interesting enough. If it’s worth anything, I spent a couple of sleep-deprived nights reading A Game of Thrones! Now that I think back, I would say that the complexity of the characters and the plot as a whole is what made me hold back. Other fantasy novels usually define the line between good and evil very clearly. We have the good characters on one side and the evil powers on the other. George R. R. Martin manages to reflect reality by emphasizing the moral gray areas. Characters are not boxed into single moral categories. There is no clear protagonist. A “good” character is not totally likeable. An “evil” character seems to be a nice person on the inside. Good and bad is so maddeningly intertwined you cannot help but see a reflection of the real world.

This book is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for light reading, free of violence and sex, you might not need to read A Game of Thrones. There were times when I thought Martin was overdoing it a bit. I decided I would just chalk it up to artistic freedom.

Another frustrating aspect of the book is that as the story progresses, it seems that the “good” guys are getting killed off one by one. If that is not enough to make you depressed I don’t know what is. Of course this is only the first book in a yet uncompleted series -the story is yet to unfold.

The storyline is gripping. It leaves you craving for more. One good thing about discovering this series at this late date is that you would not have to wait for the next few books to be written. A Feast for Crows, the fourth and latest book of the series, has been out since last year. Once you start with A Game of Thrones, you might need to pace yourself so as not to have to wait too long for the fifth book.

Make Your Own Beats

Many people are making an excellent living selling thier samples, tracks, and cd’s, on the Internet and off, even if they are not with a major record label. Just look around on the Internet. People are paying $30 to $60 for small beat and and sound packages, $50 to $100 for small loopsets and beatsets, $100 to $300 for Instrumentals, $100’s to $1,000’s for complete tracks and samples, and for the few lucky ones like Jay-Z and J D. . . “Money aint a Thing”! They sell millions of their cd’s. There are thousands of people and even companies looking for new music everyday! Let them hear yours!

Whether you dream of Making It Big in the Music Industry, or are just interested in making some extra cash doing what you love, this article is for you. You will see the resources you need to make your own beats, loops, instrumentals, finished tracks, and complete demo cd’s. You will also see the resources you need to make money doing it. With that being said, let’s get to the part you are waiting for. . .

Part I: Make Your Own Beats, Instrumentals, Samples, Loops, Tracks, and Complete Demo CDs. . .

To do this, you will need a few things. First you will need recording studio software. Recording studio software is nothing more than a program that allows you to mix beats, melodies, chords, samples and loops to make your own customized instrumentals and tracks. They also allow you to record yourself as you sing or rap to your track and to make a copy of your tracks to cd.

You can find this type of software all over the Internet. Just do a search for “make your own beats” or “recording studio software”. As you search, you will notice that on average, this type of software will run you between $50 and $200. Don’t Buy Them (you’ll see why shortly)! Now you’re going to need beats, melodies, chords, samples, and loops to customize with your recording studio software, aka: soundsets and loopsets. Again, just do a search for “beats” or “loops”. They mostly come in packages of about 200 soundsets for $30 and 300 loopsets for $60, or 600 soundsets for $75 and 900 loopsets for $150. Don’t Buy Them Either!

Alright, so at the minimum, $140 gets you the low-end studio software, 200 soundsets, and 300 loopsets. . . or if you need a little better quality studio software and more soundsets and loopsets, you can spend about $425 for high-end studio software, 600 soundsets, and 900 loopsets. That’s absolutely everything you need to make your own beats, instrumentals, samples, loops, tracks, and complete demo cd’s. But why did I say Don’t Buy Them?

Because you can get it all, the studio software and over 1,100 soundsets and loopsets for under 30 bucks with Hip Hop Starz Record Producer and Mixer Studio (see “about the author” at the bottom of this article). This is an unheard of price for absolutely everything you need, and it is of such good quality, I have dedicated an entire page of my Snoop Dogg website to it. It is loaded with many features you will find on the high-end software selling for $100 or more. Also, they are currently holding a Win A Record Contract Contest with Doug E Fresh. Use the software and enter to win!

So now you know how to make your own beats, instrumentals, samples, loops, tracks, and even complete demo cd’s, and this brings us to our next part. . .

Part II: Make Money Doing It. . .

There are many, many ways to make money with your own music. The first thing you need to do, though, is break it down into pieces, or components we will call them.

There are 4 key components to any track, or song. You have soundsets, which are nothing more than beats, sounds, scratches, etc. You have loopsets, which are your soundsets when put together in a loop. You have instrumentals, which are completed tracks with no voice or lyrics. Finally, you have completed tracks, which are basically just instrumentals that include lyrics.

When you look at music from this angle, broken down into components, you will start to see many ways to make money with your own. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this report, people are not only paying for completed tracks, they are also paying for the components individually. If you can create you own, good components, people will buy them.

Again, search the Internet for these components. Doing so will not only show you how much you can sell your components for, but also where you can sell them. As long as people are listening to music, there will always be a demand for it, and I cannot see people stopping anytime soon.

If you are interested in learning how to make money with your own beats in more detail, I recommend you check out Bob Bakers website (see “about the author” at the bottom of this article). Bob Baker is a writer, indie musician and former music magazine editor who is dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more CDs and increase their incomes through their artistic passions. He is also the author of the Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook, as seen in the major motion picture The School of Rock . . . and in VIBE, Music Connection, Electronic Musician and American Songwriter magazines. This is the guy you should listen to. Here are some of the things you will find at his website. . .

– 197 Promotion Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Independent Musicians.

– 101 places to submit press releases, get reviewed, uncover PR connections and promote your music on the Internet. Supplies the exact website and email addresses for submitting your music news.

– The 29 most important elements in creating sizzling music publicity materials. Make sure your media kit gets noticed by editors, writers, booking agents, program directors, and other industry people.

– 50 ways to promote and sell your music on the Internet.

– And more, including his coveted Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook.

I hope this report has proved useful to you and I wish you all the best as you learn how to make your own beats, tracks, and even complete demo cd’s.

Songs Maker

Every child enjoys listening to music and at present there are so many kid songs created by superb talented artists, it might be difficult to choose a favorite. Music is not only a great way to help children learn and interact with one another but also a superb way to have any good fun. Kid songs differ by style and artist so your tiny tot has a wide selection of options for his musical tastes.

Among all the hottest bands that make up the wide collection of children songs is the Laurie Berkner Band; a hot most treasured among tiny ones across the United States. Laurie Berkner works jointly with her husband and her trusted friend to write and produce a huge number of kid songs for your tiny one to enjoy. For sure, this band offers a varied portfolio of musical styles to meet any music lover’s tastes.

The kid songs are appealing to both children and adults alike and the different kinds of musical styles the band makes use of are simply brilliant. This offers a unique opportunity for children to be introduced to a number of several kinds of music. Say for instance, the Laurie Berkner Band has created a few songs that appeal to the blues. Several of my daughter’s most treasured kid songs are written in the classic blues style. Of which, the band produced a lovely tune called “I know a Chicken” that helps children learn more about animals and its sounds. Besides, it also introduces them to the rhythmic blues tempo found in music from that genre. In fact the song almost reminds me of a song performed by the Muddy Waters Blues Band.

In addition, the Laurie Berkner Band also offers kid songs that have an island appeal to kids. Another song with a cool reggae beat is the song “Under a Shady Tree” that’s easily recognized by any Bob Marley fan. This helps children gain a feeling for various types of music and it helps them understand that a place might be captured by a tune.

Though none can match up with the Laurie Berkner Band, there are lots of other bands that offer great kid sings. The popular kid’s channel, Noggin features this band in a number of shows and specials. These specials and shows are on the top of our household’s family viewing listing.

As for my daughter, she simply looks forward to seeing what this exciting children’s band has to offer next. Yes, sometimes I’ve to admit I do, too. Who would ever think that kid sings could be so educational and entertaining.

Make Songs Online

Playing guitar is just about one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Ask any guitar player and they will tell you that. The trouble is, when you are first starting out, the learning curve can be pretty steep, which makes it pretty tough to reach the enjoyment stage. It’s hard to enjoy something when your fingers are sore and you don’t really know how to play anything! For this reason, you’ll find a few easy guitar songs below. Enjoy!

Please bear in mind that there is not the space or the scope to give you an in depth explanation of rhythms and strumming here, so the best thing to do is to play along with the record until you have at least a basic idea of how it should sound.

Song 1- House Of The Rising Sun, by the Animals

A great song, tremendously well known and very popular. You?ll find that simply knowing this song will cause some people to give you great acclaim as a guitar player, which can be pretty odd when you are just starting out!

Chords: Am, C, D, F, Am, E, Am

Song 2- Freebird by Lynrd Skynrd

This tune is an all time great, and guaranteed to cause legions of beer drinking men all over the world to lock arms and hoist their lighter?s in the air! Obviously the guitar solo at the end takes some time to master, but if you forget about that and just go with the chords you can build up a pretty convincing version of this classic song.

Main Verse Chords- G, D/F#, Em, F, C, D

Chorus- F, C, D

Fast Part at the end- G5, A#5, C5, (cycle all 3 over and over)

Song 3- Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan/Guns n Roses

One of the easiest songs to learn and get sounding really good. Just one thing to note, if you want to play along with the Guns? version, note that they tune their guitars down a half step, so the chords you play will need to be one step flat to sound the same as their recording.

Chords: G, D, Am7

Song 4- For What It’s Worth, Buffalo Springfield.

Ever wonder what Neil Young did before he was old and grizzled? He was in bands like this. This song is possible the easiest song to learn for a beginning guitar player, as it’s just the same two chords cycled over and over. Songs like this prove that you don’t have to be Steve Vai or someone like that to write and play good music.

Chords: E, A, E, A etc etc

Song 5- Sympathy For Devil, The Rolling Stones

An excellent song, and one that many people are surprised to find is so simple to play.

It sounds excellent whether played on a beat up acoustic or on an electric, so go to town!

Chords: E, D, A, E over and over

Chorus- B, E, B, E over and over

Learning simple guitar songs like this is a great way to build up your confidence and experience with the instrument. Once you get these songs down, you’ll be ready to go on and tackle more and more difficult songs each time!

Tune Maker

Tuning your acoustic guitar is the first step in your guitar playing career. Whether by skill, talent or technology, you must be able to get your guitar into tune.

One typical obstacle to learning to tune a guitar is a certain natural resistance to aquiring new knowledge. This reluctance is present in everybody to any degree. The prospect of learning to tune a guitar by ear can fill any people with a sense of dread.

Before we start to tackle the job of tuning, we need to get straight which string is which. The first string is the narrow string nearest your knee as you sit with the guitar in playing position. The sixth string is the widest string, and it is closest to your chin.

And the tuning goes like this:

1st string is “E”

2nd string is “B”

3rd string is “G”

4th string is “D”

5th string is “A”

6th string is “E”

The guitar pitch pipe plays the notes when you blow into it so you can compare the sounds with your guitar.

A tuning fork, when you bang it on your knee and hold it on the body of your guitar, sounds the note you get when you play the harmonic at the fifth fret of the fifth string. Once you get this note right, you tune the rest of the strings to the fifth string.

If you’ve tried the methods of tuning guitars using a pitch pipe or tuning fork, and still feel less than confident in your guitar tuning abilities, then you could think about acquiring a guitar tuner that has a visual aid to tuning. You can always test your skill from time to time by tuning your guitar without the tuner, and seeing how accurate you’ve become.

You can also use a keyboard instrument to tune your guitar to. Start by finding on the keyboard the E note below Middle C. Then GO DOWN ANOTHER OCTAVE to tune the sixth string on the guitar. This is because the guitar’s music is written an octave higher than it actually sounds compared to a piano!

The electronic guitar tuner is the simplest way of tuning your acoustic guitar. You pluck your guitar string and watch the indicator on the tuner to see how close you’re to the correct note. There are also guitar tuners you can get for free on the internet that work the same way.

Online Guitar Tuners often play the notes to you, and you use your ear to see if your guitar is in tune.